Friday, December 08, 2006

What Is It About Window Treatments?

What is it about redecorating that gets the workplace fired up. Everyone wants to put their two-cents in and everyone is suddently a member of the Fab Five just busting to take part in the magic makeover . . . except when it actually comes to 'doing' anything. I wish they had the same enthusiasm for washing their coffee cups and doing the filing. The office refit is almost finished but I am constantly asked about the foikn window treatments. We've had frosting replace our daggy grey venetians on both floors and the whole place has opened up. This combined with bright yellow walls and dark blue trim has breathed new life into a very boring old 'grey' office. Last week it was "Why are the venetians still up now the frosting's been done?" "Why haven't all the pictures been hung?" "Why does this door still stick?" Answer: because I'm too foikn busy pandering to fragile egos, changing water bottles, stopping leaks (literally), creating workflows, writing a marketing plan and putting out office fires . . . you'll have to wait for the handyman.

This week it's been the bloody board room curtains. "Why did the rods go up before the curtains?", "What sort of curtains?", "Do you think yellow is appropriate?", "Why curtains not blinds?", "When are they going to be finished?" Really, I don't care but I do know that whatever happens with this blasted fitout, I will be remembered . . . not for my five years of faithful service, my marketing innovations, my supreme practice management and people skills. Nope . . I'll be that employee that painted the office yellow and put those God awful window treatments in.

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