Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Am a Survivor!

It's 2:30 in the afternoon and I'm wondering if hair of the dog might do it for me. Aktor had their public debut in a marquee in my back garden. It was loud, very loud but only for an hour or so. The tents have gone, the sulos are full of bottles, the 200 sausages that were in my fridge have been removed and I'm left with 10 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and a big box of stale bread rolls. The lounge is still full of amplifiers but the marquee is coming down.

Well with only 4 hours sleep I guess we could call the night a success. The boys did a full rehearsal on Saturday afternoon and blew the neighbourhood half way up the mountains then backed up again at night. We ended up with about 70 people but it sounded like 200. There were red, black and white balloons in the pool and streamers aplenty. Even a few token red, black and white skimply knickers to decorate the gardenias (interesting choice of prop). They were generally well behaved, no neighbours complained and the police were a no show, so all in all, a successful party. It was good to meet a lot of DrummerBoy's friends who I've heard about but not had the opportunity to meet face to face. LeviRapper is lovely and has a bit of a crush on ClareBear. I won't be having one like it any time soon though. The bonus was GayBoyNick who is my new best friend and can move in with me at any time given his talent for cooking. He made the most fantastic nibbly bits, little tarts with sun dried tomato and cheese, and other's with tomato, caramalised onion and fetta and other little vegetarian puffs and pizzas - absolutely delicious. Then I found out we had a chef in our midst who volunteered to cook Eggs Florentine for those who were still here this morning. He did a stirling job of feeding 16 people. It was great, I had one lad in the kitchen, another cooking bacon on the barbie and the other's laying the outside tables. Talk about putting the boys to work!

There was a time when I thought they'd never go after a late brekky as the videos of the night before came out and I saw what really went on after I went to bed. Very messy. Drunken dancing, some strange liquor that burns green and badly behaved boys. Only one spew and an incident of infantile stone throwing this morning from my nephew's mates who thought it would be hilarious to peg pebbles at the little tent city sleeping soundly in the morning mist. Morons. The same bunch that I had to chastise at 3:50 this morning for being noisy idiots when everyone else had gone to bed. There's always half a dozen of these party pricks but fortunately, none were DrummerBoy's friends - all belonged to NaughtyNeph so we got sweet revenge by clanging about at 9.00 in the morning while they were sleeping soundly.

I was a good night. I was only one of five token oldies but we had fun. Much kudos to the most tolerant mother in the world even if I did lose it a bit late at night and a good cleanup attempt by the team. Pictures will follow as they come through but since my camera is broken, I have to wait for others to upload and I don't think there'll be much of that happening today. Out of 10? Probably a 9.5 Next one? Never.


Brianf said...

Well good! It sounded like a good time was had for all. I was half expecting stories of fights, debauchery, asshole neighbors and police in full armour knocking kids all over your back yard. I'm happy to hear none of that went on. So, when are Aktor releasing their first CD?

Kate said...

Congratulations! Isn't it amazing how, before 25 or so, it's a sign of a good party when the police show up, and then there comes a point where the lack of law enforcement is a good thing? Getting old is rough.

Baino said...

Ha ha . . .well there was a bit of biffo . . again my nephew and his soon to be travelling companion and the only neighbour who had his nose out of joint was my grumpy brother!
Not sure about a CD. It's no 'porch' music Brian!
Kate, you're 30! Still time for a last wild ride!

Nairb Dlareg'ztif said...

I would definately say that whatever the style of music played this past Saturday evening, at your place was in fact porch music!!!

Baino said...

Ok literally speaking . . it was (porch) verandah music. But a far cry from your folksy mandolin! Even the band members wear earplugs . . Aha . . .therein lay my mistake!