Sunday, December 03, 2006


DrummerBoy has taken over the maintenance of the swimming pool as he's now the pool expert having worked at the pool shop for 2 years. Yesterday, he duly arrived home with one of those 20 litre blue containers of liquid chlorine and some stabiliser to make sure the water doesn't go green during ThePrincess' aquarobics and this stupid 40 degree weather we keep having. The drum comes in an unsealed plastic bag to stop it dripping where it shouldnt. No problem, does the usual, sploshes some in the deep end, then in the shallow and sits it on the side of the pool. Adds the stabiliser which is a sort of granulated white powder and sits the stabiliser packet, still 2/3 full, on top of the cholorine bottle. Oops, time for a shower and a shave before partying hard! 15 minutes later we hear a noise resemlbing a large falling branch only with a sort of explosive 'pop'. Yep, the stabiliser has dripped on some of the chloring around the top of the bottle and blown the entire thing out of it's plastic bag, blown the chlorine bottle about a metre and it's now snowing little white granular bits - very Christmassy! Good job it wasn't in your car on the way home DrummerBoy - you'd be toast. Message: don't mix chemicals, save that for the suicide bombers!

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