Friday, June 29, 2007

Karma - Kinda

Friday ended well well with a few drinky poos and a nice brie in the board room at 4.00pm to celebrate the end of the financial year - this week has been ballistic. Financial planning you know . . they get excited about that sort of thing, almost as invigorating as reading the census results. Came home, had dinner with ClareBear, nice bouillabaise with mussels and green prawns and chilli with olive panetta. Then the water went off. Popped next door to see if they had the same problem to find BabyBro holding the dishwasher hose in a large plastic garbage bin. It had taken on a life of it's own, spiralling out of control and spewing forth with the pressure normally reserved for fire hoses. It appeared that the valve was faulty. *understatement*. As he struggled to control the writhing snake, I took hold so he could turn the water off at the mains.

Stressany is away on a netball weekend. He had everything planned for a boy's night at home. A nice long bath, a pizza, home delivered (he's not normally allowed to eat them) a couple of beers and the footy. A good night in. He got out of the bath to find the kitchen/family room under 3 cm of water, the carpets soaked and little rivulets of water streaming through the brickwork onto the verandah! This follows a leaking shower for which an insurance claim is going to see carpet replaced in 3 bedrooms and the hallway has already been claimed on insurance so this was the last straw. He's not been my favourite person of late but I felt for him although the thought crossed my mind that karma and household breakdowns might push him to the limits of realising that living in a 30 year old house requires a little more maintenance than desired and it might be time to cut his losses. Aww. Bless him. I did feel sorry for him so we spent an hour slooshing water out of the house and walking around the tiled floor with towels stuck to our feet and pulling carpet up to try to dry the wet patches. Ah domestic bliss, hail the simple life!

I haven't yet had the heart to tell him about his leaking septic tank, the faulty electrics on the pool cleaner or my four non-functioning downlights. Maybe next Friday.


Anonymous said...

These posts send me reeling! How do you keep track of all these things?! I'd have just gone for a long long walk with a spliff.

Baino said...

A spliff?
Basically I haven't got a life so it was a bit of excitement on the home front. Doesn't take much for me to get me jollies! And just quietly, it was happening to someone else so I could see the funny side. Life's not quite as bad as I make out. At least he chopped the tree that fell down a month ago. Now all I have to do is hoik it up the paddock. Oooh Bonfire, yay!

ClareBear said...

Bonfire? (head pops up in the way a small meercat's would). Can we? can we? can we?!!! (referring to big one in the back) Pleeeeeaaaaaaasseeee???