Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sparkling Distraction

I watched the news tonight and ended up turning it off. Riots in Greece, total despair in Zimbabwe, sticks and carrots with Iran and no roast pork for the Irish. Two blokes who almost froze to death in the arctic, some idiot who received $177,000 for tripping over in someone's driveway, gazillions pledged for the Soccer World Cup and the talking heads saying that consumer confidence is rising (well of course it is, it's almost Christmas you wallys). Then the plethora of stock market ups and downs and the usual sensational gloom and doom re the world recession. Jane MGrath Day announced for the New Years Day Test where apparently the baggy green will give way to the baggy pink for breast cancer awareness.

I retreated into La la land and watched a couple of episodes of Flight of the Conchords and half a James Bond Movie before looking at my Christmas tree. Shallow as it seems, this little symbol of family, light warmth, cheer and memories warms my soul. Each little bauble and bead (we've decided that tinsel is a bit kitch) has a place in space and time. I'm not one for the fabulously coordinated shop front tree, although this year ours looks a little less shabby for some reason . . it's full of bits from all over the world, the tops of chocolate boxes and home made goodies I love it. Here's a glimpse because it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas despite the shit going on around us:

This little charmer came from a two-chocolate box from David Jones. It sat atop the box as a 'table gift' many years ago when my mother cooked Christmas Dinner.

My latest acquisition and a gift from Clare from Rothenberg

Home grown, home picked and sprayed with care from Clare many years ago

The Teacher made this about 15 years ago and gave them to her closest for Christmas. I think of her every time I hang it on the tree . . .

Little Japanese Bunny brought back from Japan by Clare after an exchange trip in year 1o. I have about 8 of them.

Another recent aquisition from a blogger I've never met but email frequently. Thank you Bimbimbie, your Yulewing looks right at home. . .

Another Chocolate box topper, obviously from 1988, looking a little worse for wear but we love him

We have a 'table' Kris Kringle, Secret Santa or whatever you want to call it each year and since Bec's Maracas don't fit on the tree, I am reminded of it ever year when I put Babysis' effort on a branch. Yep, now you know my nickname.

Cheap and cheerful bauble bought with a bunch of gold and red to match our theme a couple of years ago . . and these are but a few . . and they make a sparkling distraction to the awfulness of human beings. Besides it's fun . .I may post more. I haven't forgotten the Wonder Wall, just a little crazy at work but hopefully I'll have your donations up by the end of the week.

Now . . to go make a batch of English Mum's Limoncello so that it steeps in time for Christmas.


Thriftcriminal said...

Tinsel RULES. But the wife doesn't like it :-(

Anonymous said...

I am no tinsel queen. Like you I have a collection of baubles and decorations built up over the years and those received as gifts bring the 'giver' to mind every time.

Ces Adorio said...

Very nice Baino. I too only put memorable Christmas ornaments on the tree. No Christmas here yet. The living room is a mess. I am a mess! May your Christmas be happy and a chat would with you over coffee would be a perfect gift for me.

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing those, Baino! I've got to get mine out this week. I am in love with the kimono'd bunny.

kj said...

baino, the japanese bunny made me feel wonderful. thanks for the festivity. take good care!

Moon said...

We have the silver reindeer ... love them !

Christmas decorations are all about aquiring things over years, Mrs M and I have our 2nd christmas, so we are just accumilating our 'family' memories

Unknown said...

Well, I was going to do the full bah humbug this year, but I'm thinking I too may put up the tree - perhaps this weekend. Don't ya think though, that it all seems a bit daft in the heat - all those mid-winter pagan traditions while we're toasting our buns off?

And I agree, no tinsel on trees.

Bear Naked said...

We decided against tinsel this year also.
Too much work.
Monsieur Bear is insisting that this weekend is the weekend we put up the tree.
I still think it is a little too early but since he is the one that will be doing the majority of the work I will keep quiet and sit back and give directions.

Bear((( )))

English Mum said...

Wow that's SO interesting. YOu should make it into a meme - photos and explanations for your five favourite tree ornaments!!

Glad you're cracking on with the limoncello, Can't wait to get into mine!!

Funny, I'm not big on tinsel either, but hey, I have children so I suck it up and embrace the sparkliness! xx

English Mum said...

I apologise, I seem to have a severe case of overexclamation today.


Baino said...

Nah we've decided that beads and pearls look more 'classy' and that's me all over (huk!)

Great init grannymar. For some reason this year they actually look like they all match even thought the colours really dont.

Aww thanks Ces, well that might have to be your 2010 Christmas wish but I'll make it happen if I can. Now get that tree up . .the kids love it!

All part of the Japanese art of giving presents Megan. She was hosted by a Japanese family and among her gifts was a swag of Christmas tree decorations.

kj not very Cristmassy are they but beautifully made!

Moon, we buy one or two whenever we travel, it's amazing how they pile up. The Reindeer is from Rothenburg (then Adam found them in our local Christmas shop for half the price!)

Well AV we're not exactly basking in sunshine here but hey, it's SPARKLY! Oddly I don't have anything Aussie on the tree other than the hand made stuff! *goes to buy shiny kangaroos*

Bear we traditionally put it up on Clare's birthday because she used to like it all pretty for her birthday parties when she was little. It's just stayed that way.
Plus it's somewhere to stash presents other than my bedroom!

EM I thought we might be a bit late for Limoncello but Ads is making it as a Christmas gift tomorrow we just have to find some pretty bottles! He's the one that went a bit crazy with Christmas decorations (Girlfriend's Lithuanian and their house looks like a Christmas shop!)

Haha well tis the season to be jolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you hear me shouting from down under?)

Anonymous said...

Awww berry noice to see you included my bauble ...looks a bit dated now doesnt it - 7 years on. Maybe you're due for a new bauble. I like a bit of everything - tinsel (classy fat tinsel - big tree), beads and ribbon - I do like gold and schparkly decorations - although I too have some chocolate box sleighs & santas! Why dont they do that anymore?? They are sweet.

Susan at Stony River said...

I'm the Christmas Tree queen in our house: I don't even let anyone else help! (then they wreck it LOL) And, we're also tinsel-free.

I loved your ornament tour, and see why I hog this occasion all to myself: every single ornament has a memory or special feeling attached, to make it a treasure. I guess that's the magic of Christmas trees.

Thanks for this---I loved it!

Kath Lockett said...

Sapphire was sitting next to me whilst reading this blog - she loves ALL of your decorations, especially the Japanese bunny. Me too. :)

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

Her indoors is Jewish and it's 35 Celcius - Never felt less like Xmas!

laughingwolf said...

my tree's tiny, maybe a foot tall?

the yulewing will have a prominent place on it

only other decorations, silver bead chain and tiny, dark red plastic apples, red bows

recipe looks yum!

Melissa said...

Oh, I love seeing people's ornaments! All of ours have sentimental value -- last year's trimming was nuts ... the girls were so wound up (5 and 3 years old) and I thought for sure that half the ornaments would get broken, lol. This year they were much more calm and reverent.

My sister's cat would eat tinsel when I was little ... and then it would poop it out. Ugh! Sparkly litter pan, it was! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree about the news. Watch it too much and you want to slit your wrists. I've given up on it. If the TV news comes on I either want to shout back or throw things at the TV. Its better to leave the room.

And christmas... I'm so over christmas.

Baino said...

Babysis I always include the bauble, I love it. I bet you can get those chocolate boxes at the Leura Lolly shop if you're bothered.

No worries Suze, might even do another next week, it's a quick post and I haven't shown the world my $55 Gamma Irradiated Straw Snowflakes! hehehe.

Well I'm glad we made Sapphire smile. The bunnies are extremely cute!

So no trees for you Quickie. Surely there's something festive around Hanuka?

You got a Yulewing too Wuffa? Well it's not the size of the tree that counts, it's what you do with it!

Haha . . sparkly poo . . hahaha! Hilarious!

Oh Ashleigh. If you're a typical male you'll be shopping on Christmas Eve, it will take you half an hour! I love Christmas although the shops here are manic. I'm smug cos I've done all mine ner ner!

david mcmahon said...

Each decoration has a story - and memories.