Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fuckwit

The final US presidential debate has produced a new celebrity, Joe the Plumber.

His real name is Sam J Wurzelbacher and he was mentioned by the candidates more than two dozen times during the recent debate, after questioning Democratic candidate Barack Obama about his tax policy at a rally last week.

"I'm getting ready to buy a company that makes
$US250,000 a year. Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it?" he asked Senator Obama at the time.

Republicans rejoiced, and John McCain made Joe the Plumber a theme of the third and final debate, in an attempt to woo blue collar voters.

Senator Obama has denied that his tax plan would lead to the average tradesman paying more tax. "How many plumbers do you know earning a quarter of a million dollars a year?" he said. (Well I don't know about the US but there would be a few here that earn, or at least 'turn over' that much.) Also, in Australia, self employed people have the opportunity to claim more against their income and thereby reducing their tax way below the PAYG population. Among the items that can be claimed by plumbers are: tools, cars, equipment, guard
dogs, home office and contents, electricity, fuel . . .take all that off your tax bill and you're sitting pretty! Me . . I'm on the marginal 45cents in the dollar tax rate! *sob*

Mr Wurzelbacher actually does not earn that much at the moment, which means he could pay lower taxes under an Obama administration

Well actually, whilst both candidates seem completely unembarrassed by 'Joe's' intervention, it turns out that with celebrity comes scrutiny - Mr Wurzelbacher owes back taxes and is not even a licensed plumber.

He has only been in the spotlight for a few hours but already he has h
eld more press conferences than Sarah Palin.

People have started selling Joe t-shirts and web users are flocking to his Facebook page. Google's search engine was clogged with requests Thursday for information about "Joe the Plumber", who is an obscure handyman from Ohio.

Yep, Joe is the, unlicensed, tax avoiding, loud mouthed Friday Fuckwit who 'duped' two presidential candidates and has become an instant celebrity . . I just hope the IRS is paying attention!

Now he can pootle around my pipes anyday!


Anonymous said...

Well my plumber doesnt make that kind of money or even a 3rd of that kind of money. And as a Plumbers wife I'm getting pretty fed up with people thinking we're filthy rich, and "know how to charge".

Just for the record we pay more tax than your average wage earner under various headings, be they PAYG, or BAS or Income or whatever you want to call it. In fact the ATO hits us with a bill for the next year (to pay in the current year, for example we are now paying off 2008/09 bill in 2007/08 year!) for the money we havent even made yet! Of course if you dont pay up NOW you get fined. We are constantly paying off in installments our tax bills, my plumber works 6 days a week with the odd saturday off here or there.

It would be great if the goverments of the world appreciated the manual labour of the world that keeps it going day to day.....after all, no-one likes a leaking loo.

And as for "Joe the Plumber" what a joke - not even registered! Dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the rant - but this weeks friday fuckwit really hit a nerve!

Anonymous said...

An unlicensed tax-dodger? Sounds like an ideal Republican presidential candidate! I'm sure we Brits'll also be paying a lot more tax to recoup those massive government bailouts to the banks.

Phew, a gorgeous plumber indeed! Looks as if he has the tools for the job all right....

Baino said...

Dammit what are you doing online on a Friday evening! I know little Gockle works his plumber's crack off but there are many who have franchised or grown their business to be VERY lucrative. Whoever Stressany called for their recent poo problem charged $250 to turn up! Then I wouldn't want his job for quids. I agree re the BAS thing. It's a stupid way of collecting tax. You should be able to do an annual return just like everyone else. Although you have to be clearing $50,000 to need to complete a BAS.

Trust me Doo Doo, if we were going to colonise the Moon, it wouldn't be financial planners and practice managers chosen for the space flight! GAH! I hope the Apocalypse is 30 years away or I'm 'toast'.

Mmm poor Joe was not the sharpest tool in the shed!

Nick careful now . .don't tar all with the same brush! Well your latest budget on face value looked like it was taxing highly but in reality, very similar to our situation.

If only they did look like that! Desperate Housewives has a lot to answer for!

Baino said...

Erm for the record, my lovely brother in law is a very sweet and hard-working Plumber - and he's good . .he plumbed my house 20 years ago!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who paid the guy to ask that question in the first place?

Miles McClagan said...

10 bucks says Channel 10 send "Kenny" over to interview him in a hilarious comedy segment...

Sigh - I miss The Late Show

Miladysa said...

LOL - Great post Baino and that photograph made plumbing rather interesting... :D

Christopher said...

What I find amazing about the whole "Joe the plumber" story is McCain's unwillingness to admit the truth--that, under his plan, Joe's company would pay more taxes if it provides health insurance to its employees. Oh, wait, I forgot, McCain's plan is that companies like Joe's will just pass the tax costs on to their employees...

And, babysis, speaking as someone who's payed a lot of money to plumbers over the years, I just want to say I believe they earned every penny. After a couple of bad experiences I was lucky enough to find a plumbing company run by honest, decent, hardworking people. Even though what they charged made me cringe I still believed they earned it, and I know a lot of it went to pay for fuel and equipment. I'm sorry there are people so delusional they think plumbers go home and swim in pools filled with gold coins.

laughingwolf said...

good one, baino... joe the friday fuckwit is perfect... year round, too!

electrician's joke re. plumbers: they only need to know two things; shit rolls downhill and payday's on friday ;) lol

yeah, i have plumber buds, and they laff at that, too! hee hee

Anonymous said...

It wasn't our budget, Baino, it was the Republic's. There's still a lot of dispute about how better or worse off people will be. The UK budget isn't due till March, but what're the odds for an 'emergency' budget PDQ?

Ces Adorio said...

A man working as a plumber does not have to have a license if he works for a licensed outfit.

I think people are missing the point. The man asked a question. Obama's campaign responds by attacking the man. That is exactly what is wrong with the liberals here in the US. They cannot tolerate dissent or being questioned. Citizens ought to be able to question the candidates, Democrats or Republicans and candidates should respond, not attack the questioner. This reminds me of the society where I grew up. People were afraid to ask questions. Obama has not won yet and already the media is acting like a socialist propaganda machiene.

Megan said...

I admit to googling Joe the Plumber! This country cracks me up sometimes. Most of the time. All the time!

kj said...

mccain was simply wrong. unless joe nets (not grosses) 250 k, no small feat for a small business, he will indeed be taxed more by mccain. i haven't heard the obama campaign criticize the guy, and it hasn't been my experience that liberals tolerate dissent and questioning less than conservatives. that said, it's about time people of all persuasions stop pointing fingers and start listening to eachother.


Unknown said...

No wonder my cousin the plumber moved to Oz years ago.

I see the latest, aside from Joe the Plumber, is that Mr Obama likes pie. A lot.

The things it takes to run a campaign! Really!

Maggie May said...

Plumbers are in short supply over here & the ones we have don't look anything like the photo YOU have. Maybe they all left for Aussie land!
You can send him to fiddle with my pipes if you Like. LOL

Thriftcriminal said...

They aren't plumbing buttocks. They aren't flabby and hanging out of an excessively loose pair of trousers. Those are buttocks that someone put some effort into. That or a cyclist.

Baino said...

GM I'm not really across too much of the background, I thought he was a fuckwit for drawing so much attention to himself that now the IRS will claim his back taxes and questions will be asked about his 'registration' people in glass houses and all that!

Miley I'd vote for Kenny to be president!

Miladysa, brings a whole new meaning to plubmer's crack does it not! I'd like to see that crawling under my sink!

Chris, if you want social services, you have to pay tax. Much as I hate it (and we are one of the most highly taxed countries in the world) Both sides will have to address more tax if they're going to get the country back on its feet.

Wuffa well my bro in law doesn't do poo any more! Just new houses. At least they're more productive and useful than accountants and telephone hygeinists!

Oh sorry Nick I forgot you're in the north!

Ces maybe so but it's my understanding that he was about to buy a business not work for someone else.

Oh you are a cwanky Republican! Seems very black and white over there. I must say, there is very little difference between our two political parties in terms of policy and only a slight one in terms of philosophy. In my experience, Liberals are indeed 'questionning' in all aspects. By definition a liberal is someone with political or social views favoring reform and progress, tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition and someone who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

A Republican, favours the free market and minimal intervention from government, lower taxes and conservatism, strong defense, small government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, defense of American sovereignty, law and order, colorblindness, and traditional American values including, but not limited to respect for human life, personal responsibility, and love of country.

And both believe in a duly elected government - not so different really! Altho sweet Ces I am so with you on the media, this has been the longest campaign in history!

Quite so KJ, the people will speak in November! I am constantly amazed at all the fuss over 1 candidate . . . it's the wheels of government that rule the country, not the President! You should be voting for the 'machine' behind the man.

AV at least I haven't seen either candidate kissing babies. Can't stand that! Our Kev's big on visiting new mums in hospital and cradling new borns *points finger down throat*

Maggie, if only! Mind you he's prolly got a face like a bucket of smashed crabs! I once actually hired a guy because he had a nice bum! Worked out just fine!

Baino said...

Sorry Megs, you slipped in there . . cracks us up too! Where do you think the phrase "Only in America" came from?

Bear Naked said...

I think if all the plumbers in Australia look like that, it's time to send a few to Canada.
Please and thank you.

Bear((( )))

Ces Adorio said...

BTW, If we have plumbers looking like that, I may break the guest bathroom every weekend.

Very good description of the parties Baino. It does not matter who they are, I do not want the government to mother me nor smother me. Liberals so love to redistribute wealth and offer entitlements to keep their support base so they can demagogue them. They love to give "tax refunds" to those who don't pay taxes. Most people do not read or study. They just react to news clips and mostly are concerned about what affects them personally or what the government can do for them. They don't know the different between a capital gains tax and a payroll tax. It's dumb!

Anyway, I am sick of this campaign. I want the election to be over. I have survived dictatorship and corrupt socialist governments. I have been in the stockade for protesting the dictatorship. What I want is for my children to maintain and polish their critical thinking skills despite the dumbing of public education and grow up to be useful, productive and kind citizens and be part of the solution. Very difficult feat to raise kids around a community of irresponsible, lazy, bastard-producing parents with a swollen need for entitlements. Three of those bastards with low-slung pants revealing their filthy underwear were here yesterday and they vandalized the street sign and yelled obscenities at me. I was merely drawing some leaves. When they saw the men come out, they ran like cowards. And I pay taxes to support their welfare needs and educating their peanut-sized brains. Damn!!!

I must stop discussing politics lest my headache will recur.

laughingwolf said...

true enuff... :)

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

You have to watch 'The Daily Show' - they take the piss out of the US election so well

Bimbimbie said...

See you managed to stir the poo ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah to you all, I'll thank you not to ogle so much over the photo - of my plumber husband!

Nah, just kidding - although mine does have toight buns - albeit small buns!

Ces Adorio said...

To Babysis, I have been googling for photographs like these and can't find one, so I keep coming back to check his thighs, very nice hair pattern. Now I may be called sexist.

John said...

the photo was taken when i was young and needed the money. i wish they would stop publishing it.

Unknown said...

There are loads of plumbers making that kind of money. In job estimates anyway.

"Yep, it'll cost you €150 for a call out charge, and €120 for every hour after that. That's not including the actual labour and parts, which I won't be able to get for two weeks"

These words came out of the mouth of my ex best friend who is a plumber. This was after I catered his wedding at 50% discount.


Baino said...

Aww Ces, you vent away poppet. No problem! Just try not to tar everyone with the same brush. Welfare dependency is a problem but not looking after those who need it is an obligation.

Quickie I'll have to try and download it. Although I'm a bit with Ces, it's all over bar the shouting and I've had enough (as long as the Democrats win!)

Sorry Monsiur, am I in breach of copyright or has the statutory time elapsed?

*ouch I felt that!*

Aww Maxi nice to see you pop over. That's not done! Honour among tradies and all that. Must say my bro in law is very good and only charges materials for family.