Friday, June 08, 2007

I Hate Paris

I’m so sick of Paris . .

not that Paris . .

This Paris . . .

For over a week now, our news headlines have been based upon the demise of Ms Hilton’s fortune for being the fuckiest bimbo in the world and drink driving again . . to her 40 day confinement, mystery illness and dramatic reduction of her sentence to 25 days incarceration. Then there was her clandestine entry to prison just before Midnight on her first day and then her equally surprising departure just after midnight on the third day . . . by doing this, she can count five days instead of three, cunning little bunny.

So after 3 days of these shenanigins, we now have to put up with the insufferable media parked outside her mansion while she seals her book deal “My Three Days of Porridge”, or “Slut in the Slammer” and ponces around the proverbial mansion on the 7:30 Report with what I suspect is a jewel encrusted ankle thingamejigg to make sure that she doesn’t leave the heated pool and landscaped, luxury premises. There's no escaping, turn off the TV and she's featured on the foikn radio.

Was that a marquee I saw in her garden?. . .Yay! Nicole and the whole anorexic bunch can come and play in her backyard and barf up their Margarita's. We’ll have a house arrest party . . soooooooper!

Kill the biatch! Dammit . . she’s even got me writing about her, the friggin’ amoeba.

*my apologies to all single celled organisms*


Brianf said...

So what should they talk about? Iran, Iraq or Darfur? How about if they went on and on about crime and suffering and mans inhumanity to man. Well that would be just, like, soooo depressing, like, ya' know?
Now let's stick to what's really impoortant here, Paris Hilton, the drugs currently being used by professional sports figures and the course of (fill-in-the-blank) TV show.

Baino said...

Too right, God forbid we should actually get some real current affairs. The blogosphere's gone ballistic on this one! I like can't believe I like dedicated like a whole post to her. No waaaay!

I'm a git.

Baino said...

The news tonight comprised Sheree Blair's handbag and whether Camilla should be Queen . . .quality!