Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gunpowder Treason and Pretty Panicked Ponies

Well it's been and gone . . .New Year's Eve and fireworks. Lots of fireworks. After spending every hour or so checking on two very nose-out-of-joint horses until after 1pm, receiving a drunken call from DrummerBoy somewhere in a boat on Port Stephens and watching the Sydney Harbour bridge do a terrorist proud . . . NYE was over.

I love fireworks. I'm sorry though that it upsets animals and frankly my dog does a squish into the tiniest crevice in the house and put your head down trip at the slightest bang. She never used to, I think she learned it from another dog and realised that a quiet pat would be received. Now I don't do anything, I just let her sulk. Then dogs hearing being what it is, God knows what fireworks sound like or smell like. Either way, not a happy camper.

So, you're nursing hangovers or having after party barbecues or lazing in some park with a picnic or watching the boats on the harbour or coming off night shift. I sadly have spent far too much time on the computer chatting with overseas friends and visiting Facebook. It's quiet as the grave here except for the odd cool-off splosh in the pool and the sound of bark falling off the lemon scented gum (which I hope finishes shedding tomorrow because I need to tidy up a bit).

There is no contest about who's fireworks are the best.

  • I'm sorry, but a big ball abseiling down the front of a building in Time's Square is just, well dull
  • Lighting up the Eiffel tower is very pretty but that's it?
  • Seeing that silly ferris wheel and the milennium dome in London flash each time a pink bloom explodes is ha! - although listening to Big Ben sound 12:00 is pretty cool, the rest is fun park stuff
  • Dubai is lovely and hell knows, they have the money for the most amazing displays
  • Rio has buildings and barges that go off big time and hey, they last a whole 15 minutes "Duh"
  • Taipei has the highest fireworks from the Taipei 101 tower, but the shortest length at only 3 or 4 minutes
  • Last year Honkers blew the lid on its IFC One building still no doughnut
  • Prague has two, one official and one 'take your life into your own hands' display put on by the locals so if danger isn't your middle name . . .

But Sydney harbour goes off! Barges are laid out from Manly to Gladesville along the Parramatta River. Buildings are wired, and the bridge finale is nothing short of spectacular. I mean, the year Princess Dianna died they played Candle in the Wind and exploded Red Hearts all over the sky . .amazing . .how do they do that?

I love my city . .it's not the best, it's not the most cosmopolitan, it has a short history and it's overpriced but it provides the perfect backdrop for scaring the shit out of your pets on New Years Eve, Australia Day and any other firework worthy event . . We don't do it once, we do it twice. 9pm for the 'families' and then the midnight spectacular for the squillions who have waited since 2pm . . and yes, before you ask I've had many a picnic at Lady Macquarie's Chair waiting for nightfall.

It costs around 5 million dollars but brings in around 40 million in tourist bucks so . .

If you see nothing whilst visiting Sydney, catch the New Year's Fireworks, they are beyond description and have to be seen 'live' TV just doesn't do them justice. I fancied they were a little little shorter than usual after watching on the teev last night after a promised full 30 minutes of colourful explosions. We win . .that's it . .no contest . . nup . .no point arguing . . .we do the best fireworks, OK the soundtrack sucked but. . . we're almost the first, definitely the best . . .nup!. . shoosh! . . . ah! . . ah-ah! . . .zip it!

No horses or dogs were hurt during the production of this post


Susan at Stony River said...

Happy New Year!

You're right---even on TV, Sydney wins, hands-down. I always feel as though New Years' celebrations really begin when midnight hits your city, and the TV news pauses for your display.

One day, we'll get there. Our nephew is heading out for a tour of Australia this year, just 20 years old. It sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Those Fireworks are the best!

I hope that your year will match them, bright, sparkling and full of surprises!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's some display!

Makes me wonder what the aliens must think looking down on our world???

I watched the NYE Elton John concert on telly and it was crap :-(

Happy New year's Day, Baino

Georgina said...

eat Fireworks. Have a very happy new year Baino! Debs x

Georgina said...

Durghh!! that should have read GReat firworks, not eat fireworks! That would make for an explosive bowel. Debs x

Anonymous said...


Ces Adorio said...

Sydney's fireworks were the best, defeated only by the fireworks in our streets which the Mexicans set ablaze near cars and especially on our driveway while we were away partying in another house. Damn illegals turning my driveway into a heap of fireworks rubbish. Okay, it's the New Year and I should be more understanding, besides they saved my family from spending money on fireworks. They were really spectacular for a neighborhood display.

But Sydney, it was the first and who else can be first? Kiribati?
...and when I saw Sydney, I thought of you and Bimbimbie and Anon (darn!) Arija, Lavender, Pam and Rich and all the wonderful blogger friends I have down there...and I thought about what you would think and you did not disappoint with this post. Sydney did a terrorist proud - that is so funny. I love your sarcasm, it's the best.

I was a little subdued in celebrating the event. I did not event drink champagne because of my stomach but I am fortifying it because I went to the liquor store and bought dozens my favorite Piesporter Reisling wines from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region and my bottles of Vouvray. Happy New Year!

Baino said...

They are lovely Suze, just a long time to wait if you want a good vantage point. The best would be to be on a boat in the thick of it. Your nephew will have a ball I'm sure, just tell him not to hitch hike!

Thanks GrannyMar . . good surprises mind! Yours too.

I saw Elton John once when I was 9 months pregnant, he was quite good in those days. Time to retire now methinks.

Now Debs "eat Fireworks" or "Great Firworks" . . you on the plonk?

Katy poo - cool hey are.

Haha . . free fireworks are good fireworks Ces, even if they're lit by illegal aliens. I think Tonga is he first place to see the sun rise in GMT terms and fireworks in Auckland probably the first.
Sorry the old tum is giving you grief and that's quite a stash of Reisling (trust you to go for sweet and fruity!)

Moon said...

Well, being so Patriotic about my beloved London, New Year firworks, with The London Eye, Westminters and Big Ben is very VERY hard to beat .... but...

I witnessed Sydney in 1997, they were building up and practicing for the big 2000 night.... and it was amazing... really stunning and moving.. to see two of the iconic builings / structure of the world alight with a incrdible display was special ... so, I agree, Time Square is lame .... very lame... sydney, in the owrds of many a Californian... is 'Awesome' .....

laughingwolf said...

i suppose it does generate $$$, but it's never been my cuppa... i'd rather sit at home, curled up with a good book, spiked coffee, peace and quiet... as content as the critters, be they dogs, cats, or whatever ;)

Movie Snap Studio said...

...and another thing. Why did the television had to feature Dick Clark just after recovering from stroke? I am not discriminating the injured, heavens, no but do we have to be so sentimental and let a man recovering from aphasia try to speak in front of the television masses? The Pussycat Dolls were more interesting than the ball dropping down at Times Square. It was totally square and lame. I think it's a sign of things to come, if you know what I mean.

Maria said...

Hallo Baino, thank you for your visit! I'm sorry that the photos are loading so damn slow. But today I also had blogger problems all day long. I tried to load some pictures the whole day but only succeeded in the evening.
Happy New Years Day (it's almost over), and I am happy that you like to come and see my photos :)

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

I saw the Sydney fireworks here on TV - spectacular as always - Happy New Year Baino!

Bear Naked said...

Well you have me convinced that the time for us to visit Australia is definitely over the New Year's holiday.
Those fireworks are spectacular.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

The Sydney fireworks were definitely the most amazing I've ever seen, no argument. Especially the "waterfall" pouring off the bridge. Absolutely worth an all-day wait and a rather sore bum!

Anonymous said...

Tea Gardens Country Club's fireworks was much nicer. Pfffrt! :p
We were just 100 meters away from it, no pushing shoving crowds and didn't have to camp the site from midday. Just walked up, put chairs blankets had a few drinks and voila! fireworks!
I am so glad I was away from Sydney enjoying the beach yea!
But I completely agree with you Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and I am glad to be living here.
And, our fireworks rule, even the ones out in smaller towns. :)