Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Six Weeks

Feeling a bit contemplative tonight . . .as the recession seems a given and a sale, ergo financial freedom, an eon away, there is light at the end of the tunnel . .

Six weeks . . . .

The time it took for my husband to be, to ask me out on a proper date
The time it took me to read my first book club book
The time it took for me to realise that I didn't want to be a teacher
The time it took to travel around the Society Islands
The time it took for me to have driving lessons before I made the test
The time I missed my parents when they first had their longest holiday and left me home with three siblings
The time it takes to get my pool blue after the duck dating service leaves
The time it took for my babies to sleep through the night
The time it took for 9 little Christmas decorations from Rothenburg to be gamma irradiated
The time it took to diagnose fibroids and ovarian cysts
The time I spent just one summer holiday off work with my children
The time it took for my wonderful father to fall from handsome and healthy to bedridden and dying
The time it took for me to talk to my now best friend
The time it took for me to recover from a miscarriage
The time it took for me to make a house into a home
The time it took for me to find a dog that is absolutely perfect
The time it took to travel from England to Australia
The time it took before I started smoking again
The time it took before anyone commented on my blog
The time it takes to get your Dyson repaired
The time it takes for a passport to arrive in the post
The time it takes for a horse to realise that you really are its new master
The time it takes to house train a puppy
The time it takes to paint the interior of my house
The time it takes for a film that I really want to see be released
The time it took to develop a particular online friendship which I value beyond reason
The time that my Christmas tree stands glorious in the corner of my loungeroom
The time it will take to organise a party . . .

It took me way, way, longer to realise that my children are indeed my legacy and people of whom I am exceedingly proud.

It's also the time it takes before my best friend comes home . . .


ian said...

I am glad you observe the European Catholic custom with your Christmas tree, putting it up on Christmas Eve and taking it down at Candlemas, 2nd February!

Grannymar said...

Enjoy the anticipation and the preparation during the next six weeks!

Have the best Christmas ever!

Baino said...

Ian, nope. It goes up on the 4th December, Clare's birthday and comes down on 12th night 6th Jan. But I do love my tree with all it's international jumbly decorations.

Thanks GM I'm eagerly awaiting the prodigal's return.

Ces said...

How dos she keep herself suspended in midair like that for a long time? :)

You sure are introspective.

Baino said...

Ces I love that photo. It's at Uyuni Salt Flats somewhere in South America and she looks like she is, weightless and etherial . .there's no sense of horizon so she looks like she's been flung out of a plane. . .introspective . . mmm . .sometimes very much so! Tonight, a little more so. XX

Excellent Adventures said...

Aw Mum, you're making me wana come home even more!!! I hope I don't disappoint when I come home, do you remember how messy i am??? Can't wait for 6 weeks!!!

laughingwolf said...

and 6, the number of posts before mine!

i figgered out the last on my own ;)

kj said...

what a delight to read your six weeks of everything. the one about your father almost made me cry. and your love for that girl of yours...easy as pie for me to identify with.

you are a great example of the fun of getting to know someone across the miles, baino!

Bear Naked said...

She looks as excited about coming home as you are for her arrival.
Great photo!!
If I tried that now at my age I would probably (no definitely) break something.

Bear((( )))

Nick said...

A fascinating list. Makes me realise that despite the wonders of modern technology, there are still plenty of things it hasn't speeded up in the slightest! I'm amazed it takes so long to get a new passport, when I got a visa online in 10 minutes!

Ces said...

BTW, Clarebear looks exactly like you on your wedding day!

Miladysa said...

@ Ian - I think I am a European Catholic - UK? Here we have to have the tree down by 12th night or bad luck gets us.

One of my favourite posts Baino - some sad things in there too :[

I hope the time passes quickly until you are reunited with your bestest friend :D

Moon said...

I loved reading that x

Maxi Cane said...

Great post.

Six weeks is also the time it takes me to repulse and amuse 742 ladies with my manhood!!

It's a talent.

Bimbimbie said...

Interesting observations - are you a number 6 person too? ... you know when you reduce your birth date or name down to a single number.

Babysis said...

6 weeks eh? Happy Days....miss her too. Hey, dont feel too bad a bout the firing of the youngling either - she's young and there are many many opportunities out there for a young 21 year old....look at my start in the working world!!! And now - I'm a doctor - Whodve thought! Ha Ha

Baino said...

Sorry snoox but I missed you a lot last night. I won't mind your mess as long as you control spreadage!

Clever Wuffa.

kj I know we're both very fond of our lovely girls. I'm very proud of what she's done and where she's been but enough is enough.

Haha true bear but that was actually taken during the first few weeks of this 11 month trip, she went 'star jumping' across America!

Yeh well a visa's a lot easier than a passport Nick. Actually the Aussie ones take about 3 weeks but the British ones 6.

Ces, I wore a wedding dress and was very sedate on my wedding day thank you, none of this jumping around bit (although I did do the Time Warp at one stage) Seriously, others have said that I looked like her at her age, can't see it myself!

Miladysa - quite right 12th night and it has to go back in the box. (Fresh trees don't last long enough in the heat out here)The sad events make you appreciate the happy ones.

Cheers Moon!

Jesus Maxi, that's 123.6 women a week! What were you doing flashing them on the train? (my main reason for abhoring public transport incidentally)

Dunno Bimbimbie, my lucky numbers have always been 8 and 17. It just occured to me that lots of things seem to take six weeks! Actually I'm terrified of numbers!

Megan said...

Aw. This was a lovely post. What a brainwave! The time is going to fly by, I'm sure...

Quickroute said...

I remember this excellent photo of the salt flats - frame it I reckon
That's a hell of a list Baino - love it!

Miles McClagan said...

It took me six weeks to get over the repulsive shock of hearing Nickelback for the first time, but hey, at least they didn't kick on right? Oh...

Baino said...

Wel Megan, I get a bit broody on my own in the evening. *sigh* Actually it's gone quicker than I imagined.

Good init Quickie. I have it (and millions of others on the glass wall near my workstation.

Miley I don't think I'll ever get over Nickleback or Kellie Clarkson, I am scarred for life!

Ropi said...

Well six weeks is a long time and some stuff needs time so yeah.

Anonymous said...

I just love how there's certainly a story behind each of them.

Baino said...

Haha Ropi, so profound for one so young!

Conor, I'll probably expand over time . .you're a n00b to the boring box that is Baino, so take a look at past posts there'll be some stories to explain there somewhere.

steph said...

Brilliant post, Baino

What an insightful list!

None of my babies ever slept through the night at 6 weeks :-(

Six weeks and counting...

Baino said...

Actually Steph, instead of the fourth day blues I developed a rather nasty rash and was on phenergan for about 4 weeks so I think I intoxicated Clare! Actually both were text book four hour sleepers. I used to poke them to make sure they were still alive after four hours. Soon learned the mantra of motherhood "NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY"

laughingwolf said...

comes mit der territory :P lol

steph said...

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, worked to get #1 to sleep.

By the time #2 came along I'd learnt so many tricks to induce sleep, the poor child had difficulty staying awake! But it didn't work until after the 3-month mark when her colic settled. Aaaargh!

Yes, there are some things I am happy to leave behind!