Wednesday, June 18, 2008

While my Heart Gently Weeps

The weight of the world seems to have hit me today. Possibly because there's been some sadness on the blogs I visit and possibly because it's hump day and possibly because I watched 2 hours of news because I've missed it over the last couple of days.

I was going to write a diatribe on social injustice and how unforgivably horrible we are to each other or about how selfish and seclusionist we've become and how we've forgotten the basic moral values of looking after those less fortunate than ourselves even though some would take advantage of small kindnesses.

How we should hand the reins of power over to the young and let them determine their own future since we're making such a hash of it. Someone like Severn Suzuki who's 1992 plea to the UN Earth Summit seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Boy would she make an international benevolent dictator! How there's still oil in Alaska from the Exon Valdez, 20 years after the fact and Exon Mobile is taking fishermen to the US Supreme Court because paying them out might set a dangerous legal precident. How Afghanistan after 20 years of conflict is suddenly seeing the advent of suicide bombers, never before heard of there. How blowing up poppy fields is seen as a way to curtail heroin supply rather than offering Afghans a more lucrative way to make a living. How Zimbabwe is ruled by the machete and the tyre necklace and nobody wants to stop it. How Ethiopia is once again sinking into famine or Sudan has hardly any support - even Medicins Sans Frontiers deems it too dangerous to work there apart from a team of 11 who chose to stay in Turalei and Agok.

How three US warships carrying aid were sent back home by Burma's cruel junta due to a real fear that they might invade - such is their reputation. How countries are slipping into recession due to bad management and corporate greed. How pharmaceutical companies are fighting the distribution of cheap and generic medicines for AIDS and worse still, curable diseases. How children in Cambodia with missing limbs are still playing in mined paddy fields while a meeting in Dublin deliberates over whether cluster bombs are appropriate yet China, the US and Israel don't even send a delegate. Or how Australia still sells yellow cake to countries who will not sign an anti neuclear (George, it's NOT Nucular any more than film is filum) proliferation treaty.

How the technology for improved fuels and energy (such as replacing diesel with chip oil!) is available but nobody seems to want to put it into commercial production. How the homeless are getting cold this time of year and how another friend is battling his demons with depression and drugs and I am powerless to help.

I was going to write about how disgusted I am that the news can juxtapose a story about abject poverty in Brasil then seguay with a commercial for MacDonalds or interest free electrical goods. Or about the poor quality of the press who seem to focus on politician's petty squabbles and reams of football coverage or celebrate Tiger Woods win at the US open, hack actors and super models and the real stories are relegated to page 9. How the Hell can we pay sports people millions of dollars for kicking a ball, sinking a put, weilding a raquet . . .spend millions on fantasy films and watch a sizeable part of the world suffer in abject poverty.

Then I was going to whinge about my pool cleaner being broken and that seemed so middle class and superficial or how one of my kitchen doors has broken, and the nasty brown stain on my ceiling is being exacerbated by winter rain. Or how sudden expenses seem to appear just as I seem to be getting on my feet with finances, or that my dog eats better than most third world children. Or how I have resolved not to visit my daughter in London this July because the money would be better saved and spent on a proper holiday rather than 3 weeks in a Greenwich bedsit while she works. The guilt tonight is all consuming as I sit preparing a dinner of Atlantic salmon and baby peas with a glass of cheap chardonnay and wait to be lifted by the comedy shows screening on ABC.

Maybe it's the winter blues. It's grey and leafless, damp and uninspiring. Empathy is a bitch and being powerless to do much more than support a couple of well-meaning charities is so very frustrating. Maybe this day, my cup is half empty and tomorrow everything will be half full. I have no reason to complain. I am healthy, happy, warm, fed, clothed, housed and loved. There is no wolf at my door so why do I feel like this?

Then . . .I got in my car, cranked up the radio on TripleJ expecting alternative or indie rock and they reprised something I had heard earlier in the year. In fact I thought at the time I had tuned into the wrong station and I never caught his name. Not only are George Harrison's strains beautiful and sad and soulful . . but this guy gives them a new interpretation on a wonderful and unusual instrument. Take the time to hear it through. It might not cure the blues but it will lift your spirits, just a bit. Grandad, Ian, AV, Gleds and Paddy . . .and of course, ClareBear . . . this is for you.


Thriftcriminal said...

Yeah, the world sucks right now, if it doesn't turn a profit the powers that be just wont do it. Biodiesel is a dubious solution, potentially a cuase to deforestation and rising food prices. That said, I'll bung some spry crisp'n'dry in the tank if it gets much more expensive, but that's more to do with waving two fingers at de gubmint over fuel duty.

Thriftcriminal said...

Baino said...

Thrifty: Our government actually paid sugar producers to cease production because of a potential glut . .one thing we have here is land . .expertise . .but it all goes overseas. Bet you didn't know we invented the wine cask, the cochlear implant et al. Industry here won't pick up on good inventions or technology. (please don't call them the gubmint, that's so red neck American)

On a serious note, there are alternatives available, we just have to make them economically viable. And I'm not talking carbon issues here just efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Second comment: Thank you . .you're a champ!

Nick said...

Baino, of course the world is chock full of injustice and tragedy and horror but if you dwell on it for too long you'll go completely mad. All we can do is try and improve the little corner of reality we live in and hope that has a knock-on effect on everything else. You're not God and you can't take the entire world on your shoulders!

Now, just pour another generous glass of chardy....

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Does someone need a hug? (to be said in the voice of Dr Evil) It does seem superficial to complain about anything these days given the world around us, but there's no need to feel guilty about it, everyone does it. Chin up!!!

Quickroute said...

Seems to be gloom and doom all over - I'm watching thousands protesting here tonight yet again about the farmers strike and I can't even go downtown to my fav pub cos the roads are blocked. :-(
I saw an news report this about the Japanese developed a car that runs on water and it's cheap to produce the car. I wonder will this go the same way as all the others i.e. be swept under the carpet?

Grannymar said...

Tomorrow the sun will shine, probably not in my corner!

Take care and have a Hug from me.

Go order some badges ;)

Anonymous said...

Now look what you've gone and done. Put damn Radiohead into my head.

Anonymous said...

It's the winter blues Baino. It thumped down onto me too yesterday. Like you say, the world is no different this week than the last...

Anonymous said...

A great big hug coming your way Baino. Here it is
It's amazing, Niall and I logged onto youtube and watched this one and a few others, like the "Orange World".
He is so talented and can produce a wide variety of musical sounds with that little ukelele. Amazing!!!!

Jefferson Davis said...

Ah, chin up there gurly. This enamoured rock that we call home is a mess. A mess that we made, mind you. Don't give up hope though! Nature has a way of overcoming our idiocy of its grandeur. And, mankind will hopefully learn to listen to nature, instead of shunning its howls of anguish.

Greensleeves - Nature:

Baino said...

Thanks everybody. The sun shines brighter (metaphorically speaking) today. We all get the blues sometimes and often I feel I'm posting trivial shit when I should be more serious but there are other blogs and media to tend to that.

Funny how a 'tone' tends to wash over the blogosphere at times. Deep psychic connection perhaps!

Clare will you update your blog please! I need a 'record' of your adventures and Skype doesn't cut it.

Not so annonymous Gaye will you answer my email pls! hehehe. . .

Seriously, I have nothing to complain about. All cheered up now! Have a good evening/day folks.

Anonymous said...

Oups sorry my other account is always signed on to check e-mail. I will go back into niall.gaye one. (I created that for a family blog) d'oh. Sorry!!!!

steph said...

Thanks! Baino

That piece of music blew me away.

Let's hope it helps to lift those heavy hearts.

Finger on the button, as always :-)