Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phoctober Day 1

Last year Maht at Moon Topples invited bloggers to participate in Phoctober by posting photos and linking back to his site. It was fun. I didn't post every day but really enjoyed the links to other people's sites and the amazing photographs, some totally professional, some obscure, some tampered with yet creative but all wonderfully entertaining. So this October (I'm late as usual) and for the next three Sunday's, I'll post something of my Aussie surroundings and lifestyle as a Phoctober tribute. Sunday seems to be a photo post most times anyway.

This is where it all began. November last year, the girls, Thommo, Struth Ruth, Hendo and I wondered down to the Airley Peninsula, stayed in a fabulous little cottage and 'did' the Great Ocean Road. Four menopausal old bags in an SUV we had great fun doing it and Hendo very kindly let me play with her Sony Digital Camera. I loved the 'clunk' of taking real photos so these were my first digital effort. Three weeks later, I bought the Canon EOS 400D and have never looked back. I just wish I knew how to use it properly.

Generally I like people and action or colour in my shots or animals or birds but this scenery was so beautiful, so spectacular, that even the windy haze does it justice. If you ever visit Australia, this is a must! You can click to enlarge.

Airley Lighthouse - famous for it's role in the children's TV series "Around the Twist"

Airley's Inlet - Gateway to the Great Ocean Road which was built by returned servicemen during the Depression to keep them 'occupied'. And a fine job they did too!

The 12 Apostles - Well I counted 11 but there are more in the making!
The haze was testament to the howling wind!

This one should be ready in about a million years . . .
a couple of year's ago a similar formation called London Bridge
collapsed with people walking above it . . all were safely rescued!

A hole in the wall, once drilled by the sea, now sits atop a mighty cliff!

These majestic cliff faces and solitary beaches stretch for 100's of kms

My coup de gras . . beautiful isn't it!
So much better in 'real life' than any photograph can portray!


Nick said...

I'm fascinated by all the weird shapes rocks take on after they've been battered by the sea for umpteen years. There are some amazing rock formations along Belfast Lough, but not as majestic and awe-inspiring as Airley I'm sure!

Megan said...

Wow. Just, wow.

This is a great idea, by the way!

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Wonderful photos of a rugged stretch of coastline - is that right they got the returned soldiers to build the road, was that someone's idea of a reward*?*

Ces said...

This is a world-famous site. I must say that the USA is a beautiful country and so is the Philippines, both of which I have/had the luck of knowing and residing. There are other places in the world that stike me and wish I could hop on a plane and visit on weekends and holidays...but Australia...I have never seen (in pictures) a place quite like it. It's natural resources and beauty are something else. It is as if God said to Godself "You will be the most austral land before the ice caps in Antactica. You will be far and separated from everyone else. You will be difficult to populate. People who desire to dwell in your land will work harder to get there. Therefore, I will make you more beautiful than any place and give you surprises in every corner so that those who call themselves Australians will have a reason to circle and cross the island and those who do not call themselves Australians will wish they can."

Thank you Baino. I have always wondered where this beautiful place was located. It has face cliffs like Bristol without the apostles.

I wish now, I chose Australia instead of America twenty-seven years ago.

I must go to Australia and see the boababs, Ayers Rock and the twelve apostles before I die.

My husband's great-grandfather and great aunts and uncles migrated from England and went to the US, South Africa and Australia. We never got to know them.

Very long comment. I could have just said "Oh my God! Wow!!!"

Grannymar said...

Wonderful shots Baino.

*runs to hide my baby camera!*

Baino said...

Nick it's probably one of the most photographed places other than Ularu and the Great Barrier reef but no photo can do this vista justice. I was incredibly impressed but boy you have to travel miles to see it!

Thanks Megs , not mine but Maht at Moon Topples, he did it last year and it was lovely to click on all the links, everyone photographs such different stuff.

Hey Birdy isn't it gorgeous. Yep, they came home to the depression and having given up their jobs to fight needed 'gainful employment' no mean feat I can assure you it's rugged territory.

Ces, you live in a country that has the most wonderful scenic landscaps. Ours is much the same but it takes forever to get around. It's a big place with most of the population around the coast and I've shamefully hardly seen any of it. Think of your Grand Canyon, Redwood forrests soaring mountains, you have it all as well. I hope God thought of Australia that way but it's harsh and brown and drought ridden . . the beauty balances the ugliness. Every nation has it's beauty spots. I want to see them all.

Not at all GM it's easy to photograph things that don't move! Shame it was such a windy day because everything is very hazy. Even so, it was a truly special place.

kj said...

this is just beautiful, baino. i love the coastlines. i fall into acceptance and relaxation easier when i hear those waves crash.

i liked your comments to ces. you are right that the usa has an incredible beauty of its own, starting with my new england in autumn. the sun shines through the gold and red leaves in a magical way.


CrazyCath said...

These are fantastic shots. I agree - if I ever get to Australia, these are must sees! I just love the rock formations. Brilliantly taken. Thanks for sharing.

Over from Authorblog where you did a great Sunday Roast. Another alliteration lover! Yay!

laughingwolf said...

nuffin wrong with your photos, baino :D

laughingwolf said...

check out my wee tale: freaky flash... I?

II will follow, once i finish it :O lol

Baino said...

True kj your New England Autumns are splendiferous, I just hope I get to see one someday! I guess the problem for Americans is the same as here, it's such a huge place that getting around takes time.k

Hi CrazyCath, welcome over. Thanks the Roast was a bit embarrassing but very nice to be invited!

Thanks Wuffa and I did leave a comment but it was swallowed by your moderator or released into the ether while my puter crashed. Left one there this morning and Happy Thanksgiving . . .(although I have no idea why it's celebrated in Canada! Any excuse for a public holiday perhaps?)

gaudiumdegaea said...

Oh they are gorgeous photos! My camera sucks I am reduced to taking photos with my mobile phone how sad is that?!
I haven't done the great ocean drive but I am hoping I can someday soon.
I was hoping to catch Cirque de Soleil so maybe we can drive to Melbourne and include THE drive there somewhere. Would be great.

laughingwolf said...

thank you

as for your post, i did not get an alert for it, jut today's... :(

Nancy said...

Hi Baino,

I loved the beautiful pictures you took, especially the one of Airley Light.

I have been taking lighthouse pictures for many years and have a large book full of them.

Because most of my friends know my fascination with lighthouses, when they are on a trip to some wonderful place they take a picture of the light and send it to me to be included in my book. I have a section devoted entirely to photos sent by friends.

Now then,Baino, what I wish to ask you is, do I have your permission to print that lovely photograph of Airley Light and place it in my "Friends" section with the caption reading: " Photograph by Baino; Australia 2008."

I would be very pleased if you wanted to be included in my collection.

Baino said...

G you should, it's really stunning. I've never had a decent camera and this little exercise made me buy myself a Christmas present for the first time in my life! I love my Canon. Mind you the subject matter was a treat!

No worries Wuf, my PC at home is playing up, now I'm on the super fast work beastie, it's great!

Nancy of course you can, I've emailed three for you! Now that I know you collect, I'll be more diligent in noticing lighthouses around the place! You really should blog!

Moon said...

I adored the Great Ocean Road, one of my favorite places in the world... shame the story of Loch ard Gorge isn't quite as romantic as they wanted to be ..

Baino said...

Moon the public would have loved a romance between Tom Pearce and Eva Charmichael. They however, did not feel the same way, and after three months, Eva went back to Ireland. In 1884, Tom married another woman, related to a man who died in the shipwreck, and started a family. You can dive the wreck on a nice day!

Miladysa said...

Absolutely breathtaking photographs Baino! What an eye you have!

I am going to have to ensure my husband does not see these... our bags could be packed otherwise ;D

Baino said...

Miladysa, no eye needed along that stretch of coast. It's just beautiful and very easy to get awesome shots. I'd go back in a heart beat, its just such a long way!

steph said...

Now, I want to hear what else you four menopausal old bags got up to that weekend??? ;-)

Great shots btw, Baino. I'm just back from my daily walk beside the sea and you just can't beat it!

I'll send Nancy a photo of our local lighthouse though I guess she may already have it!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Gorgeous shots, Bains! It's funny, I keep seeing those cliffs in so many places - on TV, in mags - they're getting so much coverage, it seems!

Moon said...

I was lucky enought to spend 12 months in Oz, 6 months playing cricket in Adelaide, then I bought an old VW Combi van, and drove it round half of Oz, from Adelaide to Cains, and then back via Mt Isa, Uluru and down through Cober Pedy (spelt wrong I am sure).

I have been lucky to see the Gt Ocean /road Twice, and I still now say, it is the best scenery I have ever seen. The crashing waves, blow holes, coves, and sheer cliffs. The picture of Gibson beach you have here reminds me of sitting down at the bottom of the steps, reading, and enjoying perfect solitude.

I will be back again one day, thats a promise...

Nancy said...

Thanks,Baino. I received the other photos you sent and loved them all. South Head Light is very unusual; I'm so happy to get that one.

Thanks also to Steph. Is the lighthouse you mentioned in Dublin the one at Howth Head? I have had the pleasure of photographing that one myself. It's also unusual and interesting.

Don't you all marvel that I am in Pennsylvania,U.S.A. and Baino is in Australia and Steph is in Ireland and we can all talk to each other this way? Is it only because I am old (80) that this seems extraordinary to me?

Ropi said...

Nice photos. I used to learn how those cliffs are made by nature and the shocking is that I think I remember.

Baino said...

A Steph, you know how it is, what goes on tour, stays on tour! It did involve a case of champagne!

AV probably one of the most photographed areas other than Uluru and the reef but spectacular nonetheless.

Moon,you've seen more than I. Bit of a coast hugging traveller I am but yet to go as far north as Cairns. Believe it or not, I'm not fond of the heat! That's some road trip. Never been to Uluru or Coober Pedy.

Nancy, no worries. I'll keep my eyes open for lighthouse opportunities and yes, it's wonderful to be able to talk in virtually real time to people all over the world. When I travelled as a youngster it took 2 weeks for a post card to arrive. Now I can talk to Clare just about anywhere!

Ropi, you're funny. Of course you remember . . sedimentation and erosion my lad! I love the fact that that 'hole in the wall' was actually made by the sea probably billions of years ago and is now about 200 metres above the tide! Amazing.

Moon said...

When I was at home recently, and I ahve got all my negatives from my Aussie trip, and I want to get them all on the 'puter'...... I loved the trip, and was lucky to climb Uluru... I think they have stopped it now ...... oooh, I feel a blog coming on ......

Quickroute said...

I'm playing catchup here - better late than never - i did a trip through the Great Ocean road which was fantastic scenery as in your photos below

sexy said...