Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Spoke Too Soon

Wouldn't you know it. After the previous accolade afforded my progeny, one of them is now in the bad books. The lawn remains unmown despite his promises, two wet towels and an uncovered doona (from the weekend) along with the once neatly folded replacement cover plus an assortment of smelly clothes festooned about his bedroom floor. The bed is unmade as usual and he insists on hanging the bathmat over the shower not his wet towel. There were dirty dishes in the sink and pieces of Malaysian Noodle strewn all over the floor. Beer bottle tops and a coffee cup on the computer desk and sofa cushions in a state of chaos and I haven't even started on the mud covered bike boots in the laundry leaving sods of clay all over the floor. Not to mention university papers strewn from here to kingdom come. He isn't home tonight, playing in two bands, not one and having the time of his life! There is an eviction notice nailed to his bedroom door!

Sorry Clare for bearing the brunt of my wrath! He will get his comeuppence.

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Baino said...

A late comment. Today 12 May, I woke up with a lovely letter from my little soldier boy apologising for his sloth and telling me he appreciates all I do for him *bless*. He still left for work with mattresses on the lounge room floor and an unmade bed! Love you pookie.