Sunday, May 13, 2007


I've just come back from a lovely breakfast at The Secret Garden, a Balinese style cafe close to home where I had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and rocket/avocado/tomato salsa and two latte's so now I'm flying! My darling ClareBear bought me a night in a luxury apartment in the city next weekend so we're going to have a weekend away and be decadent in silly robes, spas and crisp hotel sheets and maybe shop and do lunch and all that good girly stuff.

DrummerBoy, spared the wrapping but bought me a new draining rack which I desperately need, a pair of fairaisle knitted slipper socks (very cool and go well with my Nepalese mountain hat so now I have the complete dags outfit), a Picnic chocolate bar - interesting choice - some pink and white lillies and of course the DVD of Happy Feet! I am a happy camper! Love yous both!

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ClareBear said...

I can't say the night of luxury present was a complete sacrifice...After all, I WILL be joining you with that bottle of bubbly and crisp hotel linen! get the couch! hehehe