Friday, December 08, 2006

7 More Sleeps

Just seven more sleeps and I'm on leave for 3 weeks. After the works Christmas party on 15th, it's total rest and relaxation until the 7th of Jan. I sooooo need it. I'm snapping at everyone like a banshee, have zero tolerence especially for the lazy men I work with and am absolutely over the religious nutters that seem to gravitate towards financial planning . . . or maybe it's just where I live in the middle of the suburban Bible belt . . . I'm beginning to feel very NIMBY about the two columned book!
Tonight, I'm really getting into the spirit, Clare's coming home and we can start getting Christmassy. At work we have the cutest mini wind chime that sounds like fairy bells when someone walks though the door, perhaps not the most professional of doorbells but it's really uplifting. I have two bouncy Santa Clauses made out of tin and in separate poses, one with Ho Ho Ho sign and the other with a lantern and ginger bread man in his hands. Tell ya, it's Kitch but not bad taste. Babysis on the other hand is going a little too far with a fluffy Turkey which sings Christmas songs . . .
Anyway, back to me . . my bouncy Santas will form the centrepiece of our Christmas table and scored an amazing 2 china mobiles with little santas on them as well as some bouncy bottle stops. I'm definitely into bouncy things this Christmas there's a very 'boing' theme emerging. I've nearly finished all my shopping with the exception of some Kris Kringle things for work and Christmas night as table gifts. So, yep, it is beginning to feel very micrassy.

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