Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So Much to Say and So Little Time

So I'll keep it short. June is a busy month in the financial industry so I'm flat out and dog tired.

The Dalai Lama is in town. He giggles a lot, thinks Koala's are lazy and is living quite well for a Tibetan exile. His glasses I think are Donna Karan. Our Prime Monster has given into public pressure and will meet with him despite it risking our national economy due to our trade links with China. C'mon?

I have lost an ancient filling in one of my ancient teeth. It doesn't hurt - yet. But the first appointment I can get is 27th June. I think not baby puppy, time to break in a new dentist and thanks to ClareBear's dentalfest earlier this year, I have no more health cover for fillings. Fark! What do I pay $300 a month for? Buggered if I know. Ah yes! So that I can have massage therapy and a new pair of sports shoes. I really want free fillings!

I just had my car serviced before registration on the 17th. $200, Road tax, $260, Third Party Compulsory insurance $530, Pink Slip $45 and Third Party Property Damage $360. We will be eating pumpkin soup for a month. I am ready to marry for money! Any takers?

The farrier is due on Saturday to give the boys their six weekly manicure. Another $160. I'm in the wrong business. I am ready to sleep with someone for money. Any takers?

I'm really over Witawheat nine grains and vegimite which I've been eating for lunch for the past three weeks because they're free. Not only did they dispatch my age old filling but they're beginning to taste like rusty poo (I stole that from Dodge but don't tell anyone) Work supplies them. The upside is I've lost 3 kilos.

DrummerBoy has his first 'road trip' gig in Canberra on Thursday and I'm not going because I have to work. He's staying with another band that he's never met, in a house he's never been to and all of a sudden he seems about six year's old. I am a pathetic hangontoyourchildrenatallcosts mumsy.

My dog ran away today. The electric collar is not working or it was worth having 200 volts zapped through the scruff of the neck. Why isn't 3 acres of roaming enough. I wish I could speak dog. She came home after dinner time and was summarily NOT FED! Biatch.

I finally bought three light bulbs to replace those that fizzled last week. Not one of the fuckers works. Coles are the megamart from hell and I will deliberately drop something glassy with gloopy filling on their floor next time I visit.

There was a frost this morning. It looked very romantic but all of a sudden, I'm thinking that 35 degrees and a glowing complexion aint that bad. Crippled nipples at 6.00am is not erotic.

We had chicken rissoles for tea. They were working class, comfort food, and absolutely delicious. Thank you to my mother in law for teaching me how to make onion gravy. But I am the queen of mashed potatoes! (This is not indicative of our daily diet - just one of those meals that's homey and yum!)

BabyBro has done something weird to the electrics since installing 3 phase for the concert. My pool cleaner has blown up and if I have the computer and the heater on and attempt to boil the kettle . . .the lights go out even tho there's somebody home. Damned electricians . . .can't they blow up other people's houses. Just leave mine alone!

There. Bed time. Sweet Dreams my bloggybuddies!


Dario Sanchez said...

The Dalai Lama ... what a legend. That man wears pyjamas for a living.

Grandad said...

That sounds like another nice day in Paradise. Glad things are going so well. :)

I'd marry you for money, but a) I'm married already, and b) I'm on a pension.

Brianf said...

Baino, I'll marry you for money. How much you got?

Baino said...

Daz: Yeh but don't he look comfy, I could do that!
GD: Pity
Brian: I'm after a 90 year old man with a heart condition and a big life insurance policy . . hang on, that's been done before and it all ended badly.
Thanks clowns! Yer a laugh a minute!