Friday, May 18, 2007


See my flooffy gown and slippies!

It's late Friday afternoon and the clock is ticking very very slowly. It's pissing down rain and it's cold 13 degrees to be exact but I'm all warm and fuzzy inside because tomorrow I go to the Fraser Apartments for a weekend of pampering, shopping, sight seeing and general debauchery. There's a king size bed, a king size room and a king size spa with my name written all over it. Look out David Jones Food Hall, I'm raiding your nibbly bits section for something exotic and the Elizabeth Street store at street level for a cleanser, toner and masque . . .I just can' wait.
Watch and weep girls, watch and weep!


ClareBear said...

I'm sooo looking forward to the David Jones Food Court! Everyone at work is so jealous of us right now!!!

Baino said...

Yeah . . . you can keep yer outback swags (although I like camping) I prefer the floofy gown and slippies. Would you like sparkling Rose or Pinot Noir with your King Island Brie Cariad?