Saturday, June 30, 2007

Michael Bolton is The Last Straw

Grumpy old woman kicks in. Tonight we have a bonfire happening. Loads of twenty somethings having a giggle fest about I don't know what. Explosions, I suspect bungers which I have had to put the kybosh on and am about to intervene as the parental unit. A fire is wonderful, warm, bonding but when they start singing "You've got that lovin' feeling" I have to intetervene. The dogs have taken cover due to the odd explosive 'booofff' as branches are added and the bunger incident. Now, copious amounts of highly explosive eucalyptus is being swagged on the flaming fermament and I've had a bottle of champers so am just about brave enough to be the evil witch of the west and go up and tell them to pull their heads in and start singing something decent and the time of night makes Metallica's Sandman totally appropriate Rock on old farts!.


brianf said...

Go Grumpy! Go grumpy, go grumpy!!!
I'm sorry but if they are singing, "you've got that loving feeling", and are not full of exctasy pills then ...more power to them!!! Yes, I would have been there singing along with them because I like them would have been doing it tongue quite well entrenched in cheek!!!
Stop acting like me and chill out girly-parental-unit-girl!
durdelurdelurdelurdelur, sityeaashun, durdelurdelurdelurdelur, sityeaashun!!

Baino said...

Haha . . I did a bit too much chillin' I have a headache. Bloody cheap goon. Kills me every time.

kahlerisms said...

Michael Bolton of Office Space is so much more fun :)