Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And another thing . . .

I went to the dentist today. Vitawheat multigrain had taken it's toll and dislodged a 30 year old molar filling. I'm up for some cosmetic work. Veneers and a necesary root canal due to the death of a nerve. $4000 worth of work. Now if you're delicate . . .avert your eyes. My health fund will cover $900 of a fucking fuckety fucky fuck fuck fuckfest and I so want to say that 'c' word - $4000 reconstructive work. I pay $285 per month! I've have had one 2-day hospitalisation for one of my kids and free prescriptions for ClareBear's contraceptive pill because it's diagnosed for her 'skin' (nudge nudge wink wink). I reckon since being in a health fund. I've paid close to $50,000 over the past 30 years and received about $2,000 in benefits. I hope you freebie hip replacements appreciate the donation.

Australia . . .don't become America! Oops. Too late.

Loves yous all

Cranky Pants


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! I haven't bin to the dentist since I had an abscessed tooth removed from my lower jaw. He used a monkey wrench and a high-rev power drill. His assistant had to pin my head down while he yanked away for an hour on the damn thing.
Pure horror.

I had a fear of dentists before that. Now I believe they're in league with the devil.

Baino said...

Gawd, you must have visited some ex Nazi torturer! My guy is 'Painless Pete Palesey'. He's a saint. Just foikn expensive and health cover here for dental is hopeless. Poor things suicide more than any other profession apparently. Mind you the very name 'root canal' sounds less than sexy! Trouble is, I'll have spent all my kish on me teef and won't have enough left for the boob job! (I'm kidding)

Anonymous said...

This guy is nice too, considering I'm on the medical card so treatment is free. There are definately no frills attatched.
The only problem is that he has a severe cast in one eye, so you can't always be sure he's taking out the right tooth!

When he drilled a live-unnovocained tooth, I realised that my fear for dentist had been totally oversensitised. I knew it couldn't get any worse.

I'm just glad we weren't born in the '20s when local anasthetics were a thing of the future! All you got was 'Brace yourself there old chap!!!'

Brianf said...

I have said for a long long time that when I become King of the World the first thing I'm going to do right after having crazy jungle monkey sex with Gina Gershon is to outlaw all insurance companies and hunt down and persecute anyone who ever worked for one!

Daz said...

Can you draw a perfect circle, Brian?

Baino said...

Ah the National Health . . .here there's a waiting queue for years. Brian: some of your imagery is very disturbing. I feel compulsed to warn the poor woman of your intentions.
I have been the beneficiary of Home and Contents insurance so I'm not so dark on that. At least its new for old replacement! More than fucking dental which is 2% of the friggin cost! (and I thought I could control my anger - sorry Paduan)
Daz: I can walk and talk in perfect circles, does that count?