Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hit 'em on The Head with a Bit of Fourbie Four!

I have no inspiration today so I'll oblige Brianf with his meme as he tagged me a couple of days ago . . I won't tag you but feel free to expunge!

Four jobs I’ve held:

Strawberry picker - lasted a day because I ate my haul
Chicken picker for the Colonel
Marketing Coordinator/Writer - 15 years with a US Multinational in their in-house design studio
Project Manager for the National Exchange of Police Information - now defunct!

Four movies I’ve watched over and over again: (only 4, that's not fair!)
Star Wars
Polar Express (to get me in the Christmassy mood)
Matrix Trilogy, love Nananu "Whoa!"
The Black Stallion

Four places I’ve been:
In jail but not as a crim
In pain . . but the reward was worth it . . two healthy babies
In love . . . still am
In trouble . . .still going there . . .

Four places I’ve lived: (again, only four?)
Romily, Cheshire
Henlow, Bedfordshire
Kings Cross, Sydney (no I don't live there any more)

Four TV shows I watch:
Lost (I regret ever starting but now I can't stop)
Spics and Specs (music comedy quiz)
The Sunday Arts show
SBS News - good world coverage.

Four radio shows I listen to:

Triple J Breakfast
Triple J Hack
Nova all bloody day at work!

That's it unless podcasts count.

Four things I look forward to:
Having visitors, I love to entertain
Meeting some of my blog friends
Selling my property and financial freedom!

Four favourite foods:
Seafood any type, any way (except Octopus or Beche de mer)
Pepper Steak, filet of course.
Sunday Roast with baby potatoes and butternut pumpkin and thick brown gravy.

Four places I’d rather be:
Bivio Switzerland for Christmas
South America right now with Clare
Shopping for me instead of buying groceries
Close to my family

Four people I e-mail regularly:

I can't narrow this down to four. I am an email slut. I email everyone who will email back: Brian, JD, Grandad, Clare, Adam, Mattie, Damian, Nicky, Ian, the Real Estate Agent, clients, DC, Gaye, Johnny Dodge, Suzie C, Babysis, Ryan . . and on and on and on . . .


Anonymous said...

Living in Kings Cross must have been an experience - tell more! I picked blueberries once with same consequence as your strawberries. Seafood is brain food YUMYUM.

Unknown said...

A chicken picker for the Colonel? A chicken picker! I just heard a screech and a squawk. I think the entire Hen Family are on their way to see you. You are so busted!

Anonymous said...

"Four places I’ve been:
In trouble...still going there..."

L-O-V-E it! :D

Great excitement building for the blog awards tonight. A fine mixture of nerves and curiosity. It's a weird concept meeting people you've never met before, yet feel you know so well.

We'll drink to you too, Baino!

Gayé Terzioglu said...

Hallo! Thanks for this meme it was nice to read all these things about you, you have, done, been, and all.
I giggled at the strawberry picking one. :) And the places you have been the in pain bit made me go awwwww. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I liked the strawberry debacle as well. But who couldn't resist chomping their way through them?

Diverting totally, I see the Mardi Gras is on today and that 100 ministers and clergy are to apologise for the way gays and lesbians have been treated in the past. How things change!

Thriftcriminal said...

Mmmmm BLT

Unknown said...

hehe it is a bit more than 4 emails

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at the place names in Oz!

Anonymous said...

Good job!
A few years ago I was picking blueberries to make wine with and when my friend and I went to have ours weighed so as to pay for them, the farmer guy laughed at us and said he should weigh us too. We didn't get it until we got to the car, looked in the mirror and realized our mouths were all stained blue from eating a bit more than our fair share.

Baino said...

Anony: I was 15 and living in a flat while my parents went house hunting. It was definitely an experience but I was too young to take advantage of he night life! Perhaps just as well.

AV: Worked for KFC for five years as a casual. It paid for 2 overseas trips and a new car. I smelled delicious. Sorry Atyllah! Those days are behind me now I swear!

Steph: So I believe you lot certainly get all excited about it . . .cheers say hello to Grannymar for me!

Gaye: It's the best pain in the world and you forget all about it once they slap you with that sticky little bundle!

Nick: Yep, big parade last night good to see the clergy and police involved.

Thrifty: Easy peasy meal in a sandwich. Something the Americans really got right!

Ropi: I'd rather email than talk on the phone so yes, and I forgot a lot of people as well.

Ian: Little Britain we are and sadly I've never lived in Turramurra, Woolloomooloo, Dharruk, Mooloolabah - I did live in Parramatta for a couple of years!

Brianf: Thanks it was fun eh?

Anonymous said...

Lol-ziness ...

Baino said...

Shizzle yer drizzle Dizzle!
Love always . . your nappy headed ho!