Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Am a Happy Camper

Today I had a lovely day. Quiet. The bonfire revellers stayed over and I love being surrounded by handsome young men all sleepy eyed and hungry. DrummerBoy cooked them eggs and bacon on the BBQ and rekindled the fire. I managed to get all the washing in despite the requisite odd socks. Sean the Prawn came over to finish Actor's Website. I talked to Brian for god knows how long with no d-e-l-a-y, we covered religion and politics and of course the recipe exchange without falling out and he managed to keep the C-bomb to himself then did a brief bit of grocery shopping before watching Smoking Aces with ClareBear and finishing with a noice prawny pastery thing cos it was just the girls home for tea. Not bad consideriong my mega lunch was cancelled due to the flu so my jaunt to the seaside was postponed. Life is good and I'm feeling - replete.

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