Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Internationalists

It’s funny how one post leads to inspiration for another but I watched the morning news this morning and there were some codgers announcing that July 17 would be “International Talk Like A Pirate” day - ‘talk like a parrot’ I heard, and thought that might be fun – Not! But it also got me thinking about the myriad of ‘International Days’ ribbon days: Police Rememberence, Breast Cancer, AIDS, ad nauseum.

Now there seems to be an international day for anything. I supported UNICEF International Children’s Day and Amnesty International’s Day of Peace. The United Nations support no fewer than 50 International days . . including International No Tobacco Day (Boo hoo), International Poetry Day (Yawn) and World Television day whatever that is.

Of course unofficially we have; International Surfing Day (Grouse!), International Webbloggers day (June 16th if you’re interested), International Shut Down Day where you boycott computers (I can see that one taking off), International Day of Solidarity (that's enough about my body shape), International Texting Day (R U OK), International Earth Day (Hug a tree) I could go on but you’ll get bored.

Does anyone actually celebrate these or are they just fed to the media as fillers when we have a day where for some obtuse reason nobody gets blown up in Bagdad and they're 30 seconds short on stories?

I’m up for International Paris Hilton Day (where she is publicly berated at every opportunity), International Chuck a Hissy Fit Day (when you can have a complete mental breakdown without getting fired), International Wear a Silly Hat Day (just because I have a lot of them) and International Go to Work in Your Pyjamas Day (The Dalai Lama can so why can't I) . . .any further suggestions?

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