Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where Women's Money Goes!

Been a bit 'heavy' re subject matter lately and frankly, I'm tired. Work is very busy. My head is full of Seminars and Spicks and Specks is calling. It's raining (which is a good thing here) so the couch and doona beckon. I just have to shift 'he who thinks my end of the couch is his' onto his own posi . . but I was sent this today by AV and although I'm not a shoe fiend thought it very clever . . my best friend on the other hand would really see the humour in it. She's the Imelda Marcos of Australia . . .yes Thommo . .that's you!


Miles McClagan said...

One of my cousins is good mates with an English actress with 6000 pairs of shoes and a room which is called "the jumper room"...

She has 6000 pairs of shoes, and she's still a pain in the arse...

English Mum said...

Well, I've just had a count up. Here goes:

Wellies: pink - 1 pair
Heels: black - 1 pair (used for 1 funeral)
Heels: black strappy: 1 pair (bought for Moon's wedding, used once)
Converse trainers: various - 3 pairs
Birkenstocks: black - 1 pair

And that's it. God, now I@m depressed.

Miladysa said...

Great video.

I rarely buy shoes -- does this make me abnormal?

Unknown said...

If I summon my change like that, will it form the shape of Isla Fisher?


Ces Adorio said...

That is a wonderful little movie. I am always amazed how people make movies like those.

I am afraid I have many pairs of shoes of all types. I had a colleague and we would go to lunch then go shoe shopping. We would buy 5 or 6 pairs of shoes. Some I ended up not wearing at all. My husband started complaining but he dared not call me Imelda Marcos because he knew I lived under her husband's dictatorial rule and if I feel true hated for anyone it's the Marcoses. There was a difference - I paid for my own shoes.

I donated over 200 pairs of shoes and some matching purses to charity.

These days I just wear loafers and prevent myself from amassing shoes buy not buying cheap shoes. I only wear a certain brand of leather loafers and they cost $250.00/pair. Because of the financial crisis, I decided I will not buy shoes until my favorite loafers wear out and guess what - I plan on sending them to the shoe repair man instead of buying a new one!

I did keep a few pairs of shoes with matching purses though.

Bimbimbie said...

I've never understood the shoe thing either ... clever footage ;) though*!*

kj said...

this is awesome. what a cool idea and talent to make this clip. my favorite part is the change purse opening its little mouth.

thanks for a nice way to start the morning, baino!

Unknown said...

It was brilliantly created, wasn't it! Glad it gave you the light relief you needed! :-)

Bear Naked said...

Love it.
Going to send it to a shoe fiend friend I have.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

Well, I have spent the last 2 months wearing a pair of hiking boots or a pair of Aussie boots. A pair of sandals might be nice.....although I do love my Aussie boots.......

Anonymous said...

In my younger life I L-o-v-e-d shoes!
Nowadays low heels are the order of the day.

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

Sore subject in this house - handbags and shoes are not allowed in the vocab

TCL said...

Boots my friend. Boots.

rugby boots
trail runners
running shoes
Panama jacks
ski boots
flip flops (thongs for you from Oz)

and pair of dressy shoes for the blasted office

Actually that's a lot for someone from Mars.

don't bug me - what are Aussie boots?

laughingwolf said...

clever that ;) lol

i see the friday fuckwits are in sydney today? re. the shitty icecream? :(

Baino said...

Miley she prolly got them for free! It's a pain being a centipede no wonder she's miserable!

EM sounds a bit like my collection, trainers, Colarado Boat Shoes, thongs (many) pair of pink canvas slippy onny things, Morrocan Toe Sandals and one pair of black kitten heels that I never wear!

Miladysa - only if you steal them.

Maxi, watch your mouth now. Herself might be touring now that she's connected! Here watch this when she's not about

Ces I secretly knew you were a shoaholic, don't ask me how! But matching handbags! Actually the economic downturn has resulted in MASSIVE pre Christmas sales over here. You can pick up new shoes for a song. I just haven't got the inclination to bother trying them on! At least you're charity recipients are well accessorised!

Tsup! Bimbimbie, nice double entendre!

Bet it took a while KJ,I just liked the way the coins came from all the places I 'hunt' in when I'm short of change! Amazing what you find behind the couch!

Thanks AV, made me chuckle! Clever and funny!

Good for you bear, shame there wasn't enough change to make a pair!

Aussie boots? Do you mean Blundstones, Kathmandu? DBM? Comfy womfy if not a little 'mannish'.

Grannymar I think I'd fall over if I wore high heels these days. I am nothing if not the queen of the sensible shoe! Although there are some pretty strappy flats out this summer so I might indulge. My MIL sent me a voucher for one of our nicer stores so may well purchase myself some pretty shoes. (After I've had the Peducure Adam bought me for my birthday that is!)

Ouch Quickie . .yep remember the 'post' of a thousand shoes and handbags! But I don't understand why men get so bothered about women's shoes! You lot need a load more golf clubs than you're capable of using!

Ah TCL well you're the adventurous type, can't go climbing mountains in a kitten heel no matter how attractive they might look on you!

Aw Wuffa, now don't you go stealing my thunder! So many fuckwits, so few Fridays.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that IS clever! And funny, too - I love the little coin covered in fluff! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Heheh, I read the post yesterday but didn't look at the video, internet was so slow (Adam said we are above our 30gig quota, ugh).
Today I let it download at the background first. Tis so funny! Nicely done.
I used to have 40odd pairs of shoes, with the move to Ireland and back I got rid of most of them. So I need to go shoe shopping so bad!

laughingwolf said...

sorry... stuff happens :(

Megan said...

I missed this one clever is that???