Monday, October 09, 2006


ThePrincess has pulled a cruciate ligament in her knee. Serves her right for being extra wiggly and ballistically bouncy and for racing from woe to 30km after rabbits that she hasn't got an ice cube's chance in Hell of catching. And, despite my best efforts and a stomach full of anti-inflammatories, she is going for her first anaesthetic and x-ray this afternoon - my little baby, she's only 5 years old in December! If the x-ray confirms suspicions, she's under the orthopaedic surgeon's knife on Thursday . . . that's right she has her own specialist!

It looks like my little poppet will need a knee reconstruction or a TPOL tibial plateau leveling osteotomy. Sounds impressive? They break a bit of bone to relieve pressure on the joint or something. Wait until you hear the cost AUS$2,500! She will have to be boxed up for six weeks with no movement except to go to the loo on a lead - anyone who knows Lily knows this is gonna kill her. She's a wiggly, sprinty, very active lab who knows stop and go and not much in between. Poor thing is going to think that I'm punishing her. I've just been searching websites to find out more but it looks like the best long term option. Who would have thought that running around could cause so much damage - I'm glad I don't exercise. Just as I've consolidated all my debt too . . . what a birthday pressie!

Stay tuned . . . maybe the x-ray will show something less serious.

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