Sunday, February 04, 2007


Ok I've had a few champers this arvo and I've been grounded (no car) so I've had a bit of time to mull over some stuff. I'm very, very, pissed off at men who can't break up gracefully. OK Horrie is a 4 week 'interest' but choofs off to Tassie to play cricket - well actually to sit on the sideline because he wasn't selected on the team, got ill and has obviously quickly got over the short tryst with ClareBare. Fine . . shit happens . . and fortunately, she's not in too deep but beginning to question what she's doing wrong. So why doesn't he call her and just say "great while it happened, not for me, no chemistry . . .can't do it". No, the shit-kicker decides to just go incommunicado. Doesn't answer messages, doesn't return calls. Arrogant and rude . . .Mother's out there, think about how you would like your kids to be dumped . . msg, msn or just a phone call to say, nice while it lasted but I'm no longer interested. And men . . . get some backbone you lilly livered milk sops . . . face up to the decision and stop thinking that if you just cut off contact it will all go away . . .sadly - it will, but it makes you the spineless pricks you are . . .at least give the girl an opportunity to understand why. OK venom vented. I'm going to bed now and feeling very happy about being single and unincumbered. You're good for sex, taking out the rubbish and not much more . . .here's you're chance to prove me wrong! Anyone up for the challenge?

I will probably remove this when I calm down.


Anonymous said...

Poor ClareBear... Will have to organise some recovery TV and Spa-ing.

Always happy to prove you wrong Baino.

Decency and manners are a matter of up-bringing, not a matter of genetics.

Baino said...

I think you mean gender . . .yeh you're right. I just think it's spineless to break up on msn or by just laying low.