Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Take a Breath, Take a Big Breath . . .

I've had my fill of parties, all day/all night barbecues, kissing people I don't really know at midnight although the hug my Father In Law gave me in 1977 still makes my heart sing! And Auld Lang Syne has little resonance for me. I'm up for new friends.

As a young single, New Years pissups were mandatory and often spent travelling, camping, going to the local less-than-savoury country club and party pashes with randoms. Later it became a regular couples camping holiday with friends which was fantastic. Again, often the Yamba Bowling Club or the Gerringong RSL but we were friends together and it didn't matter where New Year's Eve was celebrated.

We've had parties at home, parties at other homes. We've been out to dinner - which is not very satisfactory because after 12 and all the hoopla, free beads and silly whistles, the bar is closed and the tables cleared and that's the end of that. Since children came along, it's been a more low key affair with celebrations at home with family and what friends could attend.

Now that my children are grown, they go their own way on New Year's Eve. DrummerBoy was last seen in Dungog sitting in a spa and drinking a beer wearing his new Christmas pork pie hat (he will be berated if he got it wet!). Clare is at a beach side Eco Lodge in Bermagui on the south coast with friends probably drinking someone else's booze given her current lack of resources. I think her words were "The house is pimpin' " - that's a good thing!

I'm not sure what the rest of the family are up to.

Me? Well I'm home, my house is clean and for the short term immaculate. It's quiet, warm, breezy . . I've read kj's book and had a little cry (not 'cos I'm sad but the book is.) I am feeling very relaxed, and in a way, glad that another year has ended. Fortunately, it has been an uneventful year for me . . not a bad thing considering the trials some people have had to deal with.

  • Kate things can only get better in 2009 there are many in your position thanks to this awful economic downturn. You have a wonderful husband and two great kids . . things will sort themselves out.
  • Commiserations to Jay who had to put one of her precious dogs down today. I thought about you when I took my Princess to have her annual jabs today.
  • Hearts out to Kahlerisms who's dad is not well but hanging on. You know I love you and Brethred very much so chin up and come and see me sometime
  • Cheers to my darling 'virtual son' who is working night shift on New Year's Eve before catching a plane to on New Year's Day to stay with us in Australia - he will be virtual no more - brave effort paduan - I can't wait.
  • Congratulations to Stan who has a new baby and will be having a 'quiet' night in with Natalie, his new bundle of joy and his lovely family.
  • Big hugs to Ces who's had some emotional trials but is now right on track, determined as ever and has become a cool friend despite our political differences
  • Massive thank you to kj for sending me a signed copy of her book.
  • Cheers and bottoms up to Miladysa who was the first to wish me happy new year. According to my clock drinking Bacardi and Coke at 9:30 am!
  • Thank you Melissa for sharing your wonderful words, family, surroundings . . I can't tell you how much I like your blog
  • Massive hugs for Thrifty who's supplied me with hilarious emails throughout the year and a couple of 'back from the pub' cheerios!
  • Big congrats to K8 who is finally in a new home, has broadband and is now able to chat more - give that Laughing Boy and Puppy Child a hug for me
  • Huge thank you to Babysis and the Plumber for taking care of my horses for the past 4 years. I forgot to thank them in the frey that was moving them from one location to another.
  • Much love and apologies to Thommo for dogging her on Boxing Day, don't be mad at me baby. . I've only just learned how to do things for me instead of others.Have a blast in Japan.
  • Hearts out to Gaye . . maybe in 2009 we'll share a drink in the garden
  • Buckets of encouragement to Gledwood who's fighting heroin addiction but trying hardto stick to his Methodone program
  • Greetings and happy new year to Bimbimbi my fellow Aussie who's helping to champion the cause and emails me regularly
  • Thank you Lehners in France, I can't wait for the adventures of Lehners in England
  • Wishing you luck with completing the renno's in France Ernest and thanks for actually making me Rub 2 Neurons - I actually didn't think I had two to spare
  • Wuffa . . maybe you'll be motivated to write something more personal on your blog? But thank you for being such a regular and contributing to the Wonder Wall - be afraid, your part of the world is on my travel agenda.
  • Grannymar you're a champ and I enjoy our Skype chats and your wordly wisdom - wishing you a steady ticker and warm feet this winter.
  • Steph, I loved the video and the Skype chat . . .let's resolve to do it again in the new year and maintain the rage against the Irish Health System
  • Thanks Miley for taking an interest in my blog when yours is a work of linguistic art (except for the paragraph thing)
  • Annie and Megan (you know you come as a pair) . .great getting to know you and love that we chat on Facebook
  • Moon and EM (almost a pair) . . life wouldn't be the same without, travel, dogs and Limoncello, you are both so down to earth, please stay that way in 2009
  • JD hoping you get to realise the dream - you can do it - only you
  • Grandad, I have to say, I like "The Other Fella's" blog . .lovely getting a window into your world. I live vicariously as you know . . .
  • TCL, lovely getting to know you too and best of luck with your travels to Argentina, you stay in touch now and give me the 'dirt' on Quickie and the Mrs.
  • IBeati, you're an inspiration, truly . . wishing you a year of good health - I now count my blessings too
  • Bear . . keep your beary bright wisdom coming
  • AV I've just been on your Flickr site and must admit you need no luck with your photographic skills so here's hoping for the book . . thanks for the funnies, and the emails, and the friendship . .you're a champ and a great mum to Bo.
  • Conortje, party hard dude or go home . . someone told me you're a lightfoot on the dance floor. I wish for you no more leaky ceilings . . .and a big hunk of handsomeness
  • Maxi and JellyMonster . . .keep the laughs coming . . I learn something every day . . not always something I want to learn . . but I learn.You're the only site I have to warn people about in advance!
  • Rev, enjoy your ski trip. You are inspirational if not a little serious but you too make me think about life the universe, and everything (including cricket) and the answer is much, much more than 42. Thank you for your emails.
  • Plugger, you're a cack and the only person I know who is paid to eat chocolate. All the best with the Melbourne move and the Adelaide sale. I do know exactly how frustrating it can be. 2009 for you will be a new adventure.
  • Jack McMadd . . nice to see you back in the frey even if your posts are few and far between. Thank you also for your research on South American 'safety' when Clare was about to embark on her journey, you gave me peace of mind.
  • Terrence, you are hilarious. Nominations for the Irish Blog Awards are on but I'm ineligible to vote. Doh! I hope you find love in the new year, someone else to trial that non stick pan
  • Quickie may there be more Argentinian bottoms and less strike strife, thanks for the journey through Buenos Aires
  • Christopher . .remain my human thesaurus . . will you start a new word of the week?
  • Ropi - keep disagreeing with me and comparing notes . . I love your challenges and wish you luck in your final year in high school. And you did look like a General! And you can dance!
  • Wordnerd - Gaux Tigers (whatever that means)
  • Paddy - only a short cooling off period and you have your new house, now that's a dream come true!
  • Susan, as one leaves home . . hey the other two stay! Absence really does make the heart grow fonder- I know!
  • Carole, I hope one day you have the courage to say hello . . I see you on Skype . .I know you're there!
  • Nick, I hope you manage to get a good vantage point to watch the fireworks tonight because they are spectacular! Next time you visit, you're invited to mine!
  • David, your photos never cease to amaze. You are my online photographic mentor whether you like it or not.I love that you have time to email when I comment. Very gracious considering the size of your blogroll (no pun intended)
  • Ashleigh . .nice that you dump over here now and then. I hope you'll be more frequent in your posts during 2009
  • RyanIam, keep challenging my political views and all the very best with the new job thing (oh and you know that 'leaving' stuff at someone's house means that you want an excuse to come back . .you're welcome any time)
I lost two bloggers this year. Smartassbian and Bird Anonymous . .wherever you are . . may life be kind to you.

I'm not linking you all . . you're all either in the blog roll or know who you are or know each other and you are all special . . it's true, some of my best friends are in my computer but feel free to come out whenever you like! And to my physical friends, few of whom even know I blog let alone read it. Thank you for being there for me, Kaz, Avril, Jayne, Annie, Tina, Ruth, Judy, Damian . .

My daughter may be right . .perhaps I do have an 'obsession' with blogging but I believe it's allowed me to meet personally and virtually the most amazing bunch of diverse people of all ages and persuasions. Thank you for your comments this year, thank you for sharing snippets of your lives, thank you for emailing and becoming more than words on a page

To those of you who have had a good year . . I wish you the same for the next. For those who have had tumultuous times . . I wish for you plain sailing . . . For those who have had some insurmountable obstacles . . I hope you learn to fly. And for those who know that times ahead are going to be tough . . .reach out to your support system . .we/they are there. For those of us who have just travelled along . . I wish us excitement and a few surprises. My new year's eve is contemplative and introspective and that's the way I want it.

Not a Celebration song, not a new year song but one of warmth and love and hope and affection. Sort of explains how I feel about you lot sometimes. (Metaphorically speaking).

You can take a breath now:

Happy, happy New Year! w00t!


Anonymous said...

Hey Baino. Thanks for the kind words and right back at you. There are very few blogs that are as honest as yours. I could only aspire to be as open as you.
This year was a mixed bag for me, the highs (new job) and the lows (Lady Mc's 33 yr old brother passing away of Oesophageal cancer). I kept that off the blog for Lady Mc's sake but it was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed and something that will haunt me for a long time. Jeezus, listen to me.
Anyway, I really look forward to reading your stuff in the new year and I hope that 2009 brings you and your family much happiness and love. Who knows, we are currently planning a trip to Oz later in 2009to visit Little Sis and Emptyhead, so our paths may cross if you're into it? Happy New Year!!!

English Mum said...

Bless you, Mrs B. I'm always humbled by your intelligent prose. Here's to loads more of it in 2009. Big hugs to you and your gorgeous younglings wherever they may be!

Susan at Stony River said...

Happy New Year, and I'll be wishing you and all of yours a happy and wonderful 2009 at midnight!

Thank you for your good wishes, and a marvellous New Year's post. I love your blog more with every visit, and although 2008 did kick in the arse quite a lot, at least it brought me to you! Thanks for being one of my 'good things' this year!


laughingwolf said...

hope to oblige, baino ;)

happy new year to you and yours, m'dear... lemme know when you're on the way, so i can HIDE! :P lol j/k

Melissa said...

Thank you so much, Baino! What a fun and very thoughtful tribute. :) Can't wait to blog with you in '09! Have a happy, healthy, laughter-filled, fun, fulfilling, and grand New Year ... with many quiet moments just for you. Much love from "up here"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Baino, you are too kind.
I loved our call on Skype today, only wish the line was clearer.

Have a fun filled, healthy year ahead with lots of laughter for good measure.

Bear Naked said...

What a wonderful post for the end of 2008 and the beginning of the year 2009.
Happy New Year dear Baino to you and your family.

Bear((( )))

Unknown said...

Baino, what a wonderful post - you're a woman with a really huge heart! I hope that 2009 turns out to be your best year ever - here's to more blogging, facebooking, skyping, emailing and whatever new social networking comes our way! xxx

Mo said...

Hi! Thank you for your message! Your blog is just pure awesomeness and I think that will keep me arround. I also want to thank you for always posting lovely comments... all that caring and stuff :D. It might be nothing, but sometimes it really keeps me going. I have to be honest. It wasn't only school that kept me away. I just didn't know what to write about.. so I just did nothing.. I was lazy and full of angst... But I feel like the next year (still 6 hours 44 minutes to go) will be better. I'm really thankful for you. Have a GREAT 2009.


Miladysa said...

Oh blast Baino you made my eyes leak!

9:30 am was it? I always screw this time thingy up! I thought it was 9:30 pm there - it was here and I had this idea you were 24 hours ahead of us so you would be celebrating New Year's Eve! Good job for you that I don't have your phone number LOL

Here's to 2009 - Cheers x

Ces Adorio said...

Oh Happy new year to you Baino. I don't know what emotional trials you are talking about! Must be a different Ces :)

I am celebrating the New Year with Buckram and Bembo. She is one of the FFW (Five Fabulous Women) in my life. I have abdominal pain from constant laughter.

Happy New Year!!!

Moon said...

To one of my new, virtual friends, who knows when we will meet, but I think we will, after all, we have travel plans for 2010.........

Peace and love - Moon

Megan said...

I might have to change my meme answer - because you are the BEST, Baino!

Happy New Year to you and Adam and Clare, equines, etc. etc. Hope all your dreams come true in 2009 but if not, there's many more years to come!

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking post ;-)

And I just L-O-V-E the new Laurie header!

Happy New Year! dearest Baino

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I had resolved to stop messing around in 2009 and to start being serious!

Happy turn of the calendar!

Baino said...

Thanks Jack. I'm sorry to hear about your brother in law, that's awful, so young. I really hope 2009 is a happier year for you both. Definitely into it. Let me know when you've made plans.

Hah! Don't know about 'intelligent' but good of you to say so. I love your work too!

Susan I'm glad I found you this year too. I've been watching you comment on other sites for ages and never made the leap . .I'm glad I did. Feel better soon.

Don't worry Wuff, I'll give you plenty of warning! You're already hidden!

You too Melissa, yours is a gentle blog, it makes me smile and calms me no end.

Hi GrannyMar, it is a weird line from Belfast, such a shame. Dublin comes through loud and clear. We'll keep trying, maybe Skype will improve.

Thank you Bear and the same to you and yours. How you keep finding beary nice pics is a source of constant surprise and delight!

Thanks AV's . . well we know where to find each other that's for sure! Although if you keep taking such fab photos, I'll get a complex.

Hello Ebony . . been a while. I'm glad you're well and happy. Just blog when you have something to say and let me know you're still breathing now and then! Happy New Year to you too sweetie.

Right Milday that's enough Bacardis for you! They're making you tired and emotional. Not long now before the new year clicks over for you.

Ces, laughter is the best medicine, lovely that you have your sis with you . .keep up the giggles, they're good for your complexion.

Hey Moon . . that would be lovely. Always worth making plans even if they change!

Thanks Megan, enjoy the Rose Bowl game of 'clash, run, pass, tackle,pass, touchdown and do a little dance'

Isn't he 'swish', caught him shaking on 'sports' mode and he went all floofy! He is not as excited about NYE lots of fireworks last night so both nags were dutifully unimpressed.

Rev, don't you stop messing around now. You keep me 'grounded'. Have a relaxing New Year . . only a few more sleeps to the snow!

laughingwolf said...

nah, i can be found by checking the phone book :P lol

Ces Adorio said...

Hey! I saw the fireworks over the bridge in Sydney. Happy New Year dearest!!!

Kath Lockett said...

And a happy new year to you too, Baino. I love reading your warm, witty and bloody funny blog and I have no doubt that your kids - despite thinking you're blog obsessed - know what a wonderful mother they have.

May 2009 be a year of solid financial prosperity, happy kids, endless chardies, happy horsies, dancin' doggies and YOU being healthy, happy and content. :)

Anonymous said...

We had a fabulous viewing spot in Milson's Point very close to the bridge. The most amazing firework display we've ever seen - especially the incredible waterfall effect!

Baino said...

Oh good Wuff . .I just look up hairy, growly type from Halifax and you're number will jump out at me! Fantastic. You're safe until I sell . .build a den NOW!

Thank you Ces my sweet. Just another day to me . .just another day . . .

Thanks Plugger, you're a cack as well. Only one of my progeny rang at midnight (admittedly in a drunken stupor on a boat - not a great idea) But he'd had fun and 'the moon looked so pretty reflected on the water' (I think he was at the I love yous, I love yous all stage!)

Oh Nick so pleased you managed to get a good view. I told you they're set off all along the riverfront and yep, that bridge makes an amazing backdrop. Safe trip home today! And whenever I eat a baguette or chocolate truffle or wonder through the MCA I'll think of you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, seriously impressive bantering!!! You have real Danu spirit so you do. Mother to many, friend to everyone else :)

kj said...

baino, giving you that book was a gift to myself, which is exactly how i feel about your blog. i've just read your post on fireworks across the world: you are quite cosmopolitan in reviewing all these cities. my midnight was enjoying the silly company of friends and watching dick clark at times square in nyc. perhaps it was my impaired condition, but at first he looked like a computer image and a scary one at that. he has had a stroke and, with all due respect to the king of american bandstand and to rehabilitation in general, he should not be in front of any camera. i say that lovingly.

happy new year, baino. so good to know you!


laughingwolf said...

i don't do dens... lairs, only :P lol

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too dear Baino!
My gosh, you can write so much and wonderfully too!
All the best in 2009 gorgeous!

sexy said...