Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crazy Woman

I was going to post about Information Technology and the types of pale and not so interesting boffins who speak in tongues about their BSB’s and Cache’s before postulating wisely, diagnosing and attempting to cure . . then the idea sort of flew off into the interweb before I could grasp it properly and come up with something sensible.

Then I thought I might blog about something incredibly cheerful given some of the low vibes that have been around this week but I couldn’t think of anything other than ice cream and chocolate. Neither of which were at my disposal so it seemed a bit moot.

I came close to talking about jobs, their variety, meaning . . some of the ones I’ve loved, some I’ve hated, those I left and those I was asked to leave but it all got a bit tiresome.

So it’s down to my extremely volatile emotional state at the moment. I’m totally spun out by what’s happening to my body and more ostensibly to my whacky brain. I’m a a balanced, considered, just, ethical, practical and pragmatic person. I’m socially shy but not afraid to speak my mind. I can chair a meeting, multi-task and still think about what’s on for dinner. I am creative, clever, helpful, mentoring, intelligent, very decisive and generally a good all rounder. Oh my . . . not lately. . . .I went home yesterday morning feeling physically sick and panicky because I’d forgotten something quite important and if I made eye contact with anyone in the office I would have simply had a histrioinic outburst. Not me at all.

What is wrong with me? . . . one day I have the concentration of a retarded goldfish . . .I forget things . . lots of things . . . my emotions are in a spin, she who does not cry wells up in a management meeting. My hair is falling out by the handful but doesn’t seem to be getting any thinner, I’m hot at night (not in a good way), I’m anxious and needy, my appetite is pathetic but I still retain weight. Then the next minute, I’m high as a kite, happy as a lark, organised, fastidious, controlled, bursting with energy and ideas and totally on the top of my game.

Apparently it can be only one of three things:

A problem with my thyroid
The onset of clinical depression
Pre-menopause . . .

Laying any bets? Bring it on I say! Next week and Appt. with the quack . . . HRT it seems or a session on the couch with a shrink.


K8 said...

Good heavens... you're not up the pole are you?

Baino said...

I wish! I'm afraid its the other end of the scale for me being fabulous 50!

K8 said...

There's always that weird lady who got herself preggers at 83!