Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Play Me or Don't Dance Like You're Drinking Weird

These are the words spelled out in a nonsensical sentence from a whole bunch of "Party Words" given to me as a Kris Kringle present last Christmas and they're amongst a bunch of stuff on my fridge door that kind of define my family. Whilst I'd love a stainless steel, plain fronted fridge, mine is covered with little bits of everyones' lives from Aktor Fridge Magnets to a lovely photo of me, TheBoss and Thommo taken at a wedding last year. The items that end up on your fridge, are quite telling about the owners:
Magnets: Norwest Veterinary Clinic, The Kellyville Vet, Wires Wildlife Rescue, Seal a Fridge and the Recycling Service. Postcards from Paris and Talin, the latest in many that I leave there to remind me there is a world at large. A Magnetic Calendar which reminds me which bins to put out each week . . .Yellow lids fortnightly, green lids weekly . . .an invitation or two to the latest 21st birthday celebration. There's also a large magnetic HELEN . . .stolen from the production board at my long gone creative writing years, the rates bill, to remind me how exhorbitant it is to live on acreage. A list of Onga swimming pool pumps and their variously required chemical needs, a list of iron rich foods to remind me that I'm starving my daughter of red meat and a little magnetic clip that stores 5% off petrol vouchers for anyone to pinch as needed and a photo of a life long family friend holding a crocodile in the Northern Territory. No matter how I try to keep the surface clear, things that have no home elsewhere, end up on my fridge. What's on yours?


grannymar said...

A Moo card that Elly & G Send as a Christmas card, they had attached magnetic strips to the back before posting, has pride of place. The Message in a Bottle sign is next with a collection of Magnets all having witty messages to make me smile. The latest is:

May you always remember at your age…
That life’s too short to be dating Ugly Men.

By Bedtime tomorrow the collection should have Elly’s fingerprints for company. Then I will know she is here.

Anonymous said...

Cool :) I love busy fridges. It gives you something to browse while you're supping tea.

I've got:

A replica of my dog, though all but one of it's legs have fallen off,
A magnet with 'Sean' painted on it that he made for me in school,
A fairy wih trippy wings,
A clip magnet in the shape of a maple leaf from Canada which holds bills and the like,
A poem called 'Ithaca' my mum gave me,
A little green alien,
A photo of Jesus with Bertie Ahern's head superimposed on it,
A magnet with a poem about children on it from my mum,
A magnet with a poem about fathers on it from my dad,
A milupa helpline magnet,
A 'No.1 big hugs for mom' magnet from TAT,
A list of Sean's school numbers,
Two lottery tickets worth €9 on it that I can never be arsed cashing in,
Raffle tickets,
A magnetised business card TAT made for himself,
A list of vinaigrettes that can be made with chili,
A photo of me and my mum when I was 2,
Little kiddie magnet letters G,O,B,R,Y,Z,U,U and D,
Little kiddie magnet numbers 5 and 7.

Are you sorry you asked?!?!

I just got great excercise running up and down the stairs reading my fridge because of this post, so thanks for that. Do you do personal training?

Baino said...

Grannymar: I have one that says "I'm Not Deaf - I'm ignoring you"
K8: You win! Your fridge must be bigger than mine!

Daz said...

A giant Black Flag fridge magnet ... on my mini-fridge ... full of Bulmers and Pepsi-Max which I can't drink!!

Fuck this stupid bet!

Baino said...

I love Henry Rollins.

Daz said...

TV Party tonight!