Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Am a Very Angry Person

On something more serious now. I have been blog browsing. Mainly through links twice removed from blogs I know and I have discovered a disturbing trend 'some' and I reiterate 'some' writer's blogs have filled me with umm . . . petulance. I was on one blog, can't remember whose but the comments were all 'would be' writers talking about their creative bent and stroking each other's massive egos. The basic conversation was "well we're creative so we're not normal. Normal is boring . . ." or "I don't believe in putting people into boxes . . .we're creative so we don't fit into one". Hello . . you just did! Imagine the absolute narcissism of actually acknowledging that you are a 'creative' person and then having the gaul to create your own little creative 'box' and deny that you are actually able to be categorised. Fuckwits. Now you know I'm cross!

The bottom line was a bunch of creative (so they say) wannabe's deciding that their 'box' was different to everyone elses. They were outside the square, different, off the wall, creative. Fuck me stupid! Now I'm sorry but good literature has often come from the most normal of sources. Vicar's daughters, lonely moorland dwellers, alchoholics, University drop outs, middle class normal kids with little else to fill their time, travellers, mums who couldn't get their kids to sleep . . psychopaths and sociopath's. Not one of these 'sources' of great literature ever thought of themselves as 'creative'. What absolute arrogance to stand up in front of a crowd and declare "I am creative". Please stop using this silly word. Creative is thinking of a solution beyond the norm, in science, literature, medicine, astronomy, cooking - whatever! I was very creative the other night. I learned how to make a white tiger outfit using a borrowed computerised sewing machine. But as usual . . I digress.

What happened to humility. I don't stand up in front of a crowd and say "I'm a fucking fantastic mother!" or "I am a superior user of MS word" so why, if you think you have a slightly artistic bent do you need to annoucne to the the world that you are 'creative'. Creativity is bestowed, like respect, it's earned not declared. Some of you have 'talent' but I'm sorry, many of you are complete egomanical wankers (and I think I was being creative in my use of that word.)

In defense of those I truly admire as potential writers, I love your work and you know who you are. But I have to say , the most creative amongst you are also the most humble. Normal is not a dirty word and normal and creative are not mutually exclusive. Stay humble, keep writing, get published, then I'll take notice.

Post Script: take a look at some really creative blogs. The ones that make your heart pump, you're tears well, your cockles warm and your inner child giggle. I thought briefly of linking some in here but then . . there are too many and most don't even know I visit their sites. I'm putting a vote up here for normal writers, those who have narrative, humour, a good command of the English language and a connection with their readers. Don't tell me JK Rawlins writes shite. She is much loved by millions. Don't tell me Stephen King is a nutter because I don't care, his books are captivating and if I hear one more more pompous ass tell me that the DaVinci Code is fiction I'll fucking stufff a dead dingo up his arse. I know it's fiction but it was a great read! Come into the real word you pretentious pricks and either decide to be nobodies on the blogosphere or write something that people want to read. Jane Austin was lonely, the Bronte's isolated, Johnathon Swift could not spell, Dickens and Steinbeck were journalists . . . none of them pretentious 'creatives' but all of them brilliant writers.

Here endeth the first lesson. Phew. I feel so much better now. Wanna fight . . . get you're dukes up!


Daz said...

Good to see you have anger at least.

I reiterate my point though. Normal is boring.

Baino said...

Ooh I have anger alright. I wrote this after last night's failed Skypefest and a bottle of bubbly so I was ready for a stoush. That' not my point it's the pretention of claiming your 'creative' to which I object. It's a subjective statement that others bestow. I'm not sure I know what 'normal' is anyway. I might be boring but I don't think I'm normal. i.e. don't fit the mould of 'norm'

Jefferson Davis said...

Yikes! I hope I'm not to blame for this outburst of anger. What is Normal? We all have problems and secrets.

I have to agree that there is a multitude of "normal" people, trying to be different. But, again, I don't think that there is a clear and concise line between normal and weird. Perhaps the line is a wee bit blurry.

Sorry Helen.

Baino said...

Nah JD you're definitely not among the pretentious although I'm glad I've got that dictionary when I read your poetry! If anything, you're hyper-modest and very eloquent in pictures and in words. As you know, I'm no great lover of poetry but I do know good writing when I see it and I was just annoyed at the pretentiousness of a whole bunch of commenters admitting to their creativity but when I checked their stuff . . meh.

I'm not angry any more. It's always a flash in the pan with me.

And don't apologise, diversity is truth.

Baino said...

I was going to delete this post because I think I've been on my vitriolic high horse in a stupor of tiredness and booze. I don't regret the sentiment about pretention but in my efforts to vent I've actually become a pretentious critic and that's not something of which I am proud. I'll leave it here because the blog was always meant to be honest and in the moment. But my apologies for being a sanctimonious dick. Can a girl be a dick? Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Don't delete it, you're not being sanctimonious! I think you've described feelings we've all had at one stage. I for one get angry when I see 'art' which has been vastly overrated. You know the type... a blue potato print on a black background selling for €40,000? I shit you not. I saw this so called 'painting' a week or two ago in a private gallery.

When I pointed at it and said 'Seriously?!' I got a long and boring history of the artist and his moods and how he's not appreciated in his time. Yawn. I've seen more creative puke puddles in Dublin!

I'm with you, dudette. Pretention sucks.