Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't Mention the War

Today like most other Saturdays I went to Babysis' place to have coffee. I've actually been turning up there once a day to feed skinny min who has lost a lot of condition despite being on a special diet, over the winter and is now on a Horse Rescue diet to restore his former glory.

My skinny boy . . pretty in purple and on a special geriatric diet

He's 28 years old so hard to keep condition on an old fella is tricky but I fancy he's improving. As for paddock mate Chippy .

Chippy thriving fine on Laurie's leftovers

. . no problem, he steals Laurie's breakfast lunch and dinner and lately the old boy hasn't been arsed to shoo him away so they're coming home soon as I can demolish a horse unfriendly rabbit warren in the back paddock and I will also be able to separate them since my neighbour has an adjoining paddock where they'll be able to 'see' each other and hunker down at night on each side of the fence but it means Chippy won't steal Laurie's dinner and maybe, just maybe lose weight in the process before he founders. (Erm that green stuff they're eating is $25 a bale! They cost more to feed than Adam and Amy combined!)

So . . Babysis is babysitting a friend's German short haired pointer while they're gallivanting up the north coast in a Winnebago.

She's a sweet dog. Very pretty, friendly. Dumb. I mean totally dense. Doesn't know her name, doesn't sit, doesn't drop. Isn't happy about being outdoorsy although generally get's on with Babysis' two Labradors and is cranky at dinner time. Damn good mouser but also fancies Laurie's geriatric dinner so has been barred from the feed shed. She fights over dinner and is particularly good at targetting ears. Poppy the matriarchal Labrador bears the wounds of a dinner time skirmish. Shelby on the other hand is a true blonde and quite frankly is Marilyn Monroe, and bimboish to the n'th.

"Now Shelbs whatch how Renaldo would do it . .
hehe might be a handball rule, but theres no rule about mouths."

The first time I took Lily up with the Gabster on site, was three weeks ago, she growled at Gabby before she even got out of the car. Now we're talking Bert level couch potato here. A dog who's been walked on and off the leash without so much as a grizzle or a whimper. The only growling noises generated by upturned back rubbing on the lawn . .the 'omg that feels awesome back scratching kind of growl' I have NEVER in six years heard her growl in anger. The usual encounters involve but sniffing, weeing on top of where you wee'd and that's about it.

No aggression, zero. Bear in mind these are four bitches, Lily (mine) Shelby and Poppy (Babysis'; dogs) and Gabby, the n00b. So to hear my dog in the back seat palpably growling at a dog she's never met was a tad odd. The first and second encounters were trouble free with Lily giving the pointer a few pointers - sniff my butt and I'll kill you - seemed to work. But not today.Butter will not melt in my dumb as dogshit mouth! I point, I shoot . .
but I'm too stupid to do anything else
. .Gabby? Who's Gabby?

While we were sitting beneath the newly sprouting pecan tree in lovely spring sunshine drinking Mr Lavazza's finest, all of a sudden it was on. A gnashing of teeth, growling, grizzling and the pointer had Lily in a clinch. I don't know what she said but Gabby took offense to which only a swift kick and a bucket of cold water quickly procured by Babysis saw an end to the shenanigans. A quick check of ears - which bleed profusely if nipped and often are - proved that the battle was even and nobody physically damaged.

Poor Lily . now call me a sap and I'm pretty sure she called Gabby a slag bag whore interloper . . but she's never been in a fight in her life! She survived without incident (not so Poppy who's ear bleeding of last week has left a nice manky mark).

Wouldn't I give a million to know why the most spoiled Labrador in the world took such umbrage at a German short haired pointer . . ah . . she forgot the absolute . . as John Cleese would say "Whatever you do, don't mention the war . . ."
Wot youz talking about mum. . .I can be right vishus wid a schtick!

Now is that the face of a warrior? I ask you? (Bet she told Gabby her bum looked big . .)


Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* LOL ...or as Schultz would say "I know NOTHING!"

PS Wot you doing on QLD time*?*

Maria said...

The dogs are cute! Hope the horse gets well again.
Have a nice weekend!

Maria said...

Baino, I took the photo with the windmill about 50 miles northof Vienna. It is a wine growing region with little woods and I#m sure many people ride their horses there. Autumn is so great this year, it was already cold so that the trees are changing colour, but now it is really warm and sunny, 20°C this weekend, simply great!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

LMAO! What a brilliant post.

I'm reminded of the time I was walking my boys on the field near where we lived. They were Golden Retrievers, as you know, Golden Retrievers would sooner lick someone to death. Then this huge Great Dane gallumphs over, all friendly and there's lot of pleasantries and bum sniffing exchanged. I, thinking all is okay, go to pat the Dane - the Dane plants a great sloppy kiss on my cheek and the fight was on. I had never seen my guys take umbrage in such a way. One went for the Dane's neck and found his head swallowed in the Dane's mouth, the other, a complete wuss at the best of times, bit the Dane in the bum! Now you go figure just what the Dane might have whispered after he'd given me a kiss...

Thriftcriminal said...

Ha, they practice as pups I guess. Nice pics, my eldest was very impressed by the menagerie. I anticipate more pestering.

steph said...

Aaaw! Baino

You're such a big softie with animals. Lily sounds adorable.

Having just read AV's comment as well, I'm convinced that 'jealousy' is the root cause of the doggie problems.

Just as well there's no alcohol in the equation!

(with the doggies anyhow!)

Ces said...

I must get a dog before the year is over. What breed of dog won't bother Snowflake, our rabbit? These dogs are adorable. The last image is a heartbreaker. You have an animal shelter over there. The horse is that old, like a sibling. Oh my animals that stay that long with you are a blessing and good teachers.

carole said...

Love the pictures, btw. The dogs remind me of a time when doggie walking three of them, including my spoiled rotten one, while house-sitting for friends. I guess I paid too much attention to one of the other dogs and mine took offense. She attacked and subdued the other dog and wouldn't let go. That's when I understood that I was "her person." I wished I had a bucket of water, but it was about 35C below and in the middle of nowhere.

English Mum said...

Aw poor Lily. She looks so comfy in that last photo. Obviously I'm biased, but I'd take a couch potato doggy over a loony any day. Took Bert for a walk in the rain yesterday and as he fell further and further behind, he finally reached the end of the 5m extending lead and had to be dragged home. He looked like he was a very reluctant waterskier :)

Bear Naked said...

That German short haired pointer may be dumb but with a face like that who needs brains.
She is absolutely adorable looking.

Bear((( )))

Christopher said...

I've always thought German Shorthairs are incredibly intelligent-looking dogs, but I've never met one yet who had an ounce of brains. Just goes to show you how deceiving looks can be.
The picture of your dogs carrying the ball reminded me of our dog Baxter, who we had to say goodbye to a little over a year ago. We once bought him a football (or what we Yanks call a "soccer ball" since we can't call football "football" like the rest of the world) and he loved carrying it around the yard like that.

Grannymar said...

I think Gabby was wearing the wrong perfume!

Ropi said...

Uh I am very afraid of dogs because a past bad experience.

Moon said...

Some great photos !, dog fights are horrible, I have a friend over from England, and he was at our cricket club where a pitbull thing attacked my Mum's little dog George, everyone thought it had killed the poor little fella, but with my Mum's hand replacing George, and some very hard hits with a cricket bat, the damn thing finally let go.... left a very nasty feeling with all, Little George has recovered, but it was a horrible moment.

Glad yours all seemed to turn out ok... x

Akelamalu said...

Read your Sunday Roast interview at David's thought it's Saturday evening here! Anyway just popped by to say how much I enjoyed it and see your place, and very nice it is too. :)

Baino said...

Gah! Bimbimbie, have I forgotten to change my clock to Daylight Savings . .

Hi Maria .. The horse is fine, just skinny. He's a sweet old thing. I guess I enjoyed years of riding him down country lanes and across fields. My turn to give a little back!

AV jealous sods they can be! Lily has never been in any sort of kafuffle before so it was a surprise for all of us!

Thrifty, 'buy the girl a dog' . . .
and be careful what you let her read for goodness sake!

Steph, that I am. Can't resist a furry thing and it was 10am so no drinky poos involved beyond coffee! I do have standards!

Ces, Labradors are amazing but Kath Locket has a bitza who's fine with their pet rabbit. All a matter of training I guess. The only thing with dogs, is you can't leave them on their own like cats, they're a big commitment. As for ageing animals, that's something we didn't think of when we were galloping around the place. Apparently they can live until they're 40! He might outlive me yet! Laurie's a sweet old soul. The farrier gave him a manicure yesterday and he wasn't even tied up! Just liked the attention I think.

Carole, dog fights are awful because you also risk being injured by joining in the frey. One doggy is enough for me! 35 below! That's punishment enough!

EM I think Bert and Lily are possibly the spoiltest pooches in the world . . you mean you haven't got a Bertie raincoat to go with that lovely green lead? No such problem for the water Lily, she loves being wet!

Bear she is a pretty dog but has a very 'vacant' look. She's also normally a house dog and has been thrust outside for 3 weeks so might have her nose out of joint!

Well GM something smelled rotten in Glenorie that's for sure . .

Sorry to hear that Chris. Lily was an 'impulse' buy actually after I lost my previous lab but she's far more spoiled than any other dog I've had. Well I don't know much about pointers, Gabby looks good but not much between the ears!

Never fear, Aussies call it soccer too . . sadly she punctures the balls with great regularity. Usually she has a stick in her mouth which helps her guide it around! Very funny to watch.

Aww Ropi! You should post about it, cathartic venting and all that! No need to be afraid of this one I assure you! Although the Pizza delivery guy isn't keen on her either!

Moon, I can't understand why people breed pit bulls other than to fight other dogs or just to look tough. They might be good with people but they're the worst of the terriers when it comes to getting on with other dogs.

Hi Akelamalu . . seen you around at Gleds' as well! Welcome over. God he's organised isn't he? I can't keep up with the man. Great guide for camera tips tho, he's been very helpful. Come on over anytime!

Anonymous said...

If this is the entertainment you get every time you visit, I can't blame you for showing up regularly. Looks like everyone is safe, so far! ;)

laughingwolf said...

love it... dumb and dumberer, alrighty! ;)

Maggie May said...

just came over from David's Sunday Roast. I enjoyed reading it very much.
Like you blog too.
The pictures are lovely. Hope the horse continues to get better.

Ropi said...

Was I flirting on blogs? I haven't realised it. Never mind.

Quickroute said...

Lovely pics - I'm not a huge dog fan but you're converting me

Jefferson Davis said...

Fantastic shots and story, Baino! :) So, when are ya bringing the ol' fella home?

kj said...

you make the dog fight sound almost comical, but i know better, baino. always be prepared to jump in and pull the offending dog (or one of the dogs) away by its hind legs--that's my survival guide.

i love these horsey and pooch pictures. i love animals. i'm glad to know you do too. woof!

Baino said...

Wordnerd, no harm done and the pointer goes home next weekend - peace in our time!

Wuffa just too many wuffas in the wong spot!

Hi Maggie . .thanks.

Quickie, it's mandatory to be a dog fan if you're visiting here so glad you're coming over to the dark side! Couldn't be without one! A dog, not a dark side.

Thanks JD, you've been a stranger this week? Not sure, depends on how much I have to pay to get the warren collapsed. It will require a backhoe to chop and fill. Probably before Christmas.

kj I was always told not to get involved in a dog fight but the hind leg drag seems like a reasonable idea! The bucket of water worked though! Gabby isn't keen on getting wet! Yep, always had animals around, just seems natural.

Jefferson Davis said...

"It will require a backhoe to chop and fill." Just hire me and Dr. Don to do the job! He's "back" and I'm, "hoe". :) I work for food!

laughingwolf said...

can't be helped, at times... but things will settle down once the interloper is gone again :D

Sandi McBride said...

I just popped over (hehheh) from David's after reading your fine roasting...well, as soon as I saw there were animals, of course I was hooked...being the mother earth feed the population (of animals) sort. I hope your sweetie gains the weight and keeps it on and lives till life's no fun anymore.

Megan said...

Hi Baino great pics! I hope the special diet works out!

Kath Lockett said...

All I can say is Awwwwww

Miladysa said...

Lovely post to brighten a rain Monday morning :D

I laughed out loud when I read "manky" - now I wonder where you heard a word like that?! *grin*

Baino said...

Milaydysa, nothing but warm breezes and sunshine here at the moment 'manky' - means nasty wet and soggy dunnit? Perfect description of poor Poppy's ear! (There's a little of the Lancastrian left in the old mare yet!)

English Mum said...

Oh yes, he had his sheepskin-lined raincoat on ;)

Baino said...

EM are you refering to the Thriftmeister's Kangaroo Poo Fleece?