Monday, October 09, 2006

The Week That Was

Aha . . back to work after a lovely 4 days off re-potting my plants, disposing of spider webs and their residents, cleaning windows and flyscreens, going mad with the pressure hose . . yes I know it's illegal but it doesn't use much water and it cleans concrete and mouldy walls like a charm. The irony is, I can employ someone to come and pressure hose my mouldy bits but I can't use it myself because of the water restrictions . . where's the justice . . . so I cheat. My God, I feel like Martha Stewart or that Lush woman who has all sorts of hints and tips for cleaning nasty little stains like Scotchguarding your dress if you're going out to eat Italian so that the tomato sauce doesn't stick (Monica Lewinski could have done with that tip . . . gawd, getting a bit pedestrian here . . ) Seriously tho, the Karcher Pressure Hose is my new toy. OK boys, you like your cars, motorbikes, planes, remote controls and computer games, I love my leaf blower and now the Karcher . . . just don't pressure hose bare feet, it hurts. You should see my retaining wall . . once covered with 17 years of damp and mould is now a gleaming new wall. The pavers are actually a nice sandy colour, not swamp green after all. I can't wait to play with it again.

I didn't manage to have a nice seafud lunch with ClareBear or Babysis as usual - finances are at a premium at the moment to the point where I've consolidated my debt through a five year personal loan. It's obvious the house isn't going to sell in a hurry despite the chains of Beijing Businessmen being shown around the back paddock. I did have a great lunch yesterday with YummyMummy and Overall but BikerGirl couldn't make it unfortunately so it was a small gathering. The only one bad thing about eating at YummyMummy's place is that she's lactose intolerant - oh that mud cake was just begging for a delicious dollup.

Poor YummyMummy, last time we visited it was pissing down, this time we arrived in 35 degree temperatures only to be driven inside by a southerly buster for fear of being blown off the verandah with the porch swing and the pool filter box lid! We were duly entertained by Gabby and the RibbonKid . . . dancing to one of the most obscure children's records (yep actual vinyl thing that goes round and round) Ah, I remember the age of fairy costumes and pinkness - all those ballet lessons, jazz, musical instruments and I've raised a 22 year old with absolutely no talent for any of it, I could have done so much more with the money. Overall and GreekLover are heading off to the States tomorrow I'm really envious, San Fran then the Eastern States, have a great time kids and good luck driving on the wrong side of the road.

Little else to report this week, it has been a homebody week and only one week to the day before I turn 50 - bugger! No celebrations planned, it's a real anti-climax - but you know it's real when people stop saying "Oh my, you don't look 50!" (except for Overall and Yummy Mummy who keep my ego intact, thanks girls, you're good for the soul.) I should be in Paris but there you go. I'm being very philosophical and focussing only on presents. I would like a back door mat, a toasted sandwich maker and a bottle of Verve Cliquot please.

Most disappointing was the low level of humour waiting for me in my inbox upon my return to work! C'mon you slackos . . lighten my life a little with some funny stuff. And Oirsh, you owe me your blog link!

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Anonymous said...

You talk about cleaning in your blog, yet you seem to think you're not anal? I rest my case! Love clarence!