Sunday, February 18, 2007

Buy me!

We sit in Sydney's northwest hills district. We've geen gazetted fror 21 700sqm blocks, it's desirable, close to the city, public transport, clean air, clean suburban living so why won't anyone buy us. We have a modest price on the house and it's been 19 years since I've lived alone i.e. without a relative in the house next door. I'm ready to move on but the only options are:
  1. Sell now at market value and lose the lovely relationship I have with my younger brother and his family who will lose out financially on their investment in the place if we sell at today's rates
  2. Hang on and live in stasis with no money for holidays, dinner out, theatre, concerts, 21st birthdays, shit even my 50th went without aplomb
  3. Suicide which will pay for my mortgage debt and leave some for the kids . . .I'm not afraid of dying just the way it happens . .

I'm sounding morose now but I'm clutching at straws, knowing that nobody of influence reads this shit. I need to move on but don't want to upset my family. I love my brother and sister-in-law and my sister and brother-in-law but maybe it's time to think about myself. BabySis is on the verge of selling their dream block because their mortgage is too high and cappucino and dinner out twice a week is too much - sacrifice isn't her strong point, nor should it be.

BabyBro who never reads this blog has invested in the property both financially and emotionally and is looking for a return but bless him, is covering our mortage repayments on a love agreement . . . I admire his trust and I won't let you down bro . . .believe me just pay your bit back and I'll cover the rest. . .I just want to cut and run . . .but with my family intact and all this exacerbated by not being invited to Tropfest. . . .sorry dear readers but I am at my pathetic worst. I'm off for a little cry now and I'll feel much better.

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