Sunday, July 01, 2007

One Man's Trash is . . .

Relaxing late this evening, Clare and I were watching Blood Diamond, not a bad movie actually, whe Jem and Clone popped in with a surprise visitor. He's about 1.5 metres tall, bad tempered, wearing little more than a grass skirt and clutching a DVD holder. He looks mad actually, like someone punched him in one eye and the other is wincing and waiting for the next blow. I felt compulsed to take him under my wing and immediately placed him in the bath. He was dirty, black, African looking . . but now, all clean and sweet smelling, he's been quite happy sitting/standing (it seams he prefers to stand) in the corner of my living room.

I so wish my camera wasn't in for repair . . .Clare apparently had been under the affluence of incohol a few weeks back and scrummaged through a friend's throw out garbage, had found said African, felt sorry for him and rescued him from the chipper chopper of death. So now, and I must admit I have become quite attached to the grumpy fellow, he is standing in my living room, clean, wood oiled and sweet-smelling and leaves me with the feeling that when the lights go out, he might come to life and raid my fridge or worse crawl onto the base of my bed. Thank God I sleep with a dog. *bless*. What started as a joke has now become part of the family. I just wish he had a smile on his face. This pic is the same guy but stolen from ebay. Mine/ours of course is much more handsome and I wouldn't have the bad taste to paint a brick wall white! I will take a photo once my camera is repaired. This doesn't really do him justice. Name suggestions please?


Anonymous said...

Is that a skeleton with its chin resting on the table?!

How amazingly weird and horrible!! I love it! I'd use it as a phone table.

I would call it

'The last slave'.

Kate said...

I'd call him Frank. He looks pretty forthright and direct.

Baino said...

Haha . . thanks kids. I'm leaning towards Limpopo. Mainly cos it sounds funny.