Monday, July 16, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

I'm very emotional at the momen about someone I’ve, 'known' only for three months but have come to like very much yet we've never met. Daz has called it quits. He’s not podcasting, he’s not blogging he’s leaving the virtual world and it’s virtual charms in a wave of beration. He has spat his virtual dummy, packed his virtual kit and his typical 'fuck'em' attitude and like Pinocchio is dedicating life from hereonafter to becoming a real boy. I’ll miss the little tyke. He was funny, intelligent, disrespectful . . .and one of the first to begin commenting on my humble efforts. Thanks Daz, I appreciated it very much. He said what he thought and rarely thought about what he said until after he'd said it. . . .I think. Nevertheless, virtual life is a little less exciting for his passing out. Vale Hospital Daze and Dario Sanchez's Angry Dome. Good luck kiddo . . . send me an email now and then because I’m not an avatar and I don’t live in Second Life . . and I need to know where you are so I can shout you a Sambuca when we finally meet!

. . .So what does one do when feeling depressed and emotional. Go to the movies of course!. No chick flicks for this little black duck, no pretentious English Drama or predictable American thriller . . . I’m going with Speilberg - Transformers here I come!


Adam said...

Maybe this will make you feel better,

(if spelt it assuming it would be said 'irishly')

coont coont coont coont bloody coont. i can believe you coonts are so crazy.

good on ya dario... you are not a coont!

Daz said...

He said what he thought and rarely thought about what he said until after he'd said it.

Correct, that is true. The shock realistaion of have I just said that? hits me often enough.
And this is as touching - and only - epitaph I have seen to myself in quite a while. If I die, you can make the homily at my Mass.

You pack of cunts ... I'll almost miss you all. There just aren't people like you in Cavan.
Though if Sydney ever has a skobie shortage, I'll be sure to ship some of the fuckers over to you.

And cunt, as I know it, would be pronounced cuh-nt, but anyway ...

Baino said...

You rude little boys!
Daz: I have written more than one epitaph and not just for my own family. I'm very good at it.
Adam: bread and water for you for the next week, no matter how you spell it, that's a taboo word!
And Transformers is fucking awesome!

Daz said...

And as an aside, I'm not actually dead, so you needn't get too emotional.

And cunt is a beautiful word.