Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Nicest People I've Never Met

My internet is stuffed. I mean it's so slow for some reason. I 'borrow' it from Babybro who actually pays the bills but he's a dolt when it comes to technology and only uses the net for his business. I suspect he's on one of these plans that 'goes slow' once you reach your download limit! I'd be lost without it. I've managed to keep in touch with Clare only because of it. I've met friends and acquaintances through it and my life has been enlightened by the blogs I visit. I'd get ADSL2 but I keep thinking it's hardly worth it and we're not in range for Wireless. Tonight for some reason . . it's freezing (not outside it's actually been 31 today), my blog comments are disappearing and I can't post any pics (oops it just made a liar out of me). I spoke with Clare last night and apparently we were 'breaking up' yet she's managed to speak to others in Aus who are crystal clear. So frustrating. It's broadband so it should be good and fast but it's slower than cold treacle so I'm off to persevere with my oh-so-boring book. But before I do . . .

. . . what I meant to say was. I've lost a few bloggers over past months. One because he's just lost the urge, Jack McMad but fortunately, he pops in now and then so I know he's alive and well. Dario Sanchez stopped for personal reasons but we stay in touch. Thrifty is busy at work and has a young family so hanging about in the blogosphere has become difficult and no longer fun but I still hear from him via email and Skype. Poor Olive passed away but at 108, I can't blame her for no longer blogging!

But one, I'm really worried about. Bird Anonymous was prolific and frequent. Her main blog featured the photography of birds and her beloved rescued lorikeet, Jack, who turned out to be a Jackie. Through her blog I've also met some wonderful commenters such as kj and Ces and Bimbimbie, Mildaysa and Melissa at Forge Light, but Birdy left. Unceremoniously, suddenly and without a whimper. She fiercely protected her anonymity, as is her right, but I know she only lived a few Kms from me on the beach side of the city. We never met, we never emailed but we bantered to and fro, she was a regular and I a daily visitor to her blog. I loved both her bird and photography blogs as did many others. I just hope she's well and happy. If anyone knows, please reassure those of us who really enjoyed her posts and are concerned about her welfare.

It's strange, and maybe you don't feel this way, but I like my commenters. I've been incredibly privileged to meet such creative, funny, sharing and wonderful people. All of them. You know that it's my dream to meet many of you and hopefully I will. I love receiving emails from you, hearing your trials and tribulations, sharing your homespun disasters and family feuds, marvelling at your writing and artwork and hearing about your lives. It's strange how you can become so attached to many people you have never met.

And now, make me a promise. If you decide its all too much, fall ill or cannot blog anymore or simply don't want to, just email or get someone to do it for you so that I understand why you've left. I don't know how long I'll keep this shenanigans up but my kids are under strict instructions that should I fall off the tree or be unable to type, they will at least let you know what's what.

Birdy, if you're out there, just let your loyal fans know that life is good. We miss you.


Thriftcriminal said...

Oh, I'm still lurking around the place. New post due on Monday, the thrifty-store may go online if I get any time, but posts will be limited or non-existant until '09 otherwise. I will be storing up cycling incidents to vent my spleen, maybe for a special Christmas post :-)

Baino said...

SOK Dishy Daddy . .I know where you lurk! Thrifty Store? Are you selling Thriftypants? That'll show 'em at Christmas, you should do a range of boxer shorts. Can you believe that 09 is only 3 months, 12 weeks away! Peddle on poppet!

Bear Naked said...

I've thought I should write a *sealed envelope blog* and leave it with my daughter.
I should stop procrastinating and get on with that project.

Bear((( )))

Christopher said...

Here's a confession: I envy the number of comments you get. I like commenters too, and, while there's been a recent uptick (thanks in no small part to you, Baino) for a long time I wondered if anyone was visiting my blog and thought about scrapping the whole thing on a daily basis.
And yet what kept me from quitting wasn't that I wanted attention for myself, but rather that I enjoyed what I was reading on other blogs. Making the acquaintance of funny, smart, interesting people, some of them on the other side of the globe, mattered--and still matters--more than anything I was doing myself.
Well, I started out far from your original point and have drifted considerably. What I really want to say is, I hope nothing happens to you or any of your commenters or any of the other wonderful people I've encountered. I know that's too much to hope, but that won't keep me from hoping.
By the way, just to get an idea of how far-reaching this community is, I'd like to suggest that anyone who's willing include their location. I'm in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Miladysa said...

I miss Anon too :[

I felt rather guilty reading this post because it means I have to confess to doing a disappearing act myself once.

Nothing was planned, I just did not feel like blogging. There was no post to say I was going away, no emails to say why I had gone. I just got up one morning and did not blog again for quite some time.

My blog was quite popular at the time and that may have had something to do with it, perhaps it had become more of a chore rather than a pleasure. I'm not sure. I do know I was receiving quite a few "I'm commenting so that you will link my blog comments" and that did knock the shine of the whole experience.

I became a lurker for a while, reading my favourite blogs via technorati and never visiting to comment. That way I kept in touch with those I had grown to care about.

I have seen so many bloggers come and go to know that it is a phrase many go through. Some return and some we have to learn to live without - and yes - it does hurt :[

My dear friend Melissa coaxed me back to Blogland and I am eternally grateful to her.

Fingers crossed that Dear Anon returns to the fold soon!

Unknown said...

It's always disturbing when someone you've blogged with for a good while just vanishes. I had it happen a while ago though the person did say she was going to stop - but what also stopped were the emails and her email addy became defunct. That was really weird and quite disconcerting since we'd had some intense "meaning of life" chats. Happily she reappeared the other day - so all is well. But let's face it, when you start to make personal connections, you start to also turn into a mother hen, kinda by default. Hope Bird is okay - and that you get to hear from her.

Ces Adorio said...

I have decided to quit blogging today, so there you know. Bye!

Unknown said...

Well my PC is old and I have never really downloaded anything. My friends do it more but then I just borrow it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... yes, I miss my commenters as well, since I went away, my comments have dipped remarkable, I hve lost Yukon, a new friend from Yukon funnily enough ... I guess we all get out of a habit, find other new things ... it's a shame ....

Mo said...

aww.. Sometimes I vanish, but usually its only temporary..
I'm happy that you've found so many friends. Internet is a really awesome thingy.

Baino said...

Bear I keep a private blog journal as well.

Christopher I think mos 'personal' blogs like this start out with few comments. It certainly wasn't my intention to hang my dirty washing out in front of the world (I didn't know about the'private' setting when I started). As you visit others, they'll come and visit you and a few may stay which is lovely. There are some who don't visit any more and some who have been around for ages. To be honest, I don't write for the comments but I do love getting up early in the morning and seeing those notifications in my in-box as much as I like seeing new posts from others in Reader. Nashville? Gah! Country music. The regulars are from Adelaide, Victoria and Queensland in Oz. England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Finland, Hungary, Canada and the US.

Miladysa I think you're right, it can get tiresome. One thing I have is 'time' especially in the evenings so it's no real chore for me as yet but I've been doing it for over 2 years and one day will run out of banter to blither! Not keen on the Houdinis though. I like to know you're safe and well! I've been fortunate with comments and only had a couple of weird ones or 'link' ones which I delete as soon as I see them.

Vanilla that's so true . . I mean we've never met but I'd go spare if your emails stopped or worse you address didn't work! I'm glad your other blog friend returned. Sadly mothering is what I do best and I get very attached.

Oh Ces, you have not! Stirrer! What else would you do at 4:30 in the morning!

Ropi, mine too . .I really need a new one but it's the blasted internet that's so up and down. See it's quick as a flash this morning!

Yeh that old Chatterbug has been quiet on the ether. I think she's busy with the new job. She's on Skype occasionally but I haven't chatted with her yet. They'll come back moon . . you're a n00b so give it time. I must have put up 30 or 40 posts before anyone other than Clare commented.

That it is Ebony. You come and go but you're on a roll this week!

Ces Adorio said...

are you going to misss me too if I quit?

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

Blogging seems to be a phase for a lot of people. I've noticed a lot of the blogs I follow take an extended break or just stop all together - I always wonder what provokes the break but then again you could ask as Thrifty did a while back - What provokes the desire to blog

Baino said...

Ces you'd better not! Of course I will!

Quickie I guess everyone has to end their blog or needs a breather at some stage but I just wish they'd explain before they pop off the ether. In Anony's case, it's very uncharacteristic of her not to say why and that's the worrying part.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised how long I've been blogging, I thought the ideas would run out ages ago but somehow they keep coming. It's a shame when one of my favourite bloggers disappears or takes a break but if your heart's no longer in it or you want to give the time to something else - fair enough.

kj said...

baino, i feel exactly as you do. i am very worried about anon, i miss her, and i want to know that she is ok or not ok. i can't reconcile that she would have disappeared without telling "us"

be advised it's a pleasure to get to know you as well!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Baino,

I am home once more in Norn Iron! My visits have been eratic blame the Toyboys!

Must get the Skype going over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Exhaustion when I come home from school is the biggest obstacle to me sitting down to posting on my blog.

Anyways Baino .... if I ever go to OZ I'll be expecting the grand tour! :smile:

(Then you'll be sorry you maintained all that contact!!)

Baino said...

True Nick, I always have something to say!

Me too kj, most worrying. I know Ces is on the case trying to find someone who might know her whereabouts. Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated.

Well GM at least I know where you were, you're hard to lose with all your twittering, skyping, Facebooking and posting. Besides, one of the Toyboys would let on!

OH Paddy! Just swig a Red Bull And not at all, happy to do so should you bring your tired ass and creaky knees down under!

Megan said...

We like you too, Baino!

Hope you hear from or of the missing birdie soon.

Why are you not in range for wireless?

Baino said...

Aww thanks Megs, you're one of my fave n00bs too. My brother has passworded his PC so we can't piggyback his signal without the password. Plus we're in a dip!

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Tsup*!* Blog Avator Controller ... over and out, for now Tsup*!*

... I want to know if Queen Jackie laid any more eggs and if she became a mummy Bwark*!*

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, I'm touched. I've just spotted this after commenting on a more recent post. I'll always drop in here for a read when I can and I really wish I had more time to blog on my own one. It still may happen yet.