Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And so he did . . . .

Interview me . . I pleaded . . . and so he did . . . Brianf has passed on some questions, not that they're of much interest to anyone but here goes . . . they are difficult questions.

1. Motorbike or Scooter?(In other words Rocker or Mod?)
Difficult, I'm not sure about whom you speak. I think I'm a bit young for the Rocker/Mod analogy. (And surely you are too - aren't we talking late 50's early 60's, I was but a child). If you're talking about horsepower, I don't have a preference and prefer 4 wheels to two - energy efficient so I guess I'm a bit of a woosy scooter. If you're talking taste in music and fashion, then I guess I'm a rocker. I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl and would love a leather jacket if I could afford one. (If I was slim enough I could borrow ClareBear's!) I was one of the oldest audience members at a Smashing Pumpkins and the Chemical Bros and one of the youngest fans of Tony Bennett so . . . I have probably one of the most diverse tastes in music from hard rock to a little doof doof . . . even some alternative chill soothes the savage breast on occasion and Grieg makes me cry.

All life on Earth will end in 24 hours. How are you going to spend the time?
Awww not fair . . . I need more than 24 hours! Go to Paris (Kate I'm very jealous) and blow out the Mastercard, all $25,000 limit of it. Book a suite at the George Saint, buy some pate and brioche. Find someone to have sex with that's half my age and not too bad looking (again nice buns, good tan), but he has to leave straight after, no time for conversation. Drink a bottle or two of Billiecart & Salmon Champagne in my new Reidel glass, tell my kids I love them to bits and am so sorry I said no to drugs cos they're gonna die anyway and they might as well have had a good time - give my dog a hug. Thumb my nose at the bank because I won't have to pay off my mortgage and have a good cry because it always makes me feel better but I don't do it often enough.

3. Dressage, Hunter/Jumper or Steeple Chase and why?
Horses? Now I know what I'm talking about here (I have an idiot Arab and a stubborn Welsh Mountain) I'm a Hunter . . . not uber good looking or terribly well groomed but scrub up well on occasion and am practical, durable, passable. Can go the distance and won't let a few little hurdles get in the way. Can rattle a few hedgerows but get out of trouble quick. (Although those Dressage Boys are mighty handsome with their fancy footwork)

4. Steven King, Genius or sick, twisted freak?
Sick twisted freaky genius. But his books are too long so I resort to the DVD's. Not exactly high literature but entertaining. I've only read The Shining and Misery so I'm not a devotee.

5. How do you spend the perfect weekend?
One of three ways. Either in a five star hotel suite with a spa in just about anywhere with a facial treatment, full body massage, a la carte room service, lots of Champagne and those plush gowns and hospitality slippers with nothing but good company, a bunch of DVD's and a good book. . . .

Out somewhere remote and countrified, doing much the same thing, sight seeing, horse-riding, camp fires and barbecue but there must be a hot shower, a king size bed and an en suite with a flushing toilet. My roughing it days are over . . . I now like a chocolate on my pillow!

See my reference to Paris . . .I will get there one day . . . even if I'm catheterised in a wheelchair and dribbling my porridge all over my knee . . . are you up for the wheelchair push Clare?


Kate said...

I'm kind of looking at Paris in the same vein as having children... you're never TRULY ready, financially and time-wise and everything else - so if it's really what you want, then you need to throw caution to the wind, make a few nonrefundable plans, and trust that the universe will provide to help fix it afterward.

Plus, I just really want to go. So I'm goin'. ;)

Baino said...

Yeh, yeh . . rub it in! I'm turning green as I type.

Brianf said...

The Motorbike vs Scooter question was more a question of attitude than age.
The horse question was a trick question. I ride Western! Ha!! My sister Trisha and her eldest daughter ride Dressage with those tiny, tiny saddles and silly clothes.

Baino said...

Aha . . misunderstood. Definitely a rocker. Although I am a bit cautious. Don't jay walk or bungy jump. Tough as toenails with a soft centre.

Western . . that's not riding. That's just sitting and watching the scenery go by (unless you're barrel racing or someting). Had a dogging horse once with a stop and fast button! Nice ride when you could catch the bugger. Might blog about horses. I have some tales to tell.

Brianf said...

Funny thing about riding horses, there are so many parallels to be drawn between the evolution of the motorcycle and the horse. The riding position of American bikes has always been based on the western saddle and that riding position as where brit bikes were based on the english saddle. If I have to ride either a horse or an iron horse all day I'll take a western saddle and quarter horse or a 110 cubic inch Indian Chief. Now if I want to go tearing around town, going from cafe to bar to pub all day then I'll take an english saddle with a throughbred or my Triumph Thruxton 900.

K8 said...

I'm reading Stephen King's 'Rose Madder' at the moment. It's effing brilliant. You wouldn't even notice how many pages it has. Give it a whack. Go on...