Saturday, June 30, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation

You know when you hire a couple of DVD's and you find that there's a common actor, plot or location? It's spooky. Or you meet you kid's friend and find out he's the nephew of someone you went to school with? I watched a movie this afternoon that opened with loads of antique clocks ticking in someone's 'parlour' and it reminded me of someone I know who has an interest in timepieces and the six degrees theory kicked in. Years ago, my milkman was the estranged father of an old school friend - she never spoke of him but I spoke to him every day. I have a friend in NewZealand who's uncle served in the Hong Kong police at the same time as my Godfather - he doesn't know if they knew each other. I worked for a man who turned out to be the husband of a dear friend of my friend who lives in Melbourne the connection made only because he has an unusual surname. I have another friend who's family emigrated to Australia on the same ship that I did and I met her 25 years later. I'm yet to make a Pennsylvanian or Irish connection but it's really weird how you are separated from people by often much fewer than six degrees. *queue twilight zone music* Any stories of six degrees or less in your world?


Brian, Fashionably Late said...

The ship thing is scary. Downright! No disrespect but that's wierd. Same ship, 25 years later. Are you sure Rod Serling wasn't standing around the corner.
"Submitted for your approval, two people on a ship bound for...."

And you wondered what Brianf meant!

Baino said...

Yep The Aurelia, same ship, different trip so it's not as trippy as it perhaps reads. Her family came before us.

jen said...

Not quite 6 degrees but definitely karma,last month I spent my first wedding anniversary away from himself (sob) on a friends hen night. When we reached the pub, guess what band were playing? The same lads that had rocked our wedding on the same weekend the year before.

Baino said...

Yeh. . . the power of coincidence, it's spooky.