Monday, October 16, 2006

20 Going On 12

Boys . . . almost 20 going on 12.
OK just ask me what happened on Friday afternoon. . .go ahead . . .ask.

I drove home from work at about 6.00 to find the carport soaked in engine oil (new fortunately for them - so not too stained) and two 20 year olds backed against the wall, remote controls in hand whilst their RM cars did burnouts on the slimy surface. They knew they were in trouble when I rocked up . . . "Lemmers where's Drummer Boy? And what's that stain on the concrete?" Lemmers gave me that sort of 8 year old "I'm gonna get a smack for this" look and said, "Oil?"

OK, it's fun but you should have seen the mess. "Where's Adam . . " and a sheepish point later I found him out the back with all my outdoor chairs stacked strategically to support a fluoro Hot Wheels track and Loop de loop. I didn't even know DrummerBoy had saved it. Nothing is thrown away with that boy . . it'll be lego next week. This, compounded with pocket bike marks all over the only little green patch left by the drought and the fact that they'd all been using my bath towels in the pool . . what do you do? . . .I wouldn’t mind so much but he still owes me because he was short on his car registration . . . obviously the purchase of a remote control car is essential to his wellbeing otherwise he would have paid back his debt first . . Today he has been armed with some laundry powder, a bucket and a scrubbing brush to remove the oil slick . . we'll see DrummerBoy . . we'll see!


Anonymous said...

Happy 49 + 1.....I thought we'd agreed you're not 50 till Paris.........I love you.......
Yours always....Babysis

Nah nah na nah nah....your soooo much older than me!!!!!!

Baino said...

Thanks chicken lips. Yep, only Clare and you and I carry the deception, everyone else has taken great joy in mentioning the fffffff . . word! I'm a bit toird after me big weekend. I think I have to go and have a nana nap now.

Anonymous said...

Although you even have the grandparents fooled, they wished you a happy 49th!