Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Men's Money Goes

Erm, I was told that bed was for sex and sleep . .
apparently it's for staring like a zombie at poor graphics and yelling
"Awwww you beat me!"

There's no clever clip at the end of this post but after realising I have to live on $10 a day for the next 15 days and, arriving home after my round-the-world horse feeding trip, hitting Chippy on the head with a bucket and giving him a good soaking with the hose to stop him pinching Laurie's dinner,(no it's not cruel, he has short man syndrome!) Then ducking into the shops on a Thursday night late night shopping session for some mince to make oh so exotic hamburgers (with lettuce, tomato, onions and of course beetroot!)I was not a little pissed off at my son's announcement that he and the Fringelet were planning a luxury weekend in the city for their second 'anniversary'. It's my favourite thing to do and haven't done it for over two years!

Nice hotel, clean sheets and chocolate on the pillow, Imax and a harbour cruise. A trip over to Manly to visit Chocolate by the Bald man and maybe fish and chips on the beach. More exploring the Botanic Gardens and dinner at the very expensive Meat and Wine Co. (another intelligently named Aussie Restaurant - almost as creative as "Nicks Seafood") . . .so my demeanour upon hearing this announcement was not over zealous.

Neither was I too impressed with the announcement that "Guitar Hero would be so much better if I could put a data projector above the curtains in the lounge and project it onto the wall" or "World Tour" comes out in a couple of weeks and is only $380." Although I rather fancy that because I can sing and not have to push buttons or rely on the dexterity of my arthritic phalanges.

So don't talk to me about what men spend their money on . . it certainly isn't their clothes or groceries! They're sneaky. They buy Playstations and hide them like an expensive new dress until you finally come home early and catch half a dozen boys in the pool room blowing people up "Oh I got it cheap from . . I've had it for ages . . what this old thing?". Or blow $3000 on an unregisterable motor bike for some noisy Sunday paddock bashing when he'd have been better off buying a few new pairs of undies and a pair of jeans that actually have a hem on them.

Then there's the sound systems with surround sound and sub woofers that make the gyprock vibrate, the Motocross subscriptions, the fast food, the car stereos, the Zhiljian Cymbals. More mature men (I use the term loosely) buy another enormous TV to go into their bedroom when there are four perfectly good TV's scattered about the house or blow $5000 on a greyhound that is later euthanased because . .well . . it was a 'dog' in all senses of the word or a pool side umbrella the size of Texas. Or dip into the savings for a complete golf set that's used twice a year and 'Big Bertha driver' because it's not their handicap that's the problem . . it's the tools of the trade!

Don't get me wrong, I'm good at spending money when I have it (which is not very often these days . .even my tax rebate was swallowed because my family benefit payment had been overpaid even though I cancelled it when Adam left school - so my rather healthy return was 'garnished' and I ended up with a pittance). But I don't waste it on 'things' other than the odd scented candle from Dusk. Any spare cash I manage to eek together over the next couple of months will be spent on a new washing machine so I don't have to go through the spin cycle twice and hold the hose up so it syphons properly and a new fridge who's door doesn't fling open and with a vegie crisper big enough to allow me to bulk buy and use my juicer and a new sofa bed so that guests have somewhere comfortable to sleep other than on an old rubber mattress on the floor! I might even spring for a new pair of shoes!

So among the gidgets and gadgets that men buy . . I think we women should stop hiding that little black dress or feeling embarrassed about our matching shoes and handbags . . or splash out sometime on that lovely little gold chain that's been discounted to $300! Men may not buy many of the 'practical' things but they spend a fortune on their luxury goods. Then again, maybe they're smart . . .I go out and buy two horses that I can't ride anymore but have healthy appetites and 'needs'. (read $$$$)

Although thank goodness for small mercies, we've moved on from "Slow Ride" to Knights of Cydonia, Santana's Black Magic Woman and the Killers . . .can't complain about the music selection on GH3 tonight! I might not have a social life but I have a plethora of games and cleanskin chardy is only $5.95 a bottle.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how both sexes feel guilty about their little extravagances and feel the need to hide them/ play them down to their other half. Luckily I don't have too much to feel guilty about as most of those tricksy male gizmos leave me cold. My extravagances are mainly mutual ones like expensive meals out at fancy restaurants - and of course trips to Oz.

Bear Naked said...

Well I know for a fact that my man won't be spending his money on an expensive teddy bear for me.
And I sort of agree with you about the spooky eyes.
I think it's the sapphire surrounded by diamonds that give them that owl look.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

We had a ritual in this house when we arrived home from a shopping expedition. Once the coffee was made, all purchases were checked to be in working order. Clothes were tried on and checked for fit or flaws not noticed in the shop, before removing the labels and hanging them up in the wardrobes. So there was no such thing as hiding purchases. Were we very boring?

TCL said...

Girls Baino. At least in the early days of courtship, some men spend their dough on the girls.

Also spend on myself on travels, collecting wine, eating, books, and my motorbike.

Don't think there's much to feel guilty about. You want a nice meal or new boots to ride your pony, that's your choice as long as you have the dollars in the bank.

grannymar - you're assuming the purchases are clothing.

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

It's true I like my electronic gadgets but I use them every day unlike her indoors that buys a new item of clothing and wears it twice then it lays in the back of the closet forever!

Anonymous said...

I used to spend every weeks pay on gadgets and spend endless hours in front of a PC playing strategy games.

Nowadays, I save every dime I can for me travels. I'd much rather experience life to the fullest than sit in front of a screen clicking buttons.

Also, I spend more money on clothes than I do food. I never said that I wasn't a weird bloke! :)

Megan said...

Offspring is pretty good, he usually warns me a month or two in advance of when something is "coming out" so I've got the cash saved by the release date.

He doesn't ask for much, bless him, so he usually gets what he wants!

Anonymous said...


What happened to the blokes who spent their money on tickets and tinnies for the MCG?

What happened to the big Mervs?

It's no wonder your guys are being pounded in the Test Match!

Baino said...

I'm with you on good food and travel I guess they're my guilty pleasures!

Poor Bear but an $85,000 gold trimmed bear is a bit of an 'ask' as we'd say here. Some Arab Sheik will snap one up I'm sure and pop him on the back shelf of his diamond encrusted Merc!

Um not boring GrannyMar but probably a little anal retentive! Although many times I've bought clothes without trying them on (didn't fit) or appliances that didn't work (lost the docket) so probably very 'practical'.

tcl. You're older than I thought! Ha they go 'Dutch' these days. Actuall wine is another guilty pleasur that I didn't mention. Not so much for me but my best friend's husband is an avid collector. He has his wine delivered to work so that she doesn't notice him sneaking it into the Cellar (of course she pays the mastercard bill so he's caught eventually but the deed is done.) And I'm talking about cases of the stuff that ends up in his temperature moderated and very flash cellar!

And it's not the riding boots these days that cost . . it's the bloody feed!

Quickie you'll get into trouble for that. Clothes are often 'purpose' bought and of course the shoes and bags go with the clothes. God forbid you should be caught in the same dress twice! You know that!

JD I'm thinking that for the singles, it's not a bad thing. Hey, Adam will be in the mortgage belt soon enough, I guess if he's going to spend, might as well be now while he's living under 'my' roof! Why you little show pony you!

Megs at least Adam is able to afford his own gizmos these days and in the past he's had to earn them by mowing the lawn or maintaining the pool all tongue in cheek kiddo!

Oh Ian don't even go there. Poor Ricky. We need another Warnie without the womanising! And I forgot about the sporsmania! Although I suspect ticket buying is out in the open . . sports are very 'manly' you know!

Megan said...

Oh, don't you worry, I know the exact date he can apply for a work permit!

Meanwhile he's got household duties...

TCL said...


Although now in Washington, DC and forced to have wine delivered, I prefer to go to the sources. So I get my travel bugs and my wine fancy fixed.

Perhaps older, perhaps not. But sometimes no worries taking a good lass out for a meal or show. I spend enough on myself on the travels.

laughingwolf said...

i've never hidden a thing, mostly cuz they're too damn big to even attempt ;) lol

Melissa said...

I'm working on not feeling guilty for the occasional book or CD or nice skein of yarn ... it's hard but I'm getting there!

This post made me chuckle. :) Our dishwasher broke three years ago and I had asked Eli repeatedly over those three years if now would be an okay time for a new one. We put it off and put it off ... then the computer broke and within two hours a new one was ordered (while I was away) and paid for. The guilty look I got was so funny it was hard not to laugh. We got a dishwasher that weekend ... heh heh.

kj said...

this post made me laugh, partially because i can't relate! jb and i both underplay our own little extragavances--she clothes and i books and garden supplies--and in some areas we quite overlap. (vacations? well yes, isn't that the time when you give yourself permission to indulge?)

still, i know what you mean about guys. a friend of mine wanted a new car, hinted, asked, etc and she was met with deaf ears and admonitions about budgets until her husband came home with a new motorcycle. he never made the connection until she hit him over the head with it.

still again, i have to have the freedom to decide myself sometimes. i'll work extra, i'll save, but don't ask me to sneak or compromise everything. i'm not cut out for it!


Ces Adorio said...

I just received a 45-pound shipment of salmon and halibut from Alaska. I also bought 30 pounds of chocolates and candy this afternoon to give away for Halloween tomorrow. I would like to buy a Beatles metal lunchbox with Yellow submarine theme, a pack of Bristol boards, red and green bell peppers, a package of toilet paper, laundry detergent, chlorine, fabric softener, a bottle of Hermes Le Caleche perfume. Also, a revolver, a shotgun and an automatic, but first I have to buy a new lipstick because I dropped the one I had today and broke it. :)

Baino said...

Good for you Megs, didn't do my lot any harm. Although she who travels a lot is in for a shock until she gets a job . .I have been compiling a list!

TCL what a gentleman! I'm free . .whenever!

Wuffa you show off! What are we talking here the Winnebago and the Triumph!

Ah Melissa, the old double standard! Sadly as a single I can't play that game with anyone other than my alter ego. It's like playing Chess by yourself . . very unsatisfying!

Haha! Well KJ I am guilty of telling little fibs about expenditure in the past. Now I am Mistress and Commander so . . no need to be secretive! I am a bit of a spendthrift on garden stuff!

Cecily! I hope you're joking! You are shameless publishing your Christmas list on my blog! No guns from this little black duck! Hermes huh? Noice! I like a nice pong myself! Sorry about the lippy, I dropped a bottle of Chanel No 5 on the driveway last month . .oh how I CRIED!

Anonymous said...

Put it on the Credit Card Baby! its not called Fantastic Plastic for nothing you know!

Baino said...

Babysis . . maxed it out!

a. said...

tcl - COLLECTING wine? What's that? I DRINK wine. :)

Baino said...

Annie . . use it or lose it! I'm mighty glad my friend has a fantastic cellar . .get him a bit tipsy and I'm on a roll! There's no way I'd have ever tasted arguably the nicest champagne in the world, Billecart Salmon . .if he hadn't poured it for me! *bless*

Excellent Adventures said...

Hehe, how nice of him to buy all this stuff for me to use in a month!!! How is it that my family are bigger nerds than me now??? Makes me feel a little cooler (Damian, that's for you)

TCL said...

annie ha - Collect the wine, decant for proper time, drink it. Gotta fetch it from somewhere. I wouldn't want to make it in me own basement. Leaving the States in January. Topping off all my bottles this X-mas!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Beetroot in hamburgers!! Now, there's something I hadn't thought of but it sounds wonderful! I love beetroot, and I do have it in wraps with hot chicken and salad sometimes... but hamburgers! I'd never thought of that!


BTW, I love Guitar Hero! LOL!

Baino said...

Clearbear . .I'm thinking very seriously of buying World Tour for you and Adam for your birthdays! It's not nerdy trust me, totally fun!

tcl . .can Annie and I come? Thought I saw a nice 'sticky' in your collectin, I'll make a decent Sticky Date Pudding? Perfect with a lovely Botrytis Reisling?

Jay I never realised that it was an Australian thing. But if you go to a hamburger joint that doesn't have a big red and golden arch above it and order a burger with the 'lot' you get a toasted bun, a pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion, tomato or BBQ sauce, bacon, egg and beetroot. . .simplly isn't a proper burger unless you stain the front of your shirt pink!

TCL said...

annie ha and baino,

More the merrier when it comes to popping bottles open. What's the fun of talking to them on me own?