Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Force is With Me

It's a shitty long weekend when we usually have a MASSIVE bonfire in the back yard with loads of people trudging mud through the pool room and a tent city full of warm little bodies sheltering from the cold. Then on Sunday morning we rekindle the fire and see if we can blow up baked bean cans . . .three pops and they're off.

But not this weekend. The rain has subsided to a calm drizzle and there's a patch of blue sky which means I can probably hang out my washing. So what did we do instead. We, The Fringlet, DrummerBoy and ClareBear have been totally couch potatoes. I have done my mandatory cleaning because I can't relax until my dunny's clean but apart from that we've been living on pizza and ribs and schlepping in front of the entire Star Wars collection. My sister has it and brought the lot round yesterday so the marathon began. Poor Fringelet has never seen it and when you start at the beginning which was really the end, there's certainly an assumption that you've seen the first three which are actually the last three - are you still with me? I've got to say that after 25 years, the old movies still hold up. They've been digitally remastered and there are some new bits in them but Harrison Ford was a hottie and James Earl Jones has the best voice in history. Eye candy . . yep . . .silly script . . . yep . . .over digitised . . .yep but you all know the lines "I thought I could smell your foul stench when I boarded this ship!" and "Luke I am your father" and "scruffy lookin nerf herder" - "Who's scruffy lookin", "laff it up fuzzball!" ha ha . . .Tomorrow (Monday), I'll attend to the fallen trees and bark strewn all over the garden but today . . The force is with me!

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