Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Little Mercies

I have sort of given up mid-week drinking. Kinda . . . I've had to compromise on my expensive champagne tastes and succumb to goon due to my beer budget and the fact that by the 11th of the month, I have a bout five bucks in my account (payday on 15th of the month). Goon for the uninitiated is wine in a box. Another great Australian invention. When it no longer pours from the badly fitting valve invented by Bastards Inc. you can blow into the valve, turn it into a silvery pillow and pour out every last drop before playing catch with the remaining bladder. You can buy 5 litres for $7! It's cheaper than metho or petrol! The only problem is that it's so full of chemicals and made with the slops that it gives me a mighty headache so it's drunk with copious amounts of ice or soda water to make it more palatable - so desperate have I become. (there's Yoda popping in again!).

So I've discovered the little 2 litre 'quaffing' goon which has little stamps on it saying "2006 Winner - Qaffing Wine". They're gold and shiny so it must be good right? Gawd no. I don't know my French wines other than champagne and a bottle of Verve or Moet is definitely Christmas and Birthday fare or if I'm good at work I might score a Lanson or bottle of Bolly. When Frank dropped in and bought me a lovely bottle of champagne for doing a little flyer for his workplace, I dropped to my knees. Said a little athiestic prayer to Manon and chucked it in the freezer. Yeay, it's hump day and I have a bottle of bubbly to drink with my chicken noodle soup. Bless his cotton socks for small mercies. I told him he shouldn't have but I'm glad he did.
I now have something classy to drink whilst donning my trakky daks and holey socks. Thanks Frank for small mercies.

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