Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Fringelet

I like this girl. She's DrummerBoy's squeeze and the sweetest thing you could hope to meet. She's tall, very slim, fashion-conscious and definitely a girly girl and stays over for one night but brings enough 'equipment' for months. Hair straighteners, product, makeup, shoes, clothes . . .always prepared. She laughs - all the time, likes dogs and loves Adam so that's good enough for me. She's at uni studying Business and Accounting but has the knack of saying the silliest and funniest things:

"Oh Helen, you dropped a fork" (It was a knife) . . . "How come there's always singing in Disney musicals . . ." O dear . . . see what I mean?

She's easy to talk to, easy to mix with and a delight to have around. I hope they work out over the long term. They've just celebrated six months together and they're like peas and carrots. He's a scruffy 'doesn't give a shit what he looks like' type and she's always perfectly manicured, beautifully dressed. When they go out, he sends her movies of his proposed wardrobe so that I can be instructed on the most appropriate shirt to iron - yes I iron his shirts because it's pathetic watching him do it himself.

She's also got him where she wants him. He dotes on her . . gets her drinks, makes her meals and their bed (more than I could get him to do in 20 years!). Today they've moved two mattresses into the living room and are bunked down like siamese twins canoodling in front of Star Wars with DrummerBoy explaining the complex nuances of the story. I'm sure she'd rather see a chick flick but puts up with his blokey choice of DVD.

Well there's little room for me with the rest of the couch potatoes so I'm off to do my grocery shopping. One of the weekend's lesser joys.

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