Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dissolvey Bits

Dodgy post tonight.

Work has been hectic and everyone's got the flu except the healthy smoker. TheBoss and Sgt Bilko are having major disagreements about how to run the business so I'm the peacekeeper extraordinaire, the Henry Kissinger of the workplace, it's like standing between Stalin and Kennedy and not speaking either of their languages.

My perfume arrived. $173 dollar's worth. Calvin Klein Escape, Eternity and Rochas Byzance. I will smell like a tart's boudoir tomorrow. It arrived in a box packed with those little wormy foamy things but they are GREAT. They dissolve in hot water so you just run the tap (don't tell the water board) and sloosh em down the sink. Incredible. Simple things, simple minds and all that!

I did a podcast on the weekend. I was the only one in a timezone where drinking was acceptible due to the lateness of the hour, when everyone else was eating brekky and I turned into a gasbagging banshee and broke my fave champagne glass. Apologies to fellow podcasters who fought to get a word in edgeways, it's not typical of my future behaviour. Now that's optimism for you, they probably won't ask me back!

DrummerBoy has discovered the purity that is good quality coffee. He's working at the Tutti Fruitti Rose Farm and Orchard and they have a cafe with Cappuccinos to die for. Now he's criticising my Lavazza because it isn't smooth enough . . .everyone's a barista these days.

ThePrincess has taken to doing runners on a regular basis and eating building apprentices lunches. The electric fence is proving a nil deterrent and I think her collar is broken, she gets a beep and a little buz but the good old thwack that is designed to keep her confined to five acres is just not being delivered. It's a great way to meet good looking leathery young men in shorts and singlets who take pity on her, ring me at work and I have to run off to pick her up or better still, they pop round and drop her home. I've become quite close to Mick, Tom and Sledge who insisted on refusing to allow me to buy them a BLT to replace their stolen googgy egg sarnies. She is now relegated to the dog run and literally in the dog house so to speak. I now have the numbers of five decent blokes in my mobile. *evil laughter*

I've given up watching LOST it has a new timeslot of 10:30, what a waste of three seasons. I never knew what was going on anyway. Ah well, time for my latest bout of eye candy, Big Brother's on . .such is the life of the everyday housewife, mother, worker, cook, washerwoman, financier and dog catcher.



Brianf said...

Don't beleive her! She was neither gasbaggy or banshee-ish though we did have a good laugh at the broken glass. We were all in rare form and had a blast being so. Baino forgot to mention that Drummerboy made his international debut on the show as well.

Grandad said...

The simple fact is that you won't be asked back unless you turn into a gasbagging banshee again. Breaking the champagne glass is optional, but fun.

I'm a bit worried that you like Big Brother though.

Baino said...

Hahahaha . .
Brian . .don't you have blind people to educate? Thanks anyway. DB is just pissed that you're not coming to the Mona Vale gig next month!
Grandad: Thanks, I'm known affectionately as basher bainbridge for my breakage record. And Big Brother - hey I told you I was a voyeur and there's nothing on the 7.00pm timeslot and you lot are in the land of nod so I have little choice.
If there's an aussie blogger out there carusing my site, please . . .make yourself known!

Baino said...

PS: and I know you're there Japanese man!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you could dissolve those thingamybobs. Good to know!

Lady, you was the life and soul of the party! Don't mind the booze. It always makes you regret doing stuff you didn't actually do.

Baino said...

Thanks K8, I knew you'd be an empathetic soul and I mean that in the most affectionate way . . I really did need a pack of B & H tho, did Granny pick any up for me?

Anonymous said...

She did but I smoked them all in about 10 minutes. Podcasts freak me out, man.

Do you have MSN? Us lower class dial up people aren't worthy of Skype.

Jefferson Davis said...

Helen, you were fan-damn-tastic! (Please excuse my french.) The glass of bubbly that got broken will live in infamy! :-) That was a classic! Reality and all that jazz, ya know? :-) Just wait until I'm liquored up! I don't think the blogging and podcasting world can handle much more of that. :-)

Ah, well, it was the best show of them all!

Baino said...

Thanks Dudes and Dudettes. That's enough mutual admiration to make wearing hats an impossibility . . I just hope you can get Daz back on board. He's REALLY got the funny factor.