Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Spliff

A while back K8 lamented my constant damage and breakdown woes by saying if it was her, she'd have gone for a long walk and a spliff by now. Never heard of it says I. Aha . . well now I know.

NOUN: Slang A large marijuana cigarette. Usually mixed with tobacco.
ETYMOLOGY: Jamaican English.

I have been in a position to research this unusual word. I'm familiar with dope, ganga, blaze bongs and buds. I'm au fait with bucket and milk carton bongs and have even loaded the odd cone and smoked the odd lid (all in my mis-spent youth of course) but I've never heard of a spliff.

Mixing tobacco in withcannabis is much more common in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, Turkey and Iran partly because the majority of cannabis is resin which cannot be smoked on its own in a joint. People who use tobacco claim it helps the joint burn, when loose tobacco acts as kindling to ignite the moister and denser cannabis. Some smokers also avoid mixing cannabis with tobacco for fear of becoming addicted to tobacco. Ha ha . . that's funny.

I guess since ours is that fabulous hydroponic stuff that blows your head off, it's more moist, and ready to roll.

This option of tobacco mix is very rarely used in the United States, Latin America or Australia. Of course, down under, we prefer to bong on or use a cone or roll some nice sticky heads all on their own in a good quality tally ho paper.

I might have one just so I can say "I rolled myself a spliff . . ."

Then again, I prefer a nice wooded chardonney or a sparkling pinot noir . . .it tastes better, the effect is similar and your eyes don't go puffy, nor do you need copious amounts of munchies half an hour after imbibing.

I just have to remember not to take the trike out after a tipple . . .


K8 the Gr8 said...

Ha! I love it! An old lady down in a hole and two lads lookin' into the matter...

I'm glad I can help :) I agree with you about the pinot noir... I had to give up the doobie a few months back, just to give my pupils a chance to reappear.

Baino said...

Haha . . I still have someone who reads me, I was beginning to despair. Yep, haven't touched it myself for quite some time although now it's being 'explored' as a pain killer for geriatrics so maybe my time is close at hand.

grannymar said...

I could do with your transport just to get around the house this week ;)

Baino said...

Hi Grannymar hope you're in recovery mode. Thanks for dropping in, I could do with the readership! You could try roller blades?