Friday, May 04, 2007

Flu Schmoo

I am sick today. I'm a pathetic, 'male' kinda sick where I want someone to tuck me in on a couch and make me dippy egg and soldier boys with strong cups of tea and watch crappy daytime TV. I had a flu injection a few weeks back so it's not flu but it didn't prevent me coming down with the snots. My eyes itch and my ears are sore and my nose is red despite the use of aloe vera tissues. I'm such a woos. The only drugs I've got is a zinc echenacia blend of herbal do nothings. And its a Friday which means according to the sick leave policy that I introduced to keep the Gen Y's honest, I have to go to the doctor, tell him I have a cold so that he can write me a certificate so that I can prove I'm not fudging. Worst of all, there isn't a mint slice to be found and my tissue box is empty so I've resorted to using toilet paper and had to forfeit my chardylunch with Thommo - not that I can taste anything . . . excuse me while I go and put on my ug boots and wallow in self pity.

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K8 said...

Feel better soon :(