Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lone "Blackranger"

This is my second attempt. Blogger seems determined not to have me talk about new people I meet via the ether. It's happened before . . spooky . . anyway . . . What I wanted to say is that I've come to know many of my commenters quite well. Of course some are personal friends or friends of the kids, but most of you are spread far and wide.

Many of us email each other, scope each other on Facebook, Skype each other on Skype or just have a 'feel' for each other via the comments and reciprocal blog visits. I particularly love the slice of life blogs and those where there are photos of you posted so I can imagine who I'm talking to! I want to say also to those of you who maintain contact and share a little of your lives, or send emails outside the blog, I really appreciate it.

However, yesterday, I received an email from Blackranger out of the blue. He's never commented and he doesn't blog, yet he emailed. A lurker? A stalker? A man of mystery?!
"hi saw your blog..just thought I'd show you my cremello WICKED ONE
Now that's gotta be the pickup line of the century! Nobody's ever 'shown me their stallion' before. However it was followed a very nice picture of a completely starkers, although well-groomed, bollocky naked, well muscled . . and very fine looking, Cremello stallion . . no not Gary . . his horse!

The Wicked One . . almost white with blue eyes

Seriously. Took me aback a bit because the post was some time ago. Now I've never been bothered by spam or shitty commenters, in fact I've only ever deleted that Jedi idiot who pops up now and then but . . interesting emailer and his white stallion . . c'mon girls . . . are we feeling a little odd about this? Adam thinks I'm crazy but curiosity got the better of me and lets face it anonymity isn't my strong point so I replied:

"Aww he's lovely. Quarter Horse? Are you American? Many people commented that cremellos looked 'spooky' but I loved my little mare, she was very sweet. All you need is a bunch of chestnut mares and you can make a fortune out of Palominos!"
For the uninitiated that's horse talk. Palominos are those lovely golden coloured horses with white manes and tails. Put a 'ginger' chestnut and a Cremello together and the odds of 'throwing ' a pally is high. I know it doesn't mean much to anyone who doesn't know the lovely beasties.

Palomino - it's a colour not a breed

He replied, yet again. Congenially and pleasantly noting that he'd 'dropped out' was living in a remote country area and loving it and breeding horses, making his own electricity and plenty of water in an otherwise drought stricken part of the state near Canberra. So what does a girl (read old boiler) do . .what does the Google Queen do to be more precise? . . Googled him and asked him questions of course . . I'm not nosey, I'm interested, there's a difference . . isn't there?

I found him on a forum and a couple of editorial comments on The Age newspaper, posting as his nom de plume. He has an interest in the 1st Australian Light Horse which was a mounted infantry division in the first world war and they took their wiry and tough Aussie Stock horses with them - the horses have now been re-Christened 'Walers' due to their origins in the early colony of NSW. Noted for their bravery, stamina and agility, in zones such as Africa and Turkey. I rode a stock horse once and it was definitely a case of sit down, shut up and hang on. She knew what she was doing even if I didn't. Old Maggie could bring a poddy calf from the rut at the side of the road back into the mob whilst I was still finding my stirrups!

The barracks are now in Parramatta, where I worked years ago and it was quite incongruous walking to the Station and smelling 'horses' amongst diesel and right next to the Commercial Hotel. We horsey types have a nose for manure and that lovely stable smell. Turns out, Gary made a doco about them.

1st Light Horse Infantry on their not so attractive Stock Horses, now dubbed 'Walers'

Back to the story . . .

So I emailed back . . he's a community TV and Radio presenter, actor, director and producer who has opted for the quiet country life. Not a weirdo, not a stalker . . just a friendly bloke who thought he'd share a picture of his prize. I was quite chuffed! . . but you knew that . . cos only decent people like this blog and you know me and I know you and we all get along just fine. So Gaz if you're connected, drop by now and then.

He also mentioned that he had directed and produced a little known indie film but I couldn't find it in the video shop . . he very kindly sent me a copy (Relax Clare . .I gave him my work address). So tonight's viewing is sorted (after Spicks and Specks and half an hour on that speed monster on the verandah!). That's it. I'll probably never hear from him again but what a nice thought! See, there are some pretty decent people out there, you're not all bag snatching stalkers and predators after all. Then I knew that already.

Thanks Blackranger, that was very sweet of you. As for the rest of you, you're all champs and some of you have become very special indeed. Just had to be said thats' all.

PS: If anyone sees my daughter somewhere on the Dalmatian Coast, please tell her to call her mother - it's been a week and a half. Oh and Quarantine pinched the straw Christmas decorations. I have to pay $50 to get them fumigated if I want them . .do I? . . . Of course I do!


Miles McClagan said...

That's awesome, I wish I could make friends with someone due to my...wait for it...horsepower...

I've only got a Hyundai though

Ces said...

I don;t know about these internet connections. I remain on the cautious side, although I once received an email from Caitlin Flanagan. She was reading my blog. I thought someone was pulling my leg and pretending to be her. She turned out to be the real thing and we exchanged emails and she sent me autographed copies of her best selling book "To Hell With All That". There are wonderful people out there but I shall remain on the side of caution. I wonder when you can mount his stallion?

Baino said...

Ces, yeh I know. I was berated by the alpha male! But the appropriate 'filters' have been installed. Fortunately, I didn't come down with the last shower! I'm cautious and it was definitely a one off. The movie was well . .1975 . .so . . like me, hasn't aged well. There will be no mounting my girl unless it's Bristol Board on masonite!

Baino said...

Miley . .blogger is being a biatch lately or perhaps it's my ageing Dell which is just as decrepit as me. I am partial to a clever pun . .(note I said clever). I'll forgive the Hyundai, you're Tasmanian so you get a few extra credits to burn!

i beati said...

Unfortunately I don't have the camera equipment for that hawk, oriole shot- my friend Robert with a Nikon took it .. sk

English Mum said...

How cool! I get some really nice emails, but I get just as many total nutters as well. Nice to know there are normal people out there writing our blather, eh?! x

PS: You've been tagged

laughingwolf said...

awwww sounds like a neat fella - uh, bloke...

clare, call yo mama, she be worried sick!

Nick said...

Glad Blackranger turned out to be on the level and not some crazed stalker. Luckily I've never had any complete nutters either, just some rather loopy comments! Can't say I warm to horses myself, dozy koalas blissed out on eucalyptus leaves are more my style!

Grannymar said...

Careful gal! Badges are next. ;)

Bimbimbie said...

Baino you are a funny mare*!* I'm not a horse person but I do appreciate their beauty - but I especially like the traditional older breeds over their racing cousins.

Baino said...

i beati its a great shot alright! Not to mention a rare opportunity!

EM well that's cos you're so popular! Ooh pressies, I'm on my way!

Wuffa, thanks, she heard you and woke me up at 2am with a message, bad and expensive internet in the Eastern Block!

Haha Nick well I don't know if he's a nutter or not seems innocuous enough. I love horses. Cant 'swing the leg over' these days tho! Just fork out my weight in stud mix and lucerne! Koalas? Very zen of you!j

GM No NO! Not the badgers . .um I mean badges!

Tsup! Tsup! Bimbimbie . . .that's also the noise you make to get them to go faster! Alas the old grey mare aint what she used to be!

steph said...

Ahhh! You got in there before me with talk of leg-over :-)

Baino, the day my 5-year old announced that a heap of steaming horse manure smelt GORGEOUS, I knew I was in for BIG trouble. I was right! She's been hooked on horses for 13 years now and I've been broke ever since.

I'm still happy to admit though, it's better than having her hanging about on street corners!

Megan said...

Palominos are lovely, aren't they? Even the name!

I am partial to the looks of Morgans, as well.

I love random comments that turn into real people!

P.S. Clare, call yo' mama!!!

Quickroute said...

funny old world the WWW.
Reminds me of my horse riding days every Saturday a.m. out west well beyond Parramatta. Nothing clears a hangover like take the beast for a gallop (sounds lude but it wasn't)
Damn I need to gather some material and blog about this.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Dear Baino, I found you via Mr McClagen.
There is an amusing horse blog in my region - look for

or schlep down my Links.

Hi Ho Silver!

Ann O'Dyne said...

Here's the link, and I forgot to say before about Walers that it just kills me to read about our LightHorse and their love for the horses they shot rather than leave to the filthy Turks.

Baino said...

Ah Steph, then you understand that poverty means owning a horse. In my case two! Both retired paddock bashers who think they're in horsey heaven!

Megs yep very pretty. I actually sold my cremello to a breeder and kept in touch, she had three foals, all palominos. Yep. Nice to see what they look like too! I saw you on Annie Ha's hangin' with celebs!

Quicky, nuff of that talk now you're a married man! I can't think where you mean unless it's out on the Gt Western Highway or perhaps over my way at Jackaroo Ranch?

Thanks Ann I'll have a look on the weekend when I have a littlemore time. Quite like your quirky blog too! I was surprised to see that there's a Walers society here. Apparently, they were just ornary stock horses! Well, they were different times I guess, shame so many were left behind.

Miladysa said...

Just the other day I received photographs of a couple of nude skinks via email... ;-D

When I first started blogging I used to be more open and post lots of photographs. Without going into detail here it was not a good idea so I had to make the decision stop blogging [which I did for a while], stop posting personal stuff or take the blog private.

I met so many brilliant warm hearted and genuine souls through blogging that I decided to keep the blog open but be careful what I put out there.

Some days I have some really fantastic tales that I would love to blog but alas I have to stick with the humdrum ones! LOL

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Tsup*!* You can still dream

Baino said...

Miladysa . .you're right of course and I'm very careful about photographs. No problem with the kiddywinks, they're out there on public websites "Aktor Band" for Adam and Clare's no stranger to Facebook or SpeshDesigns. I would never publish their photos without permission but I know what you mean about being too 'personal' you never know who's reading. and the family stuff on my Flickr site is also private. I have a 'private' blog for private thoughts Just for my children.
Sorry about the nudie shots but you did ask! Besides, Blue Tongues look great in their birthday suits!
And you are far from humdrum!

Haha Bimbimbie! Dream I do!

jay said...

Well, that's a nice story! And beautiful horse pictures! Absolutely gorgeous horse pictures!

I'm glad he turned out OK. I've met a lot of people in real life that I met online and only a couple have been a mistake - but only in the ordinary 'this person is really not my type of person' way, they weren't stalkers or anything.

I think we do have to be careful, but having said that, people are people are people.

You could meet an axe-murderer in the local cafe/bar. ;)

Baino said...

Jay really? I'm dying to meet a blogger who recently returned to Australia but she's so busy and works weekends at the moment so it hasn't happened but we do email and chat, hopefully she'll wonder over for Christmas drinks. I have another who's coming to visit in January . .doesn't blog any more but we've been talking for 18 months or so and have become great friends over the ether and Skype. And for me that's the worst case scenario . .'not my type' but hey . .worth a try. I wouldn't be willing unless I really felt I knew them.

laughingwolf said...

at least she's still ok :)

Quickroute said...

I can't for the life of me remember right now but will return with the location