Sunday, October 01, 2006

And how does that make you feel?

Had to go to a course on 28 and 29 September and pretend I'm a financial planner. Apparently as Practice Manager and Marketing guru, it's important for me to really understand how to hook a client and close the sale. So, sitting next to rather sweet man from Melbourne we were a team. It all went very well, the view was great, the food was nice then it all fell apart with role play. I hate it. Pretend your a planner, pretend your a client . . it's such a wank. So we cheated, Melboy and I talked about our personal lives, our dogs then along came the ajudicator so we launched into " . . and so, why did you want to see a financial planner . . . . " and "how does that make you feel . . ". If I never do another role play in my whole life it will be too long.

It is amazing what people will tell you tho. He's married, wife doesn't want kids - happy with the dogs in South Yarra but he's busting for a brood. Poor thing, I had to remind him that by remaining DINKS they save a fabulous 120,000 over 18 years. Mind you, I wouldn't swap mine for a house in Toorak let alone South Yarra.

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