Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Low Level Flying

It's been a day of surprises:

There was I procrastinating and checking the blogs at 7am this morning in little more than a bath towel and a birthday suit (there, you know what I'm wearing now when I comment on your blogs!) when I heard the familiar deep breathing of a hot air balloon gas flame . . . it's not unusual to see them floating high over the tree tops with early morning revellers enjoying a reasonably quiet ride punctuated with odd bursts of noisy flame, glass of champers in hand and admiring the scenery below. I often wondered why do dogs look up when they hear them yet horses just belt around like total loonies without trying to find the source of this unusual noise.

If we see them on the weekends, as we occasionally do, we race out like total idiots and wave and 'cooee' (that's what we do in Australia - "coo-eee" and if you're really clever you can do it through a gum leaf and sound like Sonny from Skippy who makes the sound of a Whip Bird).

So . . . eager for a shot and mid-blog commenting and now a little late for work . . . I nearly went base over apex getting out of the computer chair, composed myself, adjusted the towel securely *erm crossed fingers and hoped it wouldn't fall off* (fortunately it was one of my less shabby jobs) and grabbed the black beauty - but this one was on it's way DOWN, and in my back paddock. Although they too might have had a surprise at me wobbling outside half naked and wielding a big lens, looking for all the world like an Edina from AbFab looking for a fashion photo opportunity . . . .

Just missed the power lines thank goodness!

Slowly descending through the trees

Almost there (I didn't dare go to close in my state of undress
and the bindis in the lawn made it a painful exercise)


Now add that to:

  • An unscheduled lunch in the sunshine with Thommo who's swanning off to Italy and Sicely with TheBoss for a month
  • A withdrawal from the ATM made me discover that I have $402 in the bank and payday isn't until the 15th of October (ok that was a surprise I could have done without)
  • A lovely email conversation with the green Bimbimbie on the virtues of envirocycle sewage and grey water recycling systems (she's having one installed and had questions about their efficacy - I've had one for 20 years)
  • The colour printer repair man turning out to be a young, rather swarthy, well proportioned man named Fred with a winning smile and worthy of an outrageous flirt
  • Adam, hanging up his towel, actually washing up his lunch stuff before I got home, taking the bottles and bins out before cooking crispy chicken schnitzel to perfection and,
  • the piece de resistance . . . a friend who's been threatening to visit all year finally booking his flight and coolly sending an email to say he'd be here for three weeks from the 1st January . . WAHEY . .I'm so, so excited thinking of places to take him . . . however . . . . unlike the blue balloon . . I'm flying high!

*note to self, must join Skywatch Friday*

You should drop by, you might see some familiar names on the list!


Nick said...

Well, as they say in the finance sector (and they've been saying it a lot lately), things can go down as well as up. Good job it didn't come down on your house. Nowadays those balloons always remind me of the episode in the Ian McEwan novel.

Ces said...

How exciting for the balooners to see you clad in a towel! A fine list and quite interesting read. I wish I had half your energy.

English Mum said...

Naked commenting eh? Next time you comment in the nud you must mention it. That'll give me a laugh over my cornflakes. And flirting with the photocopier repair man? Jeez, Baino, you're such a tart!!!!

Miles McClagan said...

I've not had a day of nudity, flirtation, and balloons. I got stung by a bee (although I have specially put on my retro Lyon soccer top, from when they were sponsored by "Le 69", just so that I can say I commented in something interesting...

Baino said...

Nick . . one thing you and Jen must do! Erm Not familiar?

Ces, not a pretty sight and for God'sake, you work full time, have just survived a hurricane, are an amazing and profuse artist raising teenagers . .trust me, I'm a lazy cow and little thrill for the tourists if not a little comical. *oooh I wonder if the Nivea Summer Glow kicked in*

EM: Cat can Look at a King . . hey that's the closest I'm gonna get to sex so cut me some slack. Oh I have respect for keyboards (mine's a little sticky -FROM TEA! and Chardy, remember there's a time diff)

Miley you're a 'unit'. Just get yer gear off and balloons will appear. You know, like that morning after the night before and she sees you sizzlin' bacon in nothin' but a McGuidan wine company apron! (Solace in knowing that her blue eyeshadow is now spread all over your Cotton Club pillows)

Christopher said...

Baino, I won't comment on your commenting in the nude, but I'll be damned if your post didn't come along right as I was looking for an eerie poem by one of the world's best poets who also just happens to be an Aussie. His name's Les Murray (you probably already knew who I meant), and he has a poem called Suspended Vessels about hot air balloons. Here's the part that makes it such a chilling piece of work:

More were being rigged, or offering
their gape for gusts of torch.
I must have looked away---
suddenly a cry erupted everywhere:

two, far up, lay overlapping,
corded and cheeked as the foresails of a ship
but tangled, and one collapsing.

Terence McDanger said...

Was it crashing or just landing?

Anonymous said...


Ain't no cellphones in 1969, I'm head-to-toe legitimate.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Great shots, Baino, though I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to read one of your comments again without thoughts of you sitting mainly in the buff. See whatchadone now!
Re dogs and balloons, mine always used to bark their heads off and get totally frantic when they heard and saw them.

Bear Naked said...

Those photos are amazing.
Glad to hear that you didn't BEAR all to the travellers.
(But it would have made some great shots on THEIR cameras if you had.)
Bear((( )))

Grannymar said...

Great shots and I can just see you commenting nin the buff! ;)

Now did you get a close up? Do you think it might have been Paddy B looking for stats? :roll:

Melissa said...

LOL! Thank you for the laugh, Baino! :) I do the same thing ... drop whatever I'm doing and run out to see a balloon if I hear one, thinking of what I'm wearing (or NOT wearing) only after I've hit the porch. I love hot air balloons and got to take a ride on one once -- awesome.

Nick said...

One thing J and I must do? To what are you referring? Making love in a balloon basket??

Anonymous said...

Yeah Baino, glad to see you didn't insert bad pun here ...

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Wow - invaded by aliens! I did hop over and look at skywatch; fab photos.

Megan said...

Skywatch Friday is pretty neat. I've done it once and I should keep doing it. Thanks for the reminder!

Great pics of the balloon!

Baino said...

Chris I'm familiar with Les Murray. I've even heard him reading his poems, very Aussie bloke, what a weird co-incidence reading the poem and the post (He's far more eloquent!)

Terrence it was a 'controlled' landing, he skimmed the trees and there was a land rover waiting to collect the gear over the back fence. No squeals so I'm assuming it was intended!

Notso, well it sounded cool as in less than enthusiastic but he's a cool dude so what can I say.

AV: Perish the thought! I look bad enough with clothes on! Actually most mornings I shower 'after' I've commented on the blogs and am respectably dressed in albeit scruffy yoga pants and a T shirt! Lilly just looks up longingly,I think she'd fancy a ride in one.

Bear and GM there were OTHER parts to the story you know. I'm not a pretty sight in the buff or wrapped in a towel! GM Bloody well hope not!

Melissa I'm seriously thinking of booking one. Clare's wanted do do it for ages but can't get out of bed early enough. Has to be done in the early morning before the zephyrs blow you off course!

Nick! Saucy devil. I thought it might be a good way for you to do some SIGHTSEEING! In an unusual way, the thought never crossed my mind!

Anony, if I were 30 years younger!

Ernest and Megan, pretty cool isn't it. I just haven't got the time, either that or I can't remember which day it is but I know a lot of bloggers that participate.

Quickroute said...

I've tried to go ballooning twice and got up at 4am both times only for it to be canceled due to weather :_(((((

Miladysa said...

Skippy and AB Fab in the same post - what a delight :-D

Baino said...

Well Quickie, it's on the cards for January so come on over, bring the missus and we'll do the Hunter Valley!

Haha you remember Skippy Milday? Gawd, you must be as old as me!

Annie Ha said...

Fantasy Football could be better explained by almost anyone else I know... but here I go...
Just before the season starts you have a draft and every member of your league drafts their team. You have a certain number of players for each position. Every week you play another team in your league. Whoever's players score the most points wins. For example, a running back will get 6 points for each touchdown and 1 point for each 10 yards they carry the ball. So basically you get points based on your players' stats and whoever has the most points wins the week. There are even playoffs and a "super bowl" for the league.
Mostly its just an excuse for a whole hell of a lot of shit talking amongst your friends.

p.s. I love the hot air balloon pictures!

Annie Ha said...

p. p.s. there is a lot more to it than that, like adding and dropping players, making trades, deciding who to play and who to bench that week, i.e. managing your team. etc. etc.

Miladysa said...

Remember Skippy? My sister and I loved it!

No videos in those days, we waited patiently for each weekly episode and looked forward to the next with great anticipation.

Bloody clever Kangaroo our skippy ;-D

Bimbimbie said...

What a day you had lol Never seen balloons out this way - have had one of those girocopter things with someone advertising hardware, I've got no idea who he thought would see his advert ...well other than me and my camera of course. Skippy, each time I hear our whip bird I hear that theme song ... hope you're dressed seeing as it's 7:30am now *!*

Jay said...

I can just see you grabbing your camera and heading out, half naked, thinking 'Great blog opportunity!' LOL!

Dogs look up and horses run for two reasons.

Firstly, dogs are smarter than horses and they're opportunists. They depend on that for their survival.

Secondly, the instinct of horses (being prey animals) is to run away from anything which might pose a threat, whether they understand it or not. And they depend on that for their survival!

Baino said...

Thanks Annie, sounds like fun but also sounds like you need to be a footy nerd to play. I'll stick with board games!

Gawd Skippy . . .poor thing very intelligent tho "What's that skip? You flew the chopper over that ridge?"

Thank you Bimbimbie! I was fully clothed by 7am.

Ah Jay. . yep, I knew that, I just think it's funny that horses use 75% of their brain capacity on eating and coordinating their legs which is why Dressage is pretty damn impressive! Lily watches planes as well . .perhaps she's inherited my travel lust!

Annie Ha said...

Yeah, you do have to be a major football nerd. My husband helps me out a lot. I don't know jack shite about football. doesn't help that I hate the game.