Monday, July 02, 2007

Rusty Poo

Ok Rusty Poo is the name that Dodge gives to NZ Guinness but I've found a new definition. Whilst watching 'Border Patrol' tonight, a show about the amazing and disgusting things that people try to bring into Australia and usually get caught with - they picked up on a beautifully polished box, emblazoned with a pewter logo and carefully compartmentalised with samples of what looks like normal roasted coffee beans, obviously expensive. It turns out that this is Kopi Luwak coffee. Now I like a medium roast arabica as much as the next guy but apparently, there is little animal that lives in Indonesia. It eats coffee beans and is very selective about the quality of coffee beans it consumes. Only the most expensive, ripe and high quality for this little diner. The soft outer coating is digested and the bean remains, is passed - yep poo'd. The poo is picked up, (imagine that for a job), processed and packaged for gourmet consumers and shipped around the world. Can you imagine? So next time someone offers you a cup of java, make sure it hasn't been pre digested by a Palm Civet!

Believe it - or Not!


kahlerisms said...

I watched it, too!

Baino said...

Haha. How funny. No worse than spraying perfume made with Ambergris I guess - comes from a Whale's intestine and washes up on Pacific Island beaches . . mmmm I love Chanel No. 5 too!

Baino said...

PS: I love it when you comment quiet man!