Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fookn Foine

Aha, the bar has been raised . . Oirsh has very kindly linked me to his blog/podcast site after I sent him my menial offering. Whilst it's the lazy way to run a blog, it has a charm all of its own and for those of us with time on their hands or mindless jobs, you can tune in and pretend you're sitting in some NZ pub drinking Guinness slagging George Bush (not that you need a Guinness to go there . . ) and solving the problems of the world. Now the challenge is on. I thought he was an artoid geek type with a wicked sense of humour - turns out he's a laconic piss-pot with a penchant for the long version rather than the short. He podcasts in the pub with a mad Canadian and acknowledge that they're 'blow-ins' with some political commentary and a lot of finger-clicking to get the attention of the barmaid. I like it.

This lad from Eyre is far from stupid although very funny - he's opinionated in the nicest kind of way, has a strong political bent . . .left wing if I'm any judge and quite frankly I am surprised - dunno how the Irish got their reputation for being dim. Check it out. Takes a while for the download so use iTunes if you can. the NZpubcasts are few and far between but if you've got a spare half an hour it's entertaining to say the least to tune into the remarkably sober musings of these two not to mention trying to understand the accents without actually seeing their lips move!

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