Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Fuckwit

So many fuckwits, so little time to research! I could have banged on about the 'Debate' in the US but that was entirely predictable and totally polite I have to say. I could have had a go at Australian banks who are refusing to pass down the expected interest rate cut when the Reserve meets on Tuesday but I'm used to being fleeced by financial institutions. I could have had a go at the NT Minister who plagiarised a speech from The West Wing but . . . let's have some fun.

It's well known that I am adverse to little children . . . I'm toddler phobic and not much keener on those under 10, well except for Joel my 8 year old nephew. I certainly hope I warm to them as I creep towards a grandmotherly age. Frankly I prefer lolcats and tooth extraction . . but brats . . undisciplined . . . rude, cruel and especially poorly supervised children . . I'd give 'em a belt around the ear 'ole and three hours in the naughty corner. So this week's Friday Fuckwit goes to a 7 year old . . .

CANBERRA (Reuters) - The parents of a 7-year-old boy who broke into an Australian outback wildlife park and fed a string of small animals to its resident crocodile are likely to be sued after police said the boy was too young to be held responsible.

A turtle, four western blue tongue lizards, two bearded dragons, two thorny devil lizards and a 1.8 metre (5.9ft) adult female Spencer's goanna were fed or led into the jaws of a 3 metre, 200kg (440lb) saltwater crocodile named "Terry." (Man he must have been a strong little tyke - them goannas are big suckers!)

Security camera footage at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre showed the smiling youngster also bludgeoning to death a small blue tongue lizard and two more thorny devils during a half-hour of breakfast-time havoc last Wednesday. One CCTV image shows him smiling as he watches the saltie splash around its pool as it attacks a northern blue tongue lizard.

"The fact a 7-year-old can wreak so much havoc in such a short time, it's unbelievable. In my day he'd get a big boot up the arse," centre director Rex Neindorf told Reuters by phone.

"Police found him, but in the Northern Territory here he can't be accountable if he's under 10 years of age." Neindorf said many of the animals fed to the croc were rare or mature and would be difficult to replace.

The boy was unknown at the centre and had "clammed up" when questioned by police on what sparked the rampage (perhaps mummy wouldn't buy him an ice cream).

Neindorf said he was now looking at suing the parents of the pint-sized terror, who could easily have been taken by Terry himself as he fed the croc from a small landing at his enclosure. (Lucky for Terry - imagine his fate if he'd eaten a 7 year old!)

"We'll be looking at suing the parents, who were supposedly in control of him at the time," he said.
Clearly Terry is not the brightest tool in the shed, much easier to chomp on a, soft, warm, fleshy seven year old than a crusty turtle or a thorny devil! But seriously, the cruelty was astounding from one so young.

Nah don't freak, this salty just thought his zookeeper's forearm looked appetising!


Bimbimbie said...

Grrrrr .... forget suing get the parents and the kid on an operating table and pull out their bloody breeding organs*!*

Miles McClagan said...

Never smile at a croco...chomp...say, where did our kid go?

Future serial killer, nothing surer.

Thriftcriminal said...

Little fucker should have got eaten, bludgeoning animals at 7, he'll be a serial killer in 15 years mark my words. We don't need people like that around the planet.

Baino said...

The article was very carefully worded Bimbimbie but I am suspecting some aboriginal feral . .what white kid would pick up a goanna? I ran into one in the Blue Mountains once and it scared me shitless they're massive!

Oh Miley I was so going to say something about that song but thought it too 'British'. Fortunately he's in Alice Springs so only English backpackers need beware! Nice Avatar, you're looking hot!

ian said...


Grannymar said...

Sentence the parents to 5 years feeding Crocs!

Lehners in France said...

The kid should have been fed to the crocs and the parents come to that for leaving the little fucker unattended! If he's grinning while he's watching animals being eaten alive what sort of adult is he destined to become? GGRRRrrr
Debs x Bon weekend

laughingwolf said...

pheed that phucker, and his phamily, to terry, is what i say! grrrrrrr

Bear Naked said...

"the parents, who were supposedly in control of him at the time"

In control, IN CONTROL!!
My definition of *in control* is very different than their definition.

Bear((( )))

ian said...

The BBC are running this on their homepage at the moment. It goes with the type of story they ran a few months ago of the outback driver with his tinnies seatbelted into the car while his child was unsecured.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Baino, I could tell you stories of what kids in the townships here do to animals - dogs and cats mostly, that would make your hair stand on end. Cruelty like that in kids comes directly from other form of cruelty either witnessed or experienced. Yep, sue the parents and get the whole family into therapy.

Miladysa said...

I read about this one on the BBC news earlier and was astonished. I find it hard to believe that anyone at all could do this let alone a child so young.

Personally I suspect that the child and the parents are one sandwich short of a picnic.

Moon said...

I am not the first to say this... drop him in the cage, and then the parents ... I wonder what they had done during the parenting to hatch the creature ...... makes me sick .... it's because parents are not allowed to dicipline their kids anymore ..... makes me f**king mad !

padraig said...

Cruelty to animals is pretty common among kids, this is true.

This isn't a common version of cruelty to animals, this is downright freakazoidal. It's not like he threw a single hamster into the croc pit because he saw someone feed a rat to a snake, this kid is broken.

Baino said...

Thrifty it's inconceivable isn't it? I'd like to know what he was doing out and about unsupervised early in the morning. I don't think he'll reach 15 at this rate, he'll be a little petrol sniffing vegetable by 12.

Ian, you've brought a few memories back. I have that book somewhere, my father could recite it verbatim in a broad Lancashire accent. Brilliant!

GM: Nothing will happen. They're probably impoverished so suing them won't achieve much other than a fat paycheck for their legals.

Hi Debs. Defies imagination doesn't it?

Wuffa feed him to the wolves I say! Crocs don't eat much!

Bear, I have no idea where the parents were. Different reports say that he'd broken in alone. It was early morning so maybe he snuck out of the house but he was certainly a determined child.

Ian, life is very different out there that's for sure. It's a shame that stories of Australian stupidity and violence are making news. Very embarrassing.

AV that's what makes me think he may have been an aboriginal child. Not that white children aren't cruel but they would be unlikely at that age to tackle the types of fauna he destroyed. I'm just stunned at the cruelty for one so young!

Miladysa ...well at least that would explain something. Or a stick short of a bundle, or a tinny short of a six pack . . not the sharpest tool in the shed . ..

I don't know Moon. I don't think its about being 'allowed' or not. Otherwise all kids would be rampant morons. There is a problem in the outback boredom, violence, abuse and alcohol, not a good formula for smart parenting.

Hi Padraig, yes something deranged about this little monster alright! The thing with these sorts of stories is you never hear the follow up . . .we'll never know what punishment is mooted out to the little bastard.

Nick said...

Yet another example of staggeringly irresponsible parents who (a) weren't supervising their child properly (b) hadn't taught him that you don't feed animals to other animals nor do you feed zoo animals (c) were leaving him with a dangerous croc.

So what were they doing at the time? Canoodling? Texting? Sleeping? I feel sorry for such a shamefully neglected child.

Ces said...

It sounds like a horror movie. I wonder about the quality of family life this boy has. Most children are naturally fearful of strange animals especially predators like the alligators or crocodiles, lions and tigers. I know they think the giraffes are neat and seals and sea lions are funny and cute but when you observe them, they are cautious when it comes to wild animals. Now I am not one of those mothers who refrain from stepping on cockroaches and swatting flies but I have always taught my children (especially the boy) to be kind to animals when they were very young (for example, do not poke the lobster’s or Dungeness crab’s eyes before I boil them). Now, he is the one who reminds me to leave the snake alone because they are beneficial. (My ass – no snake is beneficial to me). Even my husband, with my daughter pitied the wounded toad in our yard this morning. They both sounded very cute with their consoling voices. A violent and erratic behaviour like that sounds like the foundation of a future terrorist, torturer or serial killer.

..or who knows, he may repent and become the next St. Francis of assissi.

Megan said...

I am still reeling a bit. Jaysus that poor idiot child.

Bear Naked said...

Came back to let you know that this story hit the "Toronto Star" in Canada.

Bear((( )))

Jay said...

I heard about this kid. I think it's time that there was some other recourse open to police when it comes to children too young to be criminally responsible.

We lived uncomfortably close to a kid of nine who seemed to me to be positively psychopathic. We could see his house from our back door - that close. One minute he'd be playing with my kids, the next he'd try to strangle them. He'd be out at 1am driving his Dad's van around the car park or smoking on his front door step. And there's the problem, because I never once saw either parent chastise him for anything. The police said if they could have locked him up, the crime rate in the area would drop by 70% but they were powerless.

Criminally responsible or not, society - and the animal kingdom - needs to be protected from these little snots.

Baino said...

Wow Bear, bad news travels fast eh?

Jay it's tough to know whether to blame the kid or the parents but kids that do that sort of thing have something inherently evil within. Although apparently I did put a corkscrew up my dog's nose when I was about 3 . . .however, also apparently, I was severely chastised. Buggered if I know where the corkscrew came from.